Testimony of HEAVEN & HELL & the Condition of Today’s Church – by Rodolfo Acevedo

Amazing Testimony of Heaven and Hell –> I am RA5
Evangelist Rodolfo Acevedo Hernandez.  My throat has been affected sharing this testimony but we will do it again today even against any opposition. We are here to preach the word of the Lord Jesus Christ and I’m going to give the testimony that impacted my life and thousands and thousands of other lives!!

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Let’s go to Revelation 1:14-15 “His feet were like burnished bronze, when it has been made to glow in a furnace, and His voice was like the sound of many waters. His head and His hair were white like white wool, like snow; and His eyes were like a flame of fire”.

Because I didn’t want to remain in the same spiritual condition I was in, I locked myself into my church (in the Dominican Republic) for eight days. Eight days of fasting and praying, locked in with the Lord Jesus Christ. Before I started those eight days with the Lord, He told me through a vision “Rodolfo, it’s time that you set yourself apart for me,” and I was given a white garment in which was written the words “Holiness to Jehovah”. After that vision, a missionary lady from my church told me, “Rodolfo, I had a dream about you where the Lord told me to tell you: “separate from the altar (since I was a preacher); I’m going to show you something big that will impact peoples and nations around the world. So I did it and I started my eight day commitment to the Lord.


Around the fourth day into fasting and praying, I was praying at the altar and suddenly, before me appeared two demons and I saw them like you can normally see two persons face to face. These demons told me: ‘Rodolfo, we’re not going to permit that you pass our limits’; and they disappeared immediately. I started feeling much fear because when you see spiritual beings in their physical appearance, it is terrifying! These two beings were tall and had a sulfur smell as if they had just come from hell. They were sent to tell me that they were not going to permit me to pass over their limits. But the devil is the only one that has limits; the Lord Jesus Christ defeated him at the cross of Calvary. Glory to God hallelujah!

When seven days had passed in my commitment with the Lord, I told him: “Lord, I can’t bear it anymore. My body is weak, I don’t have much strength. Lord, please help me, I can’t fulfill this commitment. Please forgive me, give me strength”. Suddenly I felt behind me someone walking towards me and spoke to my ear; Rodolfo, don’t abandon this commitment until we show the things you are about to see”. I was then encouraged, I felt more strength. On the next day, it was Sunday. I felt a little weak in the morning. At night during the service, there was a powerful message by evangelist Ruben Bells. When it was finished, I was greeting all my brothers and sisters. I started feeling as if my breath was escaping from me. I felt suffocation and I could not breathe.

The brothers from my church surrounded me and began to pray.  Suddenly, I felt as if through my nails and fingers somebody was injecting me with many needles.  The coldness from the needles penetrated my body like cold air and I felt that my last breath was gone and that my heart failed. I fell to the floor and my brothers began to revive me. There were about 12 brothers.  Suddenly, I felt my soul abandon my body and I saw my body from the outside, the body lying on the floor.  My brothers were unaware of what was going on with me.  A sister who is a nurse told them, ‘he just had a heart attack’. I wanted to reach out to them and to my body but I could not.

 – HELL –  Cliff_in_Hell

Suddenly, I felt the lights going off and I started flying higher up at a significant speed.  However, someone interrupted my course of ascension and I began to plummet until I felt extreme heat.  Then, I saw two bad smelling black doors. It was hell and it was horrendous.  As I was about to enter the doors, a large serpent, whose head was full of thorns and whose body was covered in blades instead of scales proceeded to enter a jail.  While I entered those doors, I saw eyes of all kinds in the walls, looking at me; but those eyes were engraved in the walls.  Suddenly, I saw two eyes coming out from the wall and it was a demon that had a plate on his chest that read, “I am Vengeance”.


At the same time, more demons began to come out from the wall.  The demon called Vengeance exclaimed with a loud voice, “King Baalzebub, we have one of the big ones that raged war against us, the kingdom of darkness…..”  The Bible says, “For it would have been better for them never to have known the way of righteousness than after knowing it to turn back from the holy commandment delivered to them 2 Peter 2:21.  The church that knows the Lord must continue to be firm and recognize that Jesus is the ONLY hope for the salvation of their souls.

Being there, this demon called Vengeance came close to me and told me, “Rodolfo, I want you to cast me out, just like you did on earth.”  While he said this repeatedly, he was tormenting and punishing me.  And, I saw demons already lined up to torment me!  The torment in hell for the pastors, preachers, and evangelists that depart from the power and the anointing of God is superior to other souls in hell!  Be firm in your walk with God.  This is the hour to be a firm church.  The time is now.  The time to play church has come to an end.  We must have the courage and overcome the powers of hell in the name of Jesus – He alone is the light.

Suddenly, a demon jumped out of line and threw a javelin at me which passed through my unfaithful preachers in hellheart. I felt an indescribable pain. I also felt like it was raining sulfur in hell. I felt my flesh fall off my bones and worms began to drill into my bones. The Bible says, “where their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched” Mark 9:48; furthermore, in Isaiah, the Bible says “maggots are laid as a bed beneath you, and worms are your covers” Isaiah 14:11. Hell is real. Jesus and the Old Testament talk about hell.

Suddenly, I saw a group of demons bringing a casket, but it was a very different kind than the ones here on earth.  The demon called Vengeance took me by the lower part of my mouth and told me, “Rodolfo, I want you to cast me out!  Where is your power? Where is your anointing? Where is the glory that you had”?  The message I want to convey here is that sometimes because we preach, we think that the anointing is ours and that the power is ours, and that the healing is ours.  The Bible says that from God is the glory and the glory belongs to God alone.  For this very same reason, the devil was cast out from Heaven because he wanted the glory of God for himself.  Therefore, many believe that the sick get healed because they can heal and that the demon possessed are delivered because they have the power to deliver them!  Let me tell you that what the Lord has given you is a gift from heaven. It is the mercy from God with the purpose of delivering the afflicted and for the souls to be saved.


As they were putting me into the casket, I felt a wind and I felt that something fell to the floor.  The demon Vengeance and the other demons quickly disappeared and hid themselves from this presence. I was on the floor from the mistreatment and the first thing I saw that I will never forget… Oh, Glory to God! I saw a being full of light….Hallelujah!!! I saw scars in the feet of this being. When I raised my head I saw that this man, this wonderful being, had a belt about His waist that reads, “I AM the KING OF KINGS, and the LORD OF LORDS.”  He had a very big crown of gold.  He extended his hands toward me and said, “Rodolfo, I AM JESUS and I AM going to show you many things in hell, heaven and the condition of my church on earth.”  He took my hand and said,Let’s go now, Rodolfo.”


I saw that He opened a big cage where there was a woman.  He said,I’m going to show you the punishment that satan gives to the ones who were prostitutes on earth.  When the prostitute dies, they come to this place. Observe, Rodolfo. I looked and saw inside the cage, there was a woman who was in a fetal position and I saw the same serpent that I had seen at the beginning.  The serpent entered the cage of this woman and I saw how the serpent entered into the intimate parts of the woman; but remember that I told you that the skin of the serpent was of blades not of scales.  As the serpent entered the woman, it penetrated and destroyed her internal organs. After this, it exited through her mouth.

The demon controlling the prostitute on earth is called, “Metresa or Martha”, or “The Domineur”.  Many Catholics have this “saint” as a woman whose body is coiled by a serpent and this demon is the one that is tormenting the prostitutes in hell.  The Lord told me that it was time to leave that place and we left that crying woman as she was being tormented and lamenting in pain.  “I need somebody to help me!” she cried out. The Lord told me, “Rodolfo, judgment has been set for them! Now Rodolfo, I am going to show you the place where satan torments women who aborted their children on earth!” 


Suddenly, I saw a woman in the position of giving birth and I saw a horrible demon whose hands and feet were like a horse and his appearance was like an animal and he had a drill in his hands. This drill was full of worms.  These worms were very big and had their teeth sharpened and their bodies where full of sharpened thorns.  The demon put the drill through the intimate part of the woman until the woman looked like she was pregnant.  Abortion murderThe demon started screaming at her, telling her that she had to give birth to this one in hell since she rejected the one on earth. The demon said, “praise, praise satan! This is your kingdom!”

When I asked the Lord why the punishment was so terrible for this woman, the Lord said, “Rodolfo, judgment is set for this woman! The Bible says that murderers will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Gal 5,20).  People who abort their children or kill them believe that what they are doing is like killing an animal but what they are really doing is killing a human being that has a soul and body.  The demon continued screaming at her, telling her again to praise satan because it was her kingdom.  These worms began to come out through the belly of the woman destroying the internal parts of her body and coming out of her with pieces of meat in their mouths.  You could see the intense pain she was going through.  The Lord told me, “Let’s go out of this place.”


We went to a place where there was what looked like black bars. I started seeing many children in hell. I asked the Lord, “why are there children in hell?”  But the Lord told me that they were not children, that the kingdom of heaven belongs to the children and you have to be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven.  “So, Lord what about these children?” I asked.  The Lord told me again, “Rodolfo, they are not children, but He asked me to listen to the order that satan was giving to them.

When they turned around I saw that they were not children but demons and they were Nintendo demonic hellplaying with a game called Nintendo. I started seeing all kinds of satanic programming and games making signals and movements with their hands, all with satanic purposes.  When the Lord ordered them to turn around, I could see their forms were grotesque, horrible and disgusting.  Satan gave them the order, “my sons, go steal, kill and destroy.”  He was right because the Bible says that satan comes to kill, steal and destroy but Jesus came to give life and give it more abundantly (John 10:10).

Meanwhile, these little demons entered the earth and the Lord told me that  this is why the children on earth are killing themselves, in the meantime, scientists and children psychologists do not understand why children take up their lives by suicide.  A few months ago, a twelve year old boy killed his mother with a knife, another hung himself and in the U.S.A, a seven year old boy killed his mother, his little brothers and himself with a pistol he found.  Another boy threw himself from a second floor killing himself.  The letters and notes left behind by these children say that life is worthless and many other things. This nintendo demonhappens because demons enter into their bodies and possess their being and they lead them to kill themselves.  Be careful fathers and mothers what your children are watching on television. What your children are watching on the internet and what your children are listening to on the radio matter.  The demons infiltrate through television, radio, music and satanic comics.  Glory to God, Hallelujah, for awakening us!!!

Then, the Lord told me for this reason so many marriages are destroyed because some parents blame the children and think that because of that child they must divorce. But the child is not the problem.  The problem is the demonic attack against the union of the marriage and family.  Call upon the Lord Jesus Christ! Call the church! Ask for prayer so you can have a home free from demonic attacks! “Now Rodolfosaid the Lord,it is time to get out of this place.


When we left that place, I saw a woman totally engulfed by fire, this woman was lamenting and crying saying ‘die, die, die! Take me out of here!’  What I saw is that this woman had a picture in her hands of the “Sacred Holy heart of Jesus”. According to the Catholic tradition.  Lord, who is this woman?  The Lord told me, “Rodolfo, that woman is your grandmother.”  The Bible says the idolaters will not enter the kingdom of heaven (Rev 21,8, Gal 5, 20, Eph 5,5).  The Lord showed me the life of my grandmother on earth and I could see that she was an idolater. I said, “Lord, please help her!”  The Lord told me, “Rodolfo, I can’t do anything! Judgment has been set for her!”   Now the Lord told me,I am going to show you what is going to cause you persecution on earth. Many will not believe what you are about to see but, don’t worry, I will be with you.

CELIA CRUZ (the Queen of Salsa) in HELL

Suddenly, we saw a woman with her feet being crushed by knives that even reached to her celia cruz in hell knees and at the same time, this woman was being punished by many demons. I looked and saw that this woman was Celia Cruz!  The Lord showed me a video of Celia Cruz doing satanic pacts in Hollywood with blood and I saw her doing many satanic things. The Lord said, “she was a Satanist. She was an idolater. She was a witch having satanic pacts with blood. So her music got a hit of success, same as her group of musicians. And the Lord let me hear one of her songs called ‘Yemaya’, which is a very popular song in the Spanish world. But when you sing that song and repeating that name what it means is this: ‘King satan, come and reign over me!’ And the Lord told me, “Judgment has been set for Celia Cruz.


We continued walking and the Lord showed me a white man whose hands were stretched out and the surprising thing about this man is that he had a very fine sword inside his tongue and this sword crossed through his head and was coming out of his body. His feet were grabbed by chains and his back was full of blades set in different positions in a way that no matter how he moved, he would be cut. When I saw this man in this condition, I told Jesus, “Lord, please help him. Do something Lord Jesus. Look at the horrendous pain that this man is going through.” The Lord asked me- “Do you know who this man is? “No, Lord”, I said. I saw how the knives got through his skin and then through the bones and how they came out of his body.  The man only screamed in agony.

The Lord told me, judgment against this man has been established. Now I am Jehovah's Witnesses Charles Taze Russell in Hellgoing to tell you the identity of this man.” Because of that revelation, the Lord said ‘You will have to run from city to city because this will cause you a great persecution but I will be with you.” He went on to say “Rodolfo, this man is Charles T. Russell. I said “Lord, who is he?” The Lord said that this man was the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I pleaded “Lord, please help him” and the Lord said: “No, Rodolfo. And as the Lord moved his hands, immediately I saw that many souls were falling into hell in every way possible: they were falling head first, feet first, stomach first etc.

Rodolfo, for that cursed man, all these souls are entering into hell. This man taught that God was only a God of love. The Bible says that God is a consuming fire. This man Charles Russell took the word hell from the Bible and he took out all the words sheol and Abaddon. Also, he denied the deity of Jesus Christ and also denied the deity of the Holy Spirit and he put only the Word Jehovah in the Bible. He took out Jesus and the Holy Spirit. For this cursed man, all these souls are falling into hell.” (Rev 22:18-19).

Then the Lord said: “I curse that man

Please Jehovah Witness that is listening to me at this moment, I don’t want to offend you. Get out of that sect and come to Jesus quickly. I don’t hate  you and I don’t hate your religion either but you are in a farce. Come to Jesus. He is waiting for you with open hands. Charles Russell is in hell because he taught lies!! Don’t follow his lies. When we left this place, these prison doors closed and caught fire and this man Charles Taze Russell cried and screamed and cursed Jesus repeatedly because Jesus said “The judgment has been set for this man”.

Now the Lord said: Rodolfo, now I am going to show you the black jails of hell. This is the extreme punishment of satan to the souls in hell.”

‘No Lord, please! I have already seen horrendous things, take me out of this place. Please…”

The Lord said, “OK, Rodolfo, I am not going to do anything if you don’t permit me. I am going to take you to heaven now”.

– HEAVENHeaven

We left at a very high speed and we arrived to this place. Two angels stopped me before two beautiful doors. They were very elegant. These two angels told me: “Rodolfo, with those sinful clothes, you cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” So they gave me new garments on which was written: Holiness


Pastors, evangelists, preachers and missionaries; please excuse me and listen. God has not called you to preach abundance of prosperity or prophecy about that. God has called you to preach holiness and sanctification, because without holiness, nobody will see the lord. Get the word out, get the word of holiness out there and preach it !!! Holiness of God

The angels then let me in and Jesus was waiting for me and told me: Rodolfo my son, welcome to the Kingdom of your God. When we started to walk, I saw that the streets were of pure gold and I saw a river like crystal, it is real water! I also saw diamonds as ornaments in the streets, a thing over which people kill each other on earth! The Lord then took my hand and told me: “now I am going to show you the temple. and it was so beautiful. I saw goblets of gold, instruments of gold and I heard a beautiful song and they were children who were singing. The Lord told me that those children were the ones that people rejected on earth but they have life in the kingdom of heaven. Glory to God, hallelujah!


We continued walking through heaven and I saw a beautiful, humongous white dress decorated in gold and a crown at the top and the Lord told me that it was His church. That it has to be holy and sanctified. The crown is the crown of life that the lord is going to give to the church. When we went out of there, I saw a great line of people. I could see many people dressed in white. I saw two big angels, very elegant countenance and by looking into their eyes, I saw peace, love tenure. One angel said “welcome to the kingdom of your God.” The other angel applauded. I saw people were so happy to be there and now I understand what apostle Paul said that the passing afflictions on earth are nothing compared to the glories awaiting for us in heaven.Heaven

The Lord then took me to a place where I saw a long table without end. The table was in gold. The table cloth covering was of gold, goblets of gold, knives and forks in gold, chairs of gold etc… Then I saw big and small crowns and the Lord told me that those big crowns are for His servants, when they come to the wedding of the Lamb. He said because the wedding of the Lamb is about to start. I am coming soon for my church. Tell them that I am going to pick up my church.”
I asked the Lord“these small crowns, who are they for?”
Those small crowns are for the people inside the church who live in holiness but they do nothing for the Kingdom. But I tell you, don’t settle for a small crown but work hard for a big one. Work hard for God so that He would give you the reward of life.” The surprising thing was that every chair has a name behind them and nobody else is going to sit in that chair except for that person.


Now Rodolfo, I am going to show you the real condition of the church right now”. I saw a little fish praising and worshiping Jesus because the Bible says: Let all that has breath, praise the Lord!

So the Lord showed me the earth where I had to return to preach what I saw. In hell; everyone who enters there has memories of everything they did on earth, their families, that that they don’t want them to go to hell! That is another torment added to their sufferings. But the one who enters heaven has their mentality changed to a heavenly mind.

Praise the Lord! For that reason, Peter nor Mary nor Stephen, nor Elisha or John, after their earthly lives, they simply don’t know what is happening here. Peter cannot even imagine that the catholic religion adore him or any other saint for that matter. And Jesus said, “there is no other name under heaven by which we can be saved.” That is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. And Mary said in the Canaan wedding “Do whatever He tells you”. And some worshippers of satan are in the Vatican; they hide all the sinful ways of priests sleeping with nuns; and priests being accused of child molestation and also here in the Dominican Republic.  And the Catholics continue to believe in those lies. (Please also see the Testimonies of Angelica Zambrano, part 1 & part 2  covering more Catholic issues)


Now the Lord started crying when He started to show me the condition of the church. prosperity gospelSuddenly I saw a pastor on earth carrying a big suitcase and it was full of money. The Lord told me, These are preachers and evangelists that are getting rich with the offerings because they are preaching lies to my people and letting my people get lost.” I tell you preachers and evangelists, preach Jesus even if you don’t receive tithes and offerings. Sanctify the church!

Suddenly I saw that the money in the suitcase disappeared. I asked the Lord and He told me that “In the same manner his money disappeared, so will he disappear together with the antichrist. But still I have a remnant of my people who are not contaminated.”

I see today how many preachers, pastors, evangelists … are rich and millionaires. However, the members of their church are falling into pieces in poverty, needing food to eat and the pastor is in opulence, not helping them! So many evangelists, multi-millionaires even billionaires in super luxury cars. Where is the Good Samaritan?

And I saw many pastors ministering at the altar but I then saw this one pastor finishing ministering that day and leaving his home where his wife was and he left her to meet his lover with whom he lives too!… and she was also a member of his church!

I also saw an evangelist leaving his church and a few blocks away, he went down and saw a prostitute. The same evangelist who was ministering at the altar! Oh, Lord! Please have mercy on us!


After that the Lord showed me a group of youths of a church that when they leave the church, they went to a dark place because they think that the Lord is not seeing them and they got into that place and they start masturbating and fornicating with their own bodies. And after that, they would go and minister at the altar! Presidents of youths, leaders of the church! (If you need help overcoming this sin, read: “How to break the sinful habits of the flesh“)


Now the Lord showed me a disco and a church and the Lord told me: observe well church stage like discoand I looked and saw that the church just looked like the disco! There was no difference! They had the same sound systems, same music, same equipment that is entering from the world into the church! The world should convert to Christianity but not the other way around. We are bringing the world into the church! Also I have to tell you this: We cannot praise and worship God with Reggaeton, with Bachaton or Rock. Even today there are Christians songs that are being sung to God and then to the world, using the very same words! They don’t mention God but only mention the word ‘love’.

I also saw Rap music and Perreo in the church and that is unacceptable. The Bible says that we must worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness (for true worship see Col 3,16 & John 4, 23-24) …. Pastors and evangelists, please get that cursed music out of the churches!

The Lord then showed me the musicians that are so perverted. They are singing in the church on one hand, then they make contracts to sing even in restaurants as private musicians; they go to church to praise the Lord! Let me tell you: that music the Lord doesn’t accepts and please excuse me I must tell you the truth. What is from God is holy and separated for God and God alone. And what those musicians do today, they go, sing at the church, then they disappear from the service, because they look like they are playing to God as a contract, so they think they don’t need to be there for the rest of the service, they leave early. At that moment, the Lord told me “Unfortunately, that type of church will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.


After that the Lord presented me a group of people, thousands and thousands of people guarding themselves in holiness. I saw for example a sister telling another: “did you eat today? I have a piece of bread in my home.” I saw another carrying a set of shoes to someone that did not have any. I saw others giving strength to those who needed strength. Other knowing the problem of the other, caring and praying for their needs without letting anybody else know. But today, in many churches, there is a lot of gossip because they don’t know how to shut up or be silent about others.

Repent. Today, Jesus Christ wants to give you deliverance and salvation.
He can give you the gift of repentance.

Glory to God! Praise and worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!
His mercy endures forever.

by Evangelist Rodolfo Acevedo Hernandez (Dominican Republic)

Rodolfo testimony heaven and hell
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  1. Viviolyne John says:

    pray for me. thanks a lot for your testimony.. may God bless you.

    • Some of the Hillsong songs are very good worship songs and some arent, we need to discern each song. The two songs you mentioned are quite hymn like and help you focus on worshiping the Lord (I sing them also). Some of their other songs are rocky dancey and distracting and err in trying to sound like the pop & rock music of the world. Also all the flashy lightshows are a distraction from worship, and take the attention of our eyes off the Lord.
      “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” (Col 3,16) … “the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4,23-24) … seek the witness of the Holy Spirit about a song, is it helping you entering His presence or is it distracting you.

    • Leanne says:

      When I listen to Hillsong I feel closer to Jesus. So it does not distract me at all it is the opposite.

    • mapula.sepahane@gmail.com says:

      I also listen Hillsong, Worthy is the Lamb, always when I listen that song I feel so special it really uplift my Spirit. Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ

  2. James says:

    AMEN… Its time to separate from this world and live in the Holy Hill of God… Its written “…16 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. 17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, 18 And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

    Chapter 7

    1 Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God” (2 CORINTHIANS 6:16-18; 7:1)


    • Ruth E. Akpan says:

      I thank the Almighty God for this revelation, and i also want you to help me pray to God to forgive all my sins and and give me to strength and ability to do his will. God bless you. Amen

  3. may the Lord JESUS bless you brother. Amen.

  4. annie says:

    pl pray for a revial ad for his kingdom to come in this hospital in india

  5. manzi julie says:

    this is more powerful,may Almight God deliver us from our sins,may He bless Rodolfo in jesus name.

    • Augustina Igudia says:

      Amen, and may he not allow us to fall back to those sins again, and may the almighty God deliver us from every hands that we make us to remain in sin.

  6. Folasade Adeosun says:

    Lord have mercy on me,help me to live a sin free life because it take the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ my Saviour,i need your mercy oh Lord all the days of my life.Amen

  7. Charles says:

    Lord Jesus have mercy on my poor soul, i don’t want to continue living in sin, help me to forsake my old ways of sin, help me to focus on you alone and live a righteous fulfilled life. Thank you Jesus for the revelation given to your son.

  8. Ejianreh Micheal says:

    Dear Lord Jesus,Come into my heart to sin no more and to live in holiness.Amen.

  9. Gbolagun mary says:

    Is dere any sin in putting on earrings nd trousers?

    • hi Mary, those issues are not raised in this testimony. So just seek the Lord in prayer and read more with scriptures on points 9 & 10 on this page – https://christiscoming777.com/teachings/

    • Ochuwa says:

      Wearing of trouser by ladies is not a sin if the lady is wearing a female trouser. We have some tribes in Nigeria where their male wear wrappers and the Scottish men wear skirts. The wheather also can be a factor for dressing because if its very cold like in some countries you must wear warm clothing , trousers inclusive.The sciptures also says female should not wear male clothings and vice versa so if a female things she is better off as a male in the case of lesbians/homosexual and choose to change sex, like what happens these days and stay wearing male clothes and behaving like a male then it’s a sin. We should all dress decently and modest because some shirts and gowns are very indecent! You can dress in trouser and be very responsible. May God continue to lead and minister to us

  10. Funmmy Sowande says:

    All glory to Jesus who is not leaving His Church in the dark about satanic plans to deceive the Church. We all should go back to our first love for Jesus and be on the watch for the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  11. Dennis says:

    Pray for me..God is alive.

  12. bro rapuru elihasi says:

    i pray for my soul to be save even at last day pls evangelis roldovo may the lord bles and keep u in faith still amen

  13. kingsley says:

    Lord give me the grace to live a sin free life, posses me with the garment of praise lord.I need ur tounch lord let ur grace keep me in the right part of holiness.

  14. victoria philip says:

    thank you sir for that powerful revelation you have share,thank God i saw it and may the Lord be with you and help you to finish this race of heaven,by the grace of God we shall all make it to heaven.once agian the Lord bless you abundantly for sharing this.

  15. EDOZIE IKENNA says:


  16. emmanuel says:

    thank you so much sir for the powerful revelation. HE will guard you to pass this message across to every part of the world. thanks a lot once again.

  17. Ako Grace says:

    God bless u sir for this. Dear God i plead each day to lead me aright in all my doings that i may be worthy of your kingdom. Amen

  18. Jesse Ina says:

    please pray for

    • Praying Mumma says:

      Jesse, I have prayed for you. Now it is your time to put away wickedness out of your own life. There is wickedness on your page. ( Like M.J. music ; he is already in Hell, seen by Angelica Zambrano.) Get into thinking on God’s Word every day; praying for help to live right. Work at your own salvation, built on the foundation that Jesus already put in place. With sin in your life there is no hope for salvation. Your call …

      • Cathy stanley says:

        Hi , this is Cathy Stanley , I asked you to please pray for me, I joined on face book….. please pray and ask God if there is any hope for me, I am trying to live my life for Jesus, I have many condemning voices since 2012 , constantly condemn me and telling me I am going to Hell…..I am in so much fear of Hell….praying for Gods Mercy on my soul….thank you and God Bless you !! Praying for deliverance……

      • Cathy there is hope for you, in fact an abundance of grace to all who will believe, repent and follow Jesus. Look to the Son of God, the lamb who was slain , whose redeeming blood has paid the price. Look to HIM the author and finisher of your faith

      • Cathy stanley says:

        Thank you so much for your reply , thank you for the Truth that you are teaching, God Bless you and thank you again .

      • Praying Mumma says:

        Dear Cathy I believe God is telling me He loves you very much. It says that Jesus loved the young ruler who had been trying to please God by keeping all the commandments. You are just like that young man, so it is sure, from the Bible, that Jesus loves you very much. Remember, everything must be based on the Bible. Jesus never cast off any seeking soul when He was on Earth. He will not start doing that now.
        The devil is a liar, Jesus said. When I was a baby Christian and on my own, the devil was telling me I was not saved. I just kept reading the Bible, esp. 1 John, and as I read I thought, My life HAS changed to be like this (eg loving other believers). Then the devil started to condemn me, saying that I had committed ‘the unpardonable sin’. This was scary. When I looked in my heart I knew I loved the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and I would never want to hurt Them.
        Keep reading the Bible and esp. holding onto the verses that give you assurance.
        God has NOT given up on you and He never will. Jesus is praying for you (it says in the Bible) and so is Praying Mumma. God bless you dear sister Cathy.

  19. Emmanuel lawson says:

    Pray you dear lord to help us conquer the deeds of the flesh.amen.

  20. jesus is coming soon please my my good people of this world be prepare to meet him

  21. Grace Elihasi says:

    Infact may d lord help us in dis race whre runin and may he bles u ln Jesus name

  22. ememime says:

    am very grateful to God for dis revelation, nd i pray for his forgiveness nd mercy to journey dis race to d end, holy, faithful nd spotless living a christ- like life dat will win souls to d kingdom.

  23. wunmi says:

    I believe all you saw because I had a revelation about the second coming of Jesus myself and that brought fear to me.How closer can I get to God again cos I felt scared I don’t even know how to pray to Him I want to get closer to Him again and stop living a life of sin

    • favour says:

      all you have to do is read your bible pray to him as if you are talking to a friend tell him your problems and ask that he guides you thank him for every little thing.

    • my dear you are not alone, we are all sacred, let me encourage you, start from when you are and reconnect to Jesus none of us are perfect but Jesus Perfect us to live a godly for the fact you are feeling this way says you are on the right track cos is the only Holy Spirit can convict us of our sins. Go back to the word of God that’s our compass to Heaven, talk to God like u are talking to ur family or friends( come as you are) He love you and wants to have a relationship with u( He is crazy abt you) read your bible ( u can start from the book of John or Mark. take a word and ponder on it ( Joshua 1 v 8) even if you miss a day or a week or month keep trying to go back to the word of God ( the Holy spirit will you ) take care and God Bless

    • Wems says:

      Search the scripture and pray that the Holy Spirit will interpret every bit of the word to you. Getting close to the word of God is the only way in getting close to God.

  24. Omare Stephen says:

    Glory be to God for this revelations. May his infinite mercy guide u against the whirls of the world

  25. Francis Nduka says:

    So is rap music satanic as weLL???

    • Francis, it doesnt say, but likely. Its of the fallen world for sure, so we best have nothing to do with it.

      • Coco says:

        which music is godly?

      • “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” (Col 3,16) … “the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4,23-24) … If still unclear on a song, seek the witness of the Holy Spirit about it, is it helping you entering His presence or is it distracting you.

      • Chrissy says:

        Any music that doesn’t connect your soul to God inevitably connects you to the world!

    • baidoo says:


    • marymbiojong says:

      Rap music is demonic.

  26. Braimah Cletus Ivbalukholo says:

    I am glad to have seen and read this text and I pray that God give you the grace to let the world know.

  27. Justice says:

    Lord help me that I wil be save and safe @ last.

  28. Chinedu Dominic says:

    This is a stunning Revelatory Testimony.

  29. Law says:

    God help me in Jesus name.

  30. MRS NSUDOH M says:

    john10verse10says the devil came to steal, kill and to destroy..but Christ came to give life and life more abundantly.these testimonies are true,If you are a Christian know that christianity is not a RELIGION but theLIFE OF GOD IN A MAN ie DIVINITY in HUMANITY

  31. ijeh perpetua says:

    am a catholic and i want to leave now….i never knew i was practicing idolatory untill now. pls help me,i dont know how to start all over again

    • Hello Ijeh, the good news is God is revealing to you and others His truth so that you can leave religious errors and truly give Him your life and follow Him. It is easy to start: pray & surrender your life fully to Jesus Christ, confessing Him as Lord believing He died for your sins and was raised from the dead (Rom 10,10), forgive all others, renounce all your sins (especially idolatry), then receive His gracious forgiveness through His blood & ask for His Holy Spirit to fill you (John 3). Put away all religious falsehood (Maryism, idols, roseries, dependance on priests & pope etc), and pick up your Bible and read it all, especially the words of Jesus in the gospels. His Spirit will lead you into all truth (John 16), and you will see the gospel in a new light. Find a church that preaches the Bible as it is, prayer & worship lots. Also read all the other articles on this website and on this one also – http://www.spiritlessons.com God bless you

      • Maggie says:

        Hello Ijeh,
        Please locate any Christ embassy church in your area. the word of God preached is true and alive.

      • Philip says:

        Ijeh, I thank God for you. I was a Catholic and when my eyes were opened to this truth, I had to repent and joined a living church. I advise that you stop attending Catholic Church, but prayerfully ask God to help you for a living church. Do not just rush into any because it is called pentecostal or christian congregation. I tell you, catholic is better than some so called pentecostal churches around. This is an unfortunate truth. If you are sincere, God will definitely direct you. I pray that God will keep you from wolves in sheep clothing. Remain blessed.

      • Reuben says:

        Ijeh, please do not go to Christ Embassy. The pastor says masturbation is not a sin against God…Read the piece again. If you sincerely ask God for direction,He will surely direct you Matt 7:7-8

    • Ijeh where do you reside and how can you be contacted. However you have to make the choice of truly following Jesus with all your heart. The Lord bless and keep you. Amen

    • I attend catholic church believe it or not i get blessed hearing the preaching from the man of God, prayerfully pray to God and ask the Lord to direct your steps so he will take you to the right place, as christiscoming777 said below. one thing i will say is that most churches practice idolatry cos most of us trust more on their our Pastors, Fathers, Revs or Bishops than God Himself. so pray the holy spirit will lead tot he right path

      • Angel says:

        I am a Catholic too and i got my salvation through the Cthaolic Church, i enjoyed the Word of God i hear from th Church and it draws me closer to God every day of my life.

        I don’t beleive the Catholic Church is the problem, rather the people. Even my pentecostal friends most time preached their Churches but not God’s word. There is Idolatary every where.
        I hear alot of things about Pastors nowadays espescially from the big Churches, but it never goes to the limelight, but the Catholic Church does because She is Smybolic and Worldwide.
        We brethren should learn to follow Christ thorug His own Word (THE BIBLE), and not the Priests’, Pastors, Prophets/Prophetess words or ways.

        Christ is coming soon and we should all be prepared and not judging Churches, if you see that your faith is going down through your own ways or the denomination you belong, then you are free to find any Christ preaching denomination for a change.

        As for me the day i start to doubt my faith will be the day i will ask God to reveal to me if it because of the denomination i belong, as for now i am doing great in my Church and i have won souls for Christ too..

    • Chineze says:

      @ Ijeh,though it will not be easy especially if all the members of your family are Catholics but I pray that the grace of our lord Jesus will see you through;amen

      • John A says:

        I believe the problem is not the denomination but the things we believe as children of God. We should learn to separate what is preached from what is done. Christ talked about those who traverse lands and seas to make one a proselyte; and afterwards, the proselyte becomes more a child of hell than he was before.

        Satan is now smarter by preaching what looks like the gospel of Jesus Christ but with alot of idolatrous things creeping in unawares to the one who is not able to descern the things of the Spirit. The venaration of Mary, the use of chaplets, anointing oils, handkerchiefs, water and alot of stuffs are blatant idolatory disguised as worship of God.

        Paul said “I seek to know nothing in you except Christ and Him crucified,” and in Hebrews 12vs2, “Looking unto Jesus, the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our faith.”

        Lord, please open our understanding to be able to hear what the Spirit says to the Churches, Amen.

    • jwo says:

      He is the door. Enter by Him and you will be saved, and you will go in and out and find pastures (Jn 10:9). He is the way, the truth and the life. Let Him (not men) be your anchor. Develop a relationship with Him. Be rooted in Him. He is the Mediator and the Teacher. You don’t need another. It is good to assemble, praise and worship together – but don’t substitute place of worship as the “Door” or trade Him for human teachers.

    • Ode Enenche says:

      Dear Ije, u can locate any Deeper Christian Life Ministry or Redeem Christian Church. becareful of some pentecostal Church. Let our life be a reflection Jesus Christ. It is dangerous to attend Churches where Holiness and Rightousness is not preached and emphasised. The Holy Ghost will lead you and direct you a right in Jesus name !!!

  32. Truman Whonana says:

    Thanks for this timely message.

  33. BEATRICE O says:


  34. nathdominion says:

    Reblogged this on nathdominion and commented:
    A real eye opener 🙂

  35. Femi says:

    Heaven please hear my cry..!

  36. tunde somorin says:

    I bless God for the grace to read this.I pray for further grace to live a holy and sinless life,so that I can dwell with the Lord in eternity,in Jesus’ name.

  37. vivien says:

    thank you for this testimony. all i ask is dat God helps me to make heaven. i love the lord and want to meet with him. i repent of all my sins today .dear lord help me to searve you faithfully. God bless you evangelist

  38. Tolu says:

    Lord have mercy on me,ow do I give up masturbation,I av tried,prayed,does it mean a demon is assigned to make me continue so I don’t make heaven? Pls help

    • Hi Tolu, Be encouraged in his sufficient grace you certainly can give it up, we can do all things in Christ who strengthens us, yes! It is not an easy road, you must persevere and overcome. Please watch this teaching on you tube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=324mB7NlUHI it will help you alot on this issue

      • acas says:

        matthew 19:26…” Jesus looked at them and said, ” with man this is impossible, but with GOD all things are possible.”

    • John A says:

      Hello Tolu, I had same problem in the past, and I think most people do. The scripture that helped me is Pro 4vs 23, “Keep your heart with all deligence, for out of it are the issues of life.” I believe masturbation and many other such sins persist as a result of the things we allow to creep into our hearts, which with time develop a stronghold. Paul said the weapons of our warefare…pulling down strongholds (2 cor 4 – 6)

      While following all the counsels of christiscoming777, I would advice you to consciously and delibrately control what you watch, listen to and meditate on. Philippians 4 vs 5-8 teaches us what to meditate on. With the help of the Holy Spirit, you will overcome in Jesus In Jesus name, Amen.

  39. Osekosor says:

    LORD JESUS give us d Grace 2 do Your will, Show us d right path n d right place 2 Worship You. AMEN!
    Thank You Lord 4 d revelation through Your servant.

  40. Anuoluwapo says:

    tenk u sir may God reward u aboundantly amen 4 the revelation u review 2 d world once again God bless u sir.

    pls sir i need ur help,i need u 2 pray 4 me & my family.

  41. Greatness.G.O.S says:

    I want to thank God for this open revelation.I believe this is a wake up call for ALL Christian and Believers worldwide to watch and pray.I believe strongly that “HELL” is real and “HEAVEN” is a reality.Shalom!!!

  42. Stephen Adetomiwa says:

    What a revelation of heaven! This testimony should not only an online thing. It should be recorded and packaged as an audio-visual so that many can be saved and blessed through it. Lord, help my soul. I need the abundant and sufficient supply of your grace. I must make heaven in Jesus name. Give enablement to lead sinless, spotless life. Count me and all mine worthy in Jesus name. Amen!!!

    • Thank you Stephen. The Lord is spreading it left , right and center all over the world at a shocking speed, and we aim to do more languages and audio. Spread it where you can. Your prayer will be answered, run hard to Heaven, His grace is sufficient!! God bless

  43. Justin says:

    Please God help give ur people a listen ear 2 hear ur word and a heart 2 receive ur word and 2 do ur will.

  44. shulamitestitches says:

    Reblogged this on Shulamitestitches Blog.

  45. This article is both a strong eternal reminder and a blessing to me. Already sharing this for the church and the world to know that Jesus is coming very very soon. “Lord, please help me to make Heaven and escape hell in Jesus’ name”

    • Thank you Dr Williams for sharing it with others. The Lord is spreading it at a shocking speed all over the world. He is surely coming soon and preparing His holy Bride!!

    • Gabriel harrison says:

      I thank God for His faithfulness. I pray for God’s special mercies and grace to be released to His elects that they will remain faithful to the end. Pls don’t 4get to remember me in your prayers. gabriel harrison from Nigeria

  46. Nkechi Nwogu says:

    God show mercy unto me and save my soul and give me the grace to live a holy life, i repent from my evil way i dont want my soul to rot in the hell.

  47. Sola says:

    Really, the call of God to us in this generation is for us to live our lives to glorify Christ. Let he that has ear hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church. God Bless you.

  48. Omololu says:

    Lord,av mercy on me,make ♏έ whole…thank үφu fφr this testimony…God bless you

  49. Collins Dik Ikuejawa says:

    Thank God for this revelation. I do believe it will reawake the sleeping saints in church. This message will reach more souls if put on hardcopy book or magazine,VCD/DVD. Thank God for this wonderful piece. Its worth sharing to the entire world.

  50. Adedamola Samuel says:

    This revelation msg really touched me and am spreading this to the world. Oh lord forgive me for all my sins for i have sin . “Lord, please help me to make Heaven and escape hell in Jesus’ name”.. I love you Jesus

  51. Olayinka akinbode says:

    Thank GOD for this heavenly message may the LORD help all of us that share this message or hear of it to overcome sins and to make heaven.

  52. LEKE OLOWE says:

    May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be sufficient for us. God bless His is WORDS.

  53. Bmbadedoyin says:

    I am scared to my bones right now. Even those things i thought i was doing right i see that I am doing wrong. and now im wondering can anyone on this earth can live a life pleasing to God? I am a Christian and i really really do try to live right but is that enough? What do i do? I look at my family and see so many things wrong and I feel tired of praying and saying what i think is right. Pls what do i do? I don’t want them to go to hell. I don’t want to go to hell. I just want to make it to heaven. I dont know if im the only one feeling this way, but i need to do more than just try, I want to live a life that will make Jesus smile.

    • Bmbadedoyin, yes the way is narrow and few will find and make it, but use the resolve you are now expressing to increase your devotion to God in prayer, worship, Bible reading and obedience. His grace is sufficient & His power is made perfect in your weakness, so humble yourself before Almighty God and put your hand to the plow and dont look back. Also read all the articles on this website and at http://www.spiritlessons.com .

      • Bmbadedoyin says:

        I believe that God spoke to me through you and I am trying to do what He wants. It certainly isnt easy but i look forward to my heavenly prize.
        Thank You very much for this great work your doing. I pray to see you in Heaven when The Lord comes in the cloud of heaven for His saints. God bless you all. Amen

  54. Somto says:

    Evangelist, may God bless you for sharing this revelation.
    Oh lord, i repent of my sins today, pls help me to live a sinless spotless life for you, so that at the end, i will be found worthy of your kingdom, amen.
    Beloved brethren pls remember in your prayers.

  55. UMEH RITA says:

    my lord Jesus,help me to make heaven AMEN.

  56. Oluchi testimony says:

    Lord i thank u 4 dis msg, it is to populate the kingdom of God n depopulate d kingdom of darkness. Pls put pray 4 me i don’t want to miss heaven.

  57. Audu Oche says:

    Salvation is personal.Let everybody workout their salvation with fear and trembling.

  58. Dipo Akinlaja says:

    May the grace of God continue to uphold us and never let us be found wanting in the end. i equally had a similar revelation some years back. Let every one use what ever means he or she has to spread this end time awareness news.

  59. Thompson says:

    Lord Jesus forgive me all my sin and give me the grace to work with you all the days of my life AMEN

  60. Gabriel harrison says:

    Hell is real and heaven is real. there was a dream I had and I saw my self at an open place and a big road. suddenly, it look like the blind was open and it appears as a door and i was told that this is the entrance to the kingdom of hell fire. when I looked I saw house lined up from the point I was standing to where i saw no end, It was as if it was a building that has many doors on it., each of the doors was given a name , I was able to see 4 doors, one was written on it lies, another, furnication,and so was it written on each of the doors different names, but I couldn’t see th end of the buildings and where the doors end. It was very very long. One man opened the door furnication and I saw young pretty girls and boys matching inside as if people are closing from the market. However what I observed was that when the door was open, people who entered through the door of furnication could also see those who entered through lies and and all of them were moving toward a valley which I could not see as it was very dark. I had these dream about 2 months ago. it was very dreadful and with fear, I wokeed up and rushed and on sunday i shared it witrh my pastor and sunday school teacher. BELOVED they are many enterance to the kingdom of hell fire,you may not furnicate, but can be a lier, and still get there. may God help us to hunger and taste for righteousness and live a sin free life 24 hrs. May the power of santification that is in Christ Jesus santify us and keep us ready for the coming of the bridegroom. I wll surely make it in JESUS Name. YOu will surely make it in Jesus name. Remain in the faith. gabriel

    • Wow, thats a powerful dream, thanks for sharing.

    • emem ime says:

      i equally saw dis same revelation so many years ago ,i saw beautiful heaven where even the water was full of diamond and i was also shown hell fire and now thro his servant, God is showing me again i believe God is trying 2 relate and use me again. what do i do?i i pray for his grace and mercies. Lord help me to be a vessel of honour to you, and i not miss heaven for no reason, amen.

  61. Onehi stephen says:

    Thanks for this message; to say the truth i am a lost soul but with this, i ve repented & hope to live in HOLINESS

  62. Pls pray for me,I’m always raising and falling.I really love 2 serve God with the whole of my heart.Put me in prayers please.God bless u sir.

  63. sarah says:

    Ȋ̝̊̅§ waering ☀̤̣̈̇f trousers and jewelries sin

    • Seek God – 1Peter 3,3-4, 1Tim2,9-10, and Luke 15, 22 … modesty is key

      • Ayomide says:

        I read in a book titled Heaven is so real.. Choo Nam had a revelation also and she said women should not be ashamed of wearin their jewelries to church…. And bou d trousers.. Wt if u wear dem like d muslim females do…?

  64. Josephine says:

    If You o Lord should mark our iniquities, Lord who’ll survive? Merciful Jesus, help us to know the truth,understand the truth and live by that truth. Lord help me, free me and every member of my family,friends and all men from sin and death and help us to make heaven at last. This i pray i ask of You mighty Father in Jesus name. Amen.

  65. monalisa s says:

    May d Lord Jesus who so loved nd loves us continually be praised now and for evermore. The grace to run the race be multiplied. Oh Lord God of heaven help me to hunger and thirst after righteousness and holiness and to love You with all my heart not just because i want to make heaven but for Who You Are. Help me, The Lover of my soul…

  66. nonye says:

    I thank God for this great testimony, may God strengthen me to live a life that will make me acceotable and qualify for Heaven.

  67. TEGA WATERWAY says:


  68. Ngozi Akubuine says:

    Dear Pst, how long did you stay away from the earth, and were they praying for you until you woke up? May God bless you. Amen.

    • Odumade Adegboyega says:

      I do not think that matters now, the most important thing is that everyone should work out his/her salvation with fear and trembling. We should no longer major on the minor and leaving the major to suffer. Lord, pls the church.

  69. Okedoyin Emmanuel says:

    Haaaa!!!..heaven is real,likewise hell is real..
    …Plz i need ur prayers it seems am a lukewarm xtian…at times i rise in d spirit nd at times i go low giving in to things of the world pls help me out…i dnt want to lose heaven.

  70. Oluwatosin says:

    Lord, have mercy on me. Forgive me all my inequities
    wash me with your blood shed on the cross
    put on me the garment of holiness.
    and give me the Grace to stand firm in your words……..
    And the Grace to finish strong…….AMEN

  71. Ganiru says:

    Thank u so much evangelist for the testimony and thank u brother Gabriel. This is a wake up call for everyone. We are in the lastest of the last days.There are truly many doors to hell.The world is slowly creeping into the church. the things we once knew to be sin are no longer perceived as such.This is the time when we need to hold God like we’ve never done before. Hell is very real. A place where the fire constantly burning with sulfur never quenches, the worms piercing and ripping off human bodies never die, the tortures never cease and the wailings never stop. A minute in hell is much worse than all the suffering u can ever have on earth put together. My fellow brethen let us live with the consciousness that Christ’s coming could be now, that personal rapture could be now, that we run thisrace knowing that a prize awaits us. May the Lord help us, in Jesus name.Amen.

  72. Ngozi says:

    God pls help us to number our
    days and to remember at all times that this is the end of time.

  73. olajumoke oluwatosin says:

    The most righteous God,pls o lord help me not to see ur tribulation. grant i and my family 100% rapture. i don’t want to go to hell. pls o lord grant unto me ur last grace.amen

  74. Thank you all for all the people who have shared this testimony on Facebook, Twitter and in any way. I can see the views/stats flying high (over 24,900 views yesterday alone) , it is truly by the hand of God, all glory to Him alone. He has sent his word to awaken & impact many around the world, so be encouraged to keep sharing it

  75. Akolawole Michael Abayomi says:

    Great revelation,all that he said are written,the Scriptures must be fulfilled, knowing therefore the terror of the Lord we persuade all men, it is a fearful things to fall into the hands of the living God, let every one that nameth the of God depart from iniquity and so brethen, live as if he is coming 2moro, love as if you are in he love and be nice to your fellow lamb as a good samaritan and the shepherds should be truthful and good.let us continue to search the scripture for in them we truly have eternal life. Let us love the journey it worth all the effort and the stakes are high .

  76. With this wonderful vision people should repent and ask Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness remember its not too late like the thief at calvary who ask the Lord for forgiveness.

  77. oluseun says:

    thanks for this wonderful testimony please put me in prayer.God bless you sir

  78. Olohi says:

    Thank you for this wonderful revelation. I need deliverance from masturbation, this is the only thing disturbing my christian life. I don’t want to go to hell because of this sin.

  79. simeon iyoha says:

    my lord and savior Jesus Christ. i have confessed my sins a number of times yet, i still find myself going back to sin. please, i do not have a power of my own. please arrest me by yourself. show me the way. i am really tired of sin. help me lord to serve you. i believe in you. i do not want to go to hell. help me oh lord…..

  80. Joshua says:

    Lord Jesus, i apply myself to your pure and holy fear! grant me and my family mercy unto eternal life in your most holy name, Jesus i pray. Amen!

  81. God bless you sir. I thank God for your life and I pray for the sufficiency of His mercy and grace in Jesus name. Amen.

  82. JOHN ANOSIKE says:

    For a while now, i have been having this urge to warn my congregation about the end times, i have been crying to out to God to help me stay on course in this race to heaven. i have been daily checking my life and walk with God, i know i must live up to expectation by his grace and must do it. thank you bro Rudolpho, God strengthen you to preach this truth without compromise and sentiments and give the ability to stand strong in the truth ,no matter what.
    Now i will print this truths and distribute it to my members , there must be balance in sharing the truth we should not focus on prosperity , success and others and beat down the message of heaven and hell, rapture, holiness, and sanctification, the truth must be told whether its popular or not.

    • Amen Pastor, surely the Lord will be with you to boldly preach His truth without fear or favor. The sheep are crying out for true uncompromising preaching & Pastors after the Lord’s own heart. I am so glad to hear, as sadly I sent this to many Pastors and none responded, they seem not open at all. But Blessed are the ears that hear

      • Abednigo says:

        I have asked God for the strength and grace to live a holy life, void of spot or wrinkle. I want to meet with Jesus and fellowship with the saints in heaven. I have pasted this message on my facebook page. Unfortunately only one christian brother responded. I pray for all the souls that is yet to know Jesus to recieve him before it is too late.
        May God bless the preaching of his word………………..Amen.

      • Be encouraged brother, that one person is worth it, many ones make 1 million. Many people all over the world have shared and viewed it, lets trust the Lord for Him to get it to the ones He wants

  83. segun says:

    I read this testimony and I just couldn’t help but go down on my knees and pray with tears streaming down my face.

    Though I was born to true Christian parents, I engaged in secret sins. I knew I was on my way 2 hell. I have since been spreading the word of the reality of hell through Facebook and I could hardly concentrate on anything else since then.

    I urge we Christians to stop preaching doctrine but preach Christ more. Many people are going to hell all around us. I thank God that I’m alive and given the opportunity to make amends for my sinful life.
    God bless the publisher of this article.

    Segun writes from Nigeria.

  84. Beatrice Billeon says:

    First, I thank the Almighty God for allowing me to see and read this revelation, even if I have been seeing and reading others like this. I believe all these are true revelation. Each time I read I am hunger for God and I want to be where He is. Please lord help me, (As I speak I know if I die now I won’t make heaven) but, I will live to declare the kindgom of God. I want to make heaven, Lord please help me. Please Rodolfo also pray for me. I really want to give my life(total surrender) to God, but I always have circumstances that always make me to say God wait blah blah. I have a lot of challenges drawing me back. I love Jesus in my heart, I want to live a holy life, a sinfree life before it too late for me. I believe heaven and hell is 100% real. Thank you Jesus, thank you for this revelation.

    • Dear Beatrice, thank you for sharing. None of us have a guarantee of tomorrow or even the next 10 minutes, Jesus can come anytime, what if it was today? Victory starts by surrendering and putting God first, denying self & picking up your cross. And starting first thing every morning arising early for significant time of prayer. As has been said They who kneel before God, then kneel before no man or circumstance. I pray Lord sanctify her in your truth, cut off the world, help her overcome by your powerful grace, in Jesus name, amen. Christiscoming777 (not Rodolfo)

  85. What a powerful revelation. May the Lord help us in Jesus Name – To make it to heaven. Hell is not a place for a gentleman. It’s not a place that any human should be. Oh Great and Mighty God, help me, help your church, help us all – to live a life that pleases you.

  86. chukwumaeze chinyere chioma. says:


  87. EMMA says:

    first of all introduction. lord..4give me oo…majority of people wey comment here na 9ja..our fore fathers wey no no abt all this..na all of dem dey hell..lie, my bros na ur mind oo..okan eni ni igbabgo eni. u wey wan leave catholic dey cus of this gist wey u hear..i bow 4 u o.. are u telling me make all jehova witness leave their church..bros..i salute u oo..abeg make una park well…DO WETIN UR MIND TOK. (follow wetin u bliv)abegiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  88. Ubong Victoria says:

    am really touched by this testimony am really convinced that Jesus is here thank you Lord for the salvation of your grace please my people repent of your ways and accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior because he is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen

  89. lucy says:

    My desire is to make heaven. Lord please help me and my family to run this race to the end and obtain the crown of life. Lord i pray you to have mercy on us.


    Almighty and Ever Living God, I confess my sins to You. I pray and ask for the forgiveness of my sins and the grace not to return to sin. I forgive all those who have offended me and pray that You touch the heart of those i’ve offended that they forgive me. I Pray that You show the right way that leads to You. I long and desire to do your will and my soul thirst for you O Lord. Bless my thoughts, words and actions that they may be pleasing to You and use me as your instrument to win souls for You in Jesus name I Pray. Amen.

    • Faith says:

      Amen, to that prayer Alexander…..i had a dream 12year ago about the second coming of Jesus,i saw heaven open the moon was darkened,there was no light in the world thier was total darkness but the only light that was radiating was coming from heaven….the world was in a mess people were running everywhere,distruction was everywhere i too was was running trying to hide i came a cross my mum she was praising Jesus her face was full of joy,she knew that the Lord had come for her and all those who were waiting for his coming,i tried to talk wave her good bye and tell her that we will never see each other anymore coz i knew i was doomed to go to hell at that time…..end i woke up my heart was beating so hard and i was sweating everywhere,i prayed and rushed to the church and i surrendered my life to Jesus praise the Lord……my life changed,though i have fallen manytimes but everytime i come to Jesus for forgiveness and grace,lord i pray that i will make heaven…i have heard several dreams one time i saw myself being raptured halleluyah God i thank you for this revelation.
      Pastor Rodolfo thank you for sharing this testimony with the world, May God bless you and give you the grace to stand firm.In Jesus Name.

  91. Izuchukwu says:

    Thank you King Jesus for this revelation. Your love for humanity is endless. I adore you the salvation of mankind.

  92. Jude Ugochukwu says:


  93. Precious says:

    O Lord i pray 4 more grace 2 continue in ur path n never 2 deviate. I pray d same prayer 4 those dat are already in faith(brethren). I pray 4 those dat re yet 2 come 2 d knowledge of d truth, dat ur eyes b opened 2 see Jesus callin u 2 repentance.

  94. michael Ige says:

    lord have mercy on me.help me live a sin free life

  95. John says:

    The foundation of God stand sure. Let he that nameth the name of the Lord depart from inquity . salam

  96. Caroline says:

    May we not be outcast in His kingdom,wud be 2 disastrous and Pathetic to miss out

  97. victoria daniel says:


  98. amoju says:


  99. oluchi says:

    lord pls help me to live an exemplary life and to always follow ur words and instructions..help me to always study Ur words meditate on them and put them into practice…..so help me God.

  100. oluchi says:

    lord pls forgive me all the sins i hv committed, both the one i am aware of and the one i no not..give me the Grace, Power to always work for u and serve u in spirit and in truth…..and also help my family to always recognize u as there personal Lord and savior..and serve u with their whole heart..Amen

  101. Felix says:

    God have mercy on our souls

  102. Ese Sandra says:

    Lets love God with all our heart and soul and we will be able to follow Christ better. The way the early christian worshiped is what we should be looking for in churches….i think we should look for the CHURCH OF CHRIST. Christ purchased it with his blood

  103. John says:

    What do you think if a church ask you, R.120.00 to see a counsellor?

  104. briggs says:

    Lord have mercy on me and help me to serve you more

  105. becca says:

    this message really helped.thank YOU LORD for this

  106. michael says:

    i hereby take heed of all

  107. nkiruka onwuegbunam says:

    Please help, how do I leave and holy life , I don’t want to miss heaven

  108. wale adeyemi says:

    lord have mercy on me,holy spirit help me,lord i need your grace to live a holy life and to finish strong,help me to present my wife to you spotless and my children,help me to be a light to families and the world in jesus name

  109. nkiruka onwuegbunam says:

    Please help me,how do I live a holy life,because without holiness no eye shall see the lord,I want to see the Lord ,I don’t want to miss heaven. help me

    • DR. AKPE GABRIEL says:


  110. ijeoma says:

    lord have mercy on me, i know dat i have live a sinful life.please come to my rescue

    • DR. AKPE GABRIEL says:


  111. Maclord nwakonze says:

    God deliver me from this sinful world, touch my life and make me ur instrument so that at the end of the day i will inherit ur kingdom. I have no power to save my self, all my hope is in u.

  112. Mezu sydney egejuru says:

    Pls how can i be forgived by God.

  113. I need prayers to live a life for God plc.tanks i appreciate the testimony

  114. o my LORD remember me in your COMING

  115. Isaac Olaiya Ogundipe says:

    Jesus came to save the World but the World is rejecting Him in all areas of human endeavours. God can not be mocked and no secret sin will go unpunished. While we should not judge others, we should constantly examine ourselves whether or not we are doing the WILL of God. Jesus is Lord and without Him we can not make Heaven. May God continue to uphold us and help those that are still drifting apart to come to the realisation of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He that is not for Jesus Christ is against Him and against God and will end up in hell. He is not an ordinary prophet as some religions believe but God the Son and the coming King whose reign will come soonest and remain everlasting.

  116. Junior says:

    Lord Help my soul and save me . lead me the right way and give me open doors so I wont continue in sins. Your my God and will always be, no other 1 but YOU.



  118. Solomon says:

    What an astonishing revelation. God please give us the grace to serve you righteously. Deliever us from the ungodly doctrine of some churches and protect us from the misleading messages of some pastors and preachers.

  119. Ebeny Dare says:


  120. temi says:

    God help me to make heaven… I nEed your grace Lord. I want to c jesus! Amen

  121. Adjarho Sunday from SAPELE says:

    we need the grace of God to make heaven.

  122. okoro mary oluchi. says:

    Lord pls hv mercy on me.Forgive my sins nd do not cast me out.l pray u deliver me frm all sins nd evil eyes on me dat makes me go nd do wrong against ur wish.HElp me lord nd deliver me to ur Glory in Jesus name,Amen.

  123. kingsley says:

    God please help me

  124. Biodun Adenuga says:

    I’ve started dis journey, I pray HIS GRACE see me through and as many that have chosen life.

  125. Ochuwa says:

    We really need to pray for the Jehovah Witnessess! May God make them know the truth! Many are innocently being lead astray mostly the members born into this sect!

  126. Emeka says:

    Praise God Lord Master Jesus for these revelations. I thank God for Evangelist Rodolfo, and I wish and want to be you or at least like you. The idolatry part got me scared and thinking. Evangelist Rodolfo, I am a catholic and so are my siblings and mother. We have the alter of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in our sitting room. What do we do now? The rosaries, the crosses, all those saints of the catholic church NOT REAL? This is heavy and difficult. Can I still be a catholic and make heaven and same for my family? is this possible? I have lots of questions Evangelist. Can I have a direct form of communication with you? Is that possible? I would really love to speak with you. My desire is to make heaven and I want same for my family, so how do we do it? I humbly and ernestly wait to hear from you. God bless you as respond and he speaks to me through you.

  127. Tarhe Oghene says:

    I thank God for this revelation! I stumbled on this by chance but i know it was the Lord`s doing. Hallelujah!

  128. CC Ifebigh junior says:

    Lord Jesus,
    Please forgive me all my sin for i am a miserable sinner and give me the grace to live a live that will preach, please and praise thee for the rest of my life in Jesus Name Amen.

  129. chiedozie says:

    Thank you Jesus for this revelation…I am crying right now because I have a similar problem with tolu. This is heading to four years now and I can’t stop mastubating..I have b counselled several times but it gets worse each time I try to stop it. Please help me I can’t continue like this..May GOD bless you all in Jesus name.

    • What would you do if you knew Jesus was returning tomorrow? You would fast and pray and get ready – you must live like that. Fast from everything that is feeding your habit , like TV, wrong internet sites, magazines etc, and pray and cast out the demon. You need a serious worship & prayer life, ask & receive His grace to overcome. Also watch this video, it will help. God bless – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=324mB7NlUHI

  130. Rev. Steve Ofiaeli says:

    This is absolute truth.I pray thatthose ministers and members who lives the way it pleases them will read this article.the winners,synagogues,victory church oc christ,and the likes. Jesus is coming very soonest.

  131. E. E says:

    Lord Help us make heaven. Give us the strenght to remain steadfast in Jesus Name

  132. E. E says:

    Please can i stop masturbating. It’s a serious problem

    • What would you do if you knew Jesus was returning tomorrow? You would fast and pray and get ready – you must live like that. Fast from everything that is feeding your habit , like TV, wrong internet sites, magazines etc, and pray and cast out the demon. You need a serious worship & prayer life, ask & receive His grace to overcome. Also watch this video, it will help. God bless – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=324mB7NlUHI

  133. Lord Jesus i thank u for giving me the privilege to read this. And i pray for the grace to live a holy life,for u here on earth in Jesus name Amen.

  134. Samuel Ogunmuyiwa says:

    He that thinketh he stand, take heed lest he fall

  135. Samuel Ogunmuyiwa says:

    Looking at these I know I’ve missed the mark, O Lord restore unto me the first love and the joy of salvation

  136. Joyce Lish says:

    What a mighty mighty powerful word from the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray Lord take me out of my comfort zone and let me do your works and help all I can help. I pray you help me to become stronger in you word. I am going to leave this world with You Lord Jesus. Praise God Praise God, Glorify your name. Have mercy on my soul Jesus, make me a warrior for you o Lord I Pray in Jesus Name I pray. Amen, Amen & Amen!!!

  137. Joelene Kalicharan says:

    Thank you lord Jesus for the revelation of wat will happened to us, if we don’t repent. Thank you Rodolfo for ur testimony. Time is running out, we have to try to save as many people as we can. Lord please help me to be a faithful women. Its so scary wat is happening in dis world We have to live Godly lifes, bcos the unsaved r looking at us,to be good examples. Todays Churches have to speak of da coming of da Lord n dat we have to repent of all our sins.May God help us all in our walk with Him. God bless my fellow brothers and sisters who r faithful to God Almighty.

  138. GeeBee Omos says:

    It all the fulfilment of the word of God! It was already in the bible, and we all have conscience and the spirit of God which convict us on anytin we do that is right or wrong.

    IMay the Lord gives us the grace to make to the end of the race!


  139. samuel omuye says:

    Lord have mercy on my soul and people around me…..Heaven and Hell is real…..

  140. decure poli says:

    Dear lord Jesus, thanks you for exposing the world to the knowledge of Heaven and hell,pls Lord forgive every of my sin and help me to make Heaven.

  141. Bukola Tunbosun says:

    Take my hand precious Lord lead me home let me stand. I am tired and weak, strengthen me Oh Lord. Hold my hand lest i fall.

  142. Onomeefe says:

    Forgive us all dear lord

  143. Adeola says:

    God pls have mercy on me a sinner.

  144. Gigi says:

    i have come about this site through a friend who wants me to find Jesus even more than i have ever willed. she is trying to stop me from having a second abortion and now i must confess i have changed my mind. but i have questions. first am a catholic second i have been involved in abortion, thirdly, a day never goes by that i do no tell a lie and last out of my many lists of sins, i watch a lot of porn, am even a registered member on one of the sites. i have tried to live freely and at the end i fall off the cliff and right back to square 0. in fact, i was trying to live holy when i fell in to the temptation that has landed me with another pregnancy. so what do i do? is it that i have been doomed right before the beginning of the world? that i cant repent and stick with it? or that i am one of those who are to usher in God’s tribulation? my grandma died steep in the catholic faith and even if i have decided so many times to leave the catholic church there are always obstacles in my way. sometimes i feel like there is no point trying when every sign points to me not being able to increase in my faith in God. i have had dreams about rapture in all of them i was left behind and i always discarded them in the morning. please i need real help, a help that can only come from God and i need some kind of encouragement because i cant find that around me. am not supposed to look for human encouragement but i know that it can start from that point and i could be better. i do not want to go to hell, i have never imagined it but from your story it is terrible. what do i do please help me i beg you in the name of God

    • Hi Gigi, thanks for sharing your story, you and your baby are precious souls to God. It is time to surrender all to Him, all your failures, idolatry, sins, weaknesses, all of it, your whole self. He is a loving saviour and has provided a true way for you to be saved. You see, you must be born again (John 3), otherwise you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. When born of the Spirit you will be cleansed from all yours sins and empowered to live a holy life. Without such, its a dead faith with dead works, leading to death.
      Jesus calls you to come directly to HIM – “if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Rom 10,9-10). This is how you enter, believe & confess Him as your Lord, repent of sins, forgive all others, ask for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
      When you do so, things will be different, mainly cleansing and new power to overcome. You must let go of all sins and idolatry (it hasnt helped you has it), and read your Bible (lots), pray (lots), worship building relationship with Jesus, and go to a church that teaches the Bible. Please read all the other articles on this website And on this website – http://www.spiritlessons.com/ – they will feed you with spiritual meat to be strong to run the race & win!! In His Spirit & grace you certainly can make, you need to , you must, Heaven is too good & Hell is too horrible. Make the surrender and change today, and run to Him and never look back or go back to the old dead ways. It is a narrow road and not easy, but He will help you overcome all obstacles. God bless

    • Sister Gigi, Every thing is possible with God, He said that no matter how black our sins are, He is ready to make us white as snow if only we genuinely confess them to him as in 1 John 1:9, just call on him (Jesus), indeed He is the only one that can give you true help as you said, He will deliver you from the power of sin. Call on him now!

  145. Esther says:

    The world has entered into the church and the the church into the world, Lord Jesus please help us and deliver us from worldliness, help us to be conscious of your kingdom. give us grace to serve you better than ever before, help us to follow after righteousness. forgive our sins and make us to reign with you in your kingdom

  146. anidiva says:

    Reblogged this on Diva and commented:
    . . .I pray that God will open the eyes and ears of whoever reads this. May the grace of the Lord Jesus christ help us all to run this race that is set before us all. Amen

  147. Gloria says:

    Lord Jesus have mercy on me oh Lord, i need your grace to carry on this race and please let me not be found wanting on that day in Jesus name.

  148. Paulin oputa says:

    Your grace and mercy lord jesus, are all I need to continue this race of heaven.

  149. obafemi adepeju olufunmilola says:

    I have sin and I have come short of your glory,pls lord jesus have mercy on my soul and give me the strenght to serve u for the rest of my life.

  150. sammy says:

    Your mercy o Lord i ask for. Forgive and help me

  151. Lord Jesus have mercy on my poor soul, i don’t want to continue living in sin, help me to forsake my old ways of sin, help me to focus on you alone and live a righteous fulfilled life. Thank you Jesus for the revelation given to your son, may you bless him in Jesus name, Amen.

  152. i tank u LORD JESUS 4 dis wonderful testimony pls am in ur Hand, forgive me all my sins,

  153. Nelly says:


  154. Ashia Kayee says:

    Thanks, Man of God for publishing this revelation. Lord Jesus, have mercy on me a sinner, give me and my family the grace to continue to do your will alone till you come us your children, Amen

  155. LOVETH says:

    God is faithful TO HIS PEOPLE

  156. Jay says:

    God help us to stand firm in our faith in you. Help us to live a holy life for you and you alone.

  157. Joyce Agofure says:


  158. May God have mercy on his people…..

  159. Erimma Chike says:

    i am a catholic,and it seems like u people have condenmed the catholics to hell, who is to judge? i sincerely pray God will save His people esp me from d jaws of Hell. thanks for the revelation. but u gave no guidiance on where to worship

    • Erimma, we all live in different parts of the Earth and churches are in different states. You must seek God about where to go. One that preaches the Bible as it is and not mans tradition, and one that welcomes the Holy Spirit. Receive the word of correction regarding the catholic issues that need repentance, it is better to know now and make changes, rather than to hear words of flattery and end up lost. God bless

  160. Amen in Jesus name,your grace Lord!

  161. Ojo Hosanna says:

    Dis is so inspiring!I am personal touched by this,dis is indeed a true revelation!please u reader,dis is anoda expresion of God’s love to you!He doesn’t want you to end up in hell,check ur ways,move away frm d wrng path,don’t be ashamed to stat over again,if need be,pls do.He’s waiting 4u,willin to help!pls do.it’s not Too late nw!It mit be 2moro!Evangelist Rodofol,D Lord wl uphold you,He will kip you,and u shal fulfill nd Complete ur assignment on earth,He is wt u nd He wl neva leave you!be strng in d Lord,Kip sharin nd Spreadin D word!Love u sir!
    Ojo Hosanna.

  162. Lord Jesus pls have Mercy on us all , its not by flesh but by the grace of God. lord give us grace to follow you till the End in Jesus Name(AMEN).

  163. borngreat says:

    Please i need clearification on some issues 1. If a young man like me cheated in an examination knowingfully well that it is a sin and if i confess the sin would i b forgiven? I mean now that am ready to rededicate my life, if yes, is there need to return the result to the examination body or just only confesion.

    • I would advise you to please read the other testimony on this website titled “Time is fast running out – Testimony of Heaven & Hell by Victoria Nehale” because it deals with the very issue you have asked. Please read & seek God regarding what it says.

  164. TINU says:

    The earth has started feeling the birth pains of the day of judgement !this means rapture could be any second from now!

  165. Odesola JI says:

    Father Lord, may I not run this race in vain.

  166. akapokenny says:

    Lord Jesus, have mercy on me and forgive me of all my past sins, let your Blood that was sheld on the cross of Calvary be use as an atornment for my sins, and save me into your Kingdom. also give me grace to testify you to all of ma friends.

  167. AWESOME JOSEPH says:


  168. neme says:

    Lord jesus have mercy on me

  169. Josiah Ubong says:

    God reigns forever.

  170. LEONARD.U. DAVIDSON says:

    your massage is touching, please pray for us and remember us in your prayers.

  171. Rosemary kolade says:

    I really bless the name of the Lord for showing us this revelation, if he had nt shown us,what wuld av become of some of us? I pray that the grace of God will keep reminding us of what we have read, above all it will help us to share with others what we have knwn more so it will it will help us to be HOLY in every areas of our lives. pastor, I thank the grace of God upon ur life, for not keeping this to yourself alone, may His Grace never leave u.

  172. May God help us all to make heaven,the torment in hell won’t be easy at all.

  173. gozie says:


  174. OLUWASEYI says:

    please christians, pray for me so that i will be counted worthy, am always willing to do his will but the flesh is always hindering me,please pray for me so that i can be free from this sinful thought

  175. Lenaan says:

    Lord have mercy upon me for every sin I have committed all my life, forgive me and grant me the grace to remain Holy, do your work and show as many as possible to
    the way to Heaven in Jesus Name..Amen

  176. Sincere says:

    I strongly believe in the realty of heaven and hell. How do you bring adherents of other faiths like muslims, buddhists and hindus into the fold of christ knowing fully well that they have their own religion? As we all know that these people have different beliefs from christianity and always seek to oppose christianity as the only true faith to God but believe that there are different ways to God.

    • As in the Book of Acts we must preach the gospel uncompromisingly with the power & partnership of the Holy Spirit. It worked then with pagans, it will work the same now. The harder our task, the more we must lean on God, His grace is sufficient and His power is made perfect in our weakness. God bless you in your evangelism for Jesus

  177. Bibie says:

    Heaven is real. Hell is also real. Unfortunately not all self professed christians will go to heaven when they die. Matthew chapter7 verses 21 – 22. Only those christians that do the will of God will go to heaven. Disobedient christians who do not live holy lives go to hell when they die.

    • What you have preached is true. Few believe it because mans doctrines have made them disregard the clear words of Jesus in Matt 7,21-23, but It changes nothing, God’s word is always true & will be fulfilled. God bess

  178. charles nwakerendu says:

    This is a true saying and worthy of acceptance, only the true believers shall be raptured. Where will you spend eternity? think about it and make hey while the night has not come when you will not find the light again to lighten your days. God is coming back again to take the saints home. God i will make it in Jesus name.

  179. Likim says:

    Alhamdulilah… these and more were revealed to the Prophet Mohammed by God, so Muslims know about all these. Bro Rodulfo…was there any revelations about Islam, i would have loved to comment on that…, for all these, i know

    • Dear Likim, As you have asked I will tell you In a Korean lady’s vision who has been shown Hell many times, she testifies of seeing Mohammed there – link is – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gL-OI1ZnkA4
      You must understand Jesus Christ is the way , the truth and the life, No one comes to the Father but through Him. (John 14). No other way can pay the price for our sins, our sins lead to death and hell, no good works can ever pay the price. Forgiveness and new life is most certainly found in Jesus Christ – seek Him and you will find it is so. God bless


  181. Ugwumsinachi Emole says:

    the truth has come from the throne of Grace and has been said by another messenger of God…dont wait for the dead to rise and say this…the foundation of the Lord standeth sure…let him that nameth the name of the Lord depart from iniquity…May God see us through this heavenly race so that we’ll make it and not loose our rewards as well…God bless us!!

  182. taiwo says:

    I need your grace oh lord because my rightousness is like a filthy rags in your sight. Holiness is what I longs for. God bless this ministry.

  183. EZE says:

    The Lord God will keep and strengthen you to carry on with His work through HIS son JESUS, amen. I also pray for him strengthing me to do His will AND TO EVERY 1 WHO UPHOLD HIS TRUE MESSAGE in JESUS NAME, AMEN.

  184. Uchechi says:

    Please Lord help me to live a holy life for you till the end in JESUS NAME AMEN

  185. Evg Bello says:

    Am hapi 4 comin in contact wit one of d latest endtime revelations. I have too many of such in my archiv includn that of angelical zabrano from republick of Equador, victoria Alehane from namibia and thousands of several others which God used 2 work on my soul and many catholic and non catholics have been turned 2 d true ways of christ as i used d revelations 2 preach 2 them. I hav ben preparing a book on end time which made mi 2 go 4 research on d internet b4 i came acros these endtime revelation. I want u to know that there are catholics who have not compromise the true teaching of the Bible . Yes God still have prophets in the catholic church who have not bow 2 baal. Telin a confused catholic church is a diversion diferent from what d revelation insinuat. There a too many fak churches 2day . So much dat it is not so easy identify a church wit a genuine pastor who preach d truth.

  186. Brother & Sisters, is high time we tell ourselves the truth, let’s just do what the Bible is telling us as in Jame 1:25 & James 2:12. This is more than just a comment the world is actually coming to an end. let safe our soul from perishing.

  187. seun olomodosi says:

    Highly revealing! I pray that God will give us the grace to live HOLY!

  188. Esew, Michael says:

    It is a nice thing that the world have to know the reality of Heaven and Hell. we are all imperfect striving to make heaven. we cannot under estimate the power of forgiveness, we need forgiveness from God our Father for the Bible stated clearly that Lord if you mark our sins against us who will survive. In the olden days when the people of Israel were in the wilderness, God Commanded Moses to make a Golden serpent that any one bitten by a serpent in the wilderness and look upon the one Moses has made will be healed. For Catholics i think having the Crucifix signifies Christ on the Cross of Calvary and a sign for the salvation for mankind. I think therefore that in its sense is not Idolatry because we don’t worship Idols. All said and done we all need to turn from our sinfullness and embrace God in totality.

  189. Joy says:

    The cares of this world can be blinding at times. I pray for God to restore me to a true heart of worship and give me grace to run this race with perseverance and holiness. I pray to make heaven at last. this is my greatest desire.

  190. emeka mordi says:

    Am a christain but not at all, I hv sin against Jesus, i hv 5 girl friends pls help me i don’t want to continue sin cos i begg Lord should change my life, i don’t know to start pls pray for me.

    • Emeka, the only place to start is the place of Repentance. Humble yourself before Almighty God and say I have sinned against Heaven and against You. Read Psalm 51 and Luke 15. When you are sorry for your sins & confess them, you will have the power to forsake them. Please care for your eternal soul today and repent & forsake all those girlfriends and sins, follow Jesus with all your heart and life

  191. My brother I pray the LORD will help his church and help us to live holy lives.

  192. mac dawson says:

    Hi pastor i have been really touch with your preaching but please i want to know what punishment is for those who are scammers am from nigeria i am from a average family but my needs where not meant and that the only way to get good money to take care of myself please tell is it a sins and if yes how can i be safe please help may God bless you

    • Hi Mac, Lying and stealing (scamming) are breaking the 8th & 9th commandments of God. Unless there is repentance, as the Bible says ALL liars and thieves will go into the Lake of Fire (Rev21,8, Gal 5, Eph 5). You must stop it now, repent and never go back. You must obey and trust God for your needs, He is faithful, yes!, and His grace is sufficient, but will you believe??

  193. Emmanuel says:

    he even mentioned names of people he saw in the vision and the conditions. O come Lord Jesus come, amen.

  194. Lord, please keep me in thy fold. Had the revelation of the cross raining like meteors in space on the entire universe not just this the earth, Honestly, the television,the internet, songs and games are the greatest polluters of the soul coz its always there everywhere u are.

  195. thebluecodes says:

    this is what this generation needs,the truth and nothing but the truth.

  196. victor says:

    Thanks for this great testimony and it means a lot to me now i will make sure i work in the right path and my home will make heaven in Jesus name

  197. Ryan Monahan says:

    Hi all glory to god!

    I found your message very interesting and would like to find out more as I too have a problem with masturbating, I even made a hole in my suit trousers so I can continue at work. Please pray for me!

    Also please ask Rodolfo if he saw a starbucks in heaven as I really struggle without a coffee in the morning and its just wouldn’t be worth me going otherwise. Thank you

    • Ryan, Heaven is better than anything on this earth, dont worry about coffee lol. Please follow the video links for masturbation (which is in the testimony), in his grace you must fight and overcome, yes it can be done.

  198. John A says:

    please send me this testimony on my email. peace be with u in name of JESUS CHRIST

  199. Sincere says:

    I strongly believe in hell and heaven. How do we evangelise adherents of other faiths like Islam, buddha and hindus who do not believe that Jesus christ is the son of God? Remember that our lord and saviour Jesus christ died for all humanity and does not want any to perish, but that all should come to repentance.

    • How – preach the gospel in its simplicity and power. It is not just a head issue but a heart one, God deals with their hearts convicting of sin, righteousness and judgment, and bearing witness that Jesus is the only way. They may seem set in their false way, but we know its dead, and in their heart they likely do also. Show them the light of truth in love, and also share your testimony of the reality of Jesus Christ in your life

  200. FOR YET A LITTLE WHILE, AND HE THAT SHALL COME WILL COME, AND WILL NOT TARRY. Now the just shall live by faith : but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him

  201. Isaac Odige says:

    this is really amazing,i believe any body that read this revelation will find where he or she fall into,this a an opportunity to let the world know that Jesus is real and he is coming soon.please let continue to share this revelation,so that many people might be come born again after reading this.this you so much Evangelist Rodolfo Acevedo Hernandez,for publishing this.God bless you

  202. Isaac Samuel-Bejide says:

    The Lord is still speaking to His people. The Revelation did not end with Apostle John, he who has ear, let him listen to what the Spirit says…

  203. TANYA ROZITA NELL says:


    • Its ok Tanya, when you deal with that issue, you will then experience a greater joy and presence of the Lord and wont worry about any of those worldly things but pursue Heavenly things. Be blessed

  204. roselynamwa says:

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    God have mercy

  205. Randy says:

    Salvation is possible and available only through our lord and saviour Jesus christ. Salvation is not found in any religion, but in the person of our lord and saviour Jesus christ who died to redeem mankind from the cage of satan. Salvation is a free gift God is offering mankind. If you are a muslim, buddhist, hindu, catholic, jew, atheist, agnostic, free thinker, mormon, jehovah witness, confucian, shintoist, deist, come to Jesus christ. Jesus is the right way to eternal life. All other ways apart from the lord Jesus christ are false, deceptive and lead to hell and eternal damnation. Jesus christ is the ONLY way to heaven.

  206. Holy says:

    Come to Jesus christ. Be genuinely born again. Do not pretend. Stop smoking, drinking, womanising, cheating, stealing, impersonating, partying, nightclubbing, telling lies, idol worship, armed robbery. Stop gossiping, backbiting, slandering. Jesus christ is coming soon. Repent from these sins. Serve God in a bible believing church.

  207. Sijuade Adesola says:

    The testimony is very scary, after reading it I was very afraid but I did not hesitate to share it with all my friends on face book and I even determine to take it to my church for my people to read it as well. Sir, we need your prayers ( I mean the Christians) to us we are doing the right things meanwhile it is wrong in God’s sight, may the Lord help us, save us by his mercy and strengthen us to live a holy life in Jesus name.

    • It is true Sijuade, but in His mercy he is showing us errors in the church so people can repent now. There is much grace now to turn from wrong ways , but once we die its too late and our path is then set. So lets do all we can to set it straight to Heaven now. Thanks for sharing with others. Be blessed

  208. grace says:

    Lord please av mercy on us

  209. solaj72 says:

    The Imminency Of The Rapture: Are You Perpetually Ready?

    “Rapture” is the word used to designate the time of Jesus’ return in the air to take His followers to heaven. In 1 Thessalonians 4:17, Apostle Paul said that living believers will
    be “caught up” with the dead in Christ to meet the Lord in the air. The Greek word Paul used here is “harpazo”, which means “to snatch away”. When the Bible was translated into Latin, the scholars rendered “harpazo” as “rapturo”. It is just a short step then from “rapturo” to the English word “rapture”. Although the word “rapture” does not appear in the English translation of Scripture, the sense of the word is surely there. Therefore, Christians will be “snatched away” when the Lord Jesus descends with a shout. Jesus Christ will appear suddenly one day, reaches out His arms and makes millions of people, both living and dead, disappear from earth. Here is how Paul described the disappearance of millions of people from the earth into the heavenly kingdom:

    “Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep (die), but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed (1 Corinthians 15: 51-52)”.

    “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord (1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17).”

    The “dead in Christ” would rise first before the living believers in Jesus Christ. This indicates that all people who trusted in Jesus Christ from the Day of Pentecost (over 2000 years ago) until the moment of “rapture”, both the living and the dead, would join Jesus Christ in the air on rapture day. This is an event solely for those who have genuinely accepted the great salvation offer of Jesus Christ and perpetually ready for His glorious appearance. You will be left behind on that day if you are an unbeliever, unrepentant sinner or complacent Christian……….

  210. Matthew Adebimpe, OLUBUKUN says:

    O LORD, hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities.
    Create in mea clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.
    Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me.
    Preserve in me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.
    Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto thee.


  212. Isaac Ukpoju says:

    Thank you JESUS

  213. the thinker says:

    i agree with the music. it is a disgrace! how can someone gain any peace of mind.

  214. Ibiyemi says:

    Lord I want to make heaven, I pray that the Lord should take away anything that may hinder me in Jesus name.

  215. Asekun Rita says:

    May God have mercy on us…i want to follow Chris with all my heart….

  216. Busayo says:

    Believers should beware! There are borrowed vessels! Borrowed vessels that will be used and dumped on the last day. No wonder they will tell Jesus that I have cast out demons in your name. Yes, Jesus Christ will tell them ; “I know ye not ye workers of iniquity!”. How do you recognize these borrowed vessels? They do not preach the entire and complete word of God. They just pick their areas of interest- possibly prosperity, success, abundance, healing, promotion, breakthrough , and those, without laying emphasis on salvation, holiness and heaven, and the reality of hell fire. Hell is real.
    Dear Lord, help us!

  217. Ifeanyi Mordecai Iwegbuna says:

    Holy and Worthy is the Lamb of God. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!! ….. His Saints on that day will be singing. I pray God Almighty with his Mercy and Grace accept us as his Bride

  218. Angel says:

    I just want to bless God for His revelation to lots of people. I know the devil is trying hard to win more people to himself, but God is always the winner.
    Differrent/lots of things are happening in the world today because we are weak in faith and we doubt alot, but the only thing that will help us to grow is to be prayerful and obey the Ten commandment.
    We should study the Word of God and not Priests/Pastors words.
    No matter the denomination you belong, learn to pray for Christians allover the World and for God to arrest more people to Himself.

  219. sarah says:

    Heaven hear my cry

  220. BANJO says:


  221. sylvester says:

    I am so happy reading all this and i believe that am bless to come across sure massage and may the good LORD GOD ALMIGHTY keep having mercy for us and our families.GOD ALMIGHTY please help us through the remain period you had give us on earth so that we shall be very good candidates in Heaven.AMEN.

  222. Chineze Ezenwafor says:

    Indeed,this revelation has reawakened me. Lord Jesus please give me the grace to make heaven at last and also make me an instrument through which others will make heaven at last too in Jesus name;amen.

  223. John Bello says:

    Thanks 4 d revelation. I have come acros many of such . And God used dem 2 changed my life. I advised dat we should lead people who are confused 2 study d Bible and practice everything they read from the bible than telling them 2 come out of their churches. Bcos too many churches have founders and pastors will wrong motive in forming their churches. Theirs messages may not appear so antichrist 4 people 2 know that they are fake churches . It is persinal prayer to God and personl study and obedient 2 d scripture that wil help people to obey d lessonss of this revelation. I adised Gigi 2 go 2 catholic charismatic renewal group in d catholic church. They are d group in d catholic church who have not bow 2 baal in d catholic church. I am one of them.

    • Angel says:

      You are very right Bro. John. I am also one of the Catholic Charismatic renewal. The denominations’ sometimes does not really matters; rather personal encounter with Christ.

      Too many fake men of God in the world today. I prefer to remain where i am seeking the face of God. I pray that God should continue to empower the Church in general in Jesus name..

  224. Funmi Oladapo says:

    Lord Jesus, I ask for the grace to make Heaven, let me set my heart on the things above, Lord touch my heart again, I surrender all my ways unto Your Glorious Hands, please accept me as your child and accept me into your Glorious kingdom.

  225. tony asekhameh says:

    God is faithful and just to purge us from all iniquity thank you JESUS help us we cant make it without the help of the comforter the HOLY SPIRIT

  226. Justice says:

    Its touching lord please i need your help and grace to make heaven.help me lord.

  227. emem ime says:

    he that has an ear let him hear………………….

  228. justice mensah says:

    am still not clear about wearing of jewelry and worldly instruments entering the church today/ God bless for this great awareness you are creating.

    • 1. wearing of jewelry wasnt an issue that was part of these visions. So I can only point you back to scripture. The Bible teaches about modestly & holy dressings – Luke 15, 22, 1Peter 3,3-4 – 1Tim2,9-10 – “in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing”.
      2. Worldy rock, rap music styles entering church and mixing as worship songs is what is being rebuked. Dont mix with the world. Here is another vision on this issue to confirm, the issue starts at the 2 min mark – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WECvBx9ofrY

  229. idomagirl says:

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    Thought provoking.

  230. kenny says:

    morning,am a muslim….where do u put us cause i believe in the last day too

    • Kenny, unless you are be born again you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Islam cannot do this, your best religious efforts cannot remove sin. Only the blood of Jesus shed on the cross has paid the price for your sins and can allow you to stand forgiven & righteous before our Holy God. You must believe and received Him as Lord & Saviour. Ask & you will receive, seek and you will find!!

      “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. 18 “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. 19 And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20 For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. 21 But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.” (John 3,16-21)

  231. Matthew says:

    Please Lord forgive me my sins, and please give me the grace to serve you continuously. in Jesus Name. Amen

  232. Hi there.
    I had this link posted on my page a couple of days ago and I would like to know more about Rodolfo. Is there a link you could post to his website/blog/facebook page?
    I can’t seem to find a link to him anywhere.

    • There is a link at the end of the testimony to Rodolfo sharing his testimony in Spanish on You Tube. He has another your tube message also. Whatever he has would be in Spanish so bit harder to find. Ill see what I can do, will need a few days

      • That would be great, thanks.
        It’s just that I want to make sure people are the real deal if I or someone else is going to post their testimonies on my facebook page.

  233. Bukky says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for this wonderful testimony, accept me and forgive all my sins

  234. Bukky says:

    Please, Baba God, let me live life worthy of your standard and expectation.

  235. Sandra Olanrewaju says:

    evangelist i’m really touched by ur testimony. Pray for me that God should forgive me all my short comings and write my name in the Book of Life in Jesus Name(Amen)

  236. lara says:

    brethren the Lord is faithful.i had a dream some weeks ago about the the coming of the Lord.there were long clustered queues of people dressed in white ascending skywards through an escalator into a great light.i felt myself pass through some stages out of a grey area close to these people.i was expecting to ascend with these people but i did not.suddenly the escalator disappeared.i cried bitterly because i did not ascend and sobbing uncontrollably.i appeared to be the only one who seemed to take the matter so seriously and i saw people who are alive today who did not ascend as well.i woke up terrified and could only pray for the Lord’s mercy.i knew i had to straighten up, working my salvation in fear and trembling, taking nothing for granted.God’s standard is incredibly high,rest not on your oars at only believing but let there be proof of your belief.blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled (matt 5).if you know that He is righteous,you know that everyone who practices righteousness is born of Him ( 1john 2:29).

  237. Oreoluwa Olowolayemo says:

    Please Lord, let me and my family reign with you on the last day. Let this testimony touch the heart of every readers, do that they will turn to you and do your perfect will. Have mercy on us oh Lord.

  238. coker segun says:

    Am a christian, but i do one of those sins u mention. am convicted and am repenting it from this hour. Jesus my redeemer, have mercy on me forgive me my sins and write my name in the book of life for that is the reason why you came. thank u father. i want all my men to embrace the gospel of Jesus cos is unto salvation. this issue is more than being a christian or be a muslim, but making heaven as a subject matter. He said “am the way and no one can see father except through me. if is not so He would have told us. All the signs Jesus mention have all come to pass. do not neglet this message cos of the salvation of your soul.

  239. Emmanuel says:

    Jesus is Lord always and nobody can change that!!!

  240. Echetabi Charles says:

    Thank you Jesus for releasing this revelation to us all,he that has ear let him hear what the spirit is saying to the church.please how can i send this wonderful message to my friend via mail?

  241. Ladi Okunoren says:

    Thank God for this revelation, as it is helping me grow spiritually and i will also share it to all. I pray for God’s Grace and Mercy over myself & everyone who reads this, to stay totally away from sins and to live a life that will bring Glory and Honour to His Name forever and may all my loved ones & I be partakers of Heaven IJN, Amen

  242. Ajayi sunday Bright says:

    let us tell every one that it is real

  243. Tayo Jemimha Akanbi says:

    Dear LORD please teach me the way and the ligth for me to LOVE more. amen!!! Haleluyah!

  244. Tiki says:

    Praise God……….

  245. Adeyemi Cordelia Oluwafumilayo says:

    hmmmmmmm, our God is love indeed,not wanting anyone to go to hell, He revealed this to His servant, indeed our God is patient and merciful,in such a time as this,where wickedness and satanic devices are all arround,and most people have lost focused and are carried away by cares of this world, He still shows us ways out of all this, may all Glory,Honour,Praise and majesty be ascribed unto Him alone,and most especially i ask for Grace for all of us, to make it on the final and last day! Amen

  246. Croccifixo says:

    Dear Evangelist,
    I a so touched and moved by this testimony and i pray for God to give me a heart to love and worship Him all the days of my life. Sir ,i have a problem disturbing me right now. I went for prayers in one of the ministries around me and the woman of God there told me that i cannot marry the girl i have been dating for 10 years now.I love this girl and cannot afford to see her getting married to another man. i want to confirm if that message came from God or from the wrong source.Bless you .

  247. Alade Bosede says:

    Have mercy on us Lord and teach us to do what is right in thy sight. Haleluyah|

  248. BRO DAVID says:


  249. angela nwachukwu says:

    Lord have mercy on me,help me to live a sin free life because it take the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ my Saviour,i need your mercy oh Lord all the days of my life.Amen

  250. Daniel Fedinant says:

    Surely Our Lord Jesus is coming.Let us repent of all sin and walk in holiness and righteous.Visit http://www.repentandpreparetheway.org

  251. damaris silantoi says:

    I thank The LORD Jesus for this great opportunity.LORD God restore to me the joy of salvation.I am a sinner Lord Jesus pardon me my God.For has no meaning without Jesus.Jesus is the fulfilment of life.Save me my family and the church.Amen

  252. UJAH KAYODE UCHE says:


  253. Thank sir for this testimony…May prayer for us all reading this testimony, that we will not go back to our vomit (sin) & we will also share it to other…because souls are perishing in HELL everyday…God’s grace will be available for us…to practice 100% HOLINESS till the end….

  254. Bryan Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the testimony, this testimony is amazing and it touches my heart

  255. Obiageli says:

    Lord i surrender to Your authority that i may live according to Your purpose for my life! I want more of You Lord and I want more of You for my entire family! May Your word which we receive everyday transform our lives and cause us to live holy lives in love of You and love of neighbour! Thanks Christiscoming777 for the testimony even though it got me confused along the line but i have resolved to talk to God in prayer concerning it. I am a catholic and will remain one till i meet my God in heaven bc many passed thru this way, lived 100% holy lives and are there in heaven! This is my faith, this is my belief and I shall be saved by it!

  256. Danie Agboikhena says:

    May the Lord help us even as this testimony of heaven and hell is shared so it will not be a witness against anyone that has hear or share of this testimony. Heaven is too beautiful for us to miss.
    God help me to live a holy life that will earn me my place in your kingdom. AMEN.

  257. Lord ! If not for your unfailing love, where will I be by now…. lord have mercy

  258. i give my life to god today,father plz forgive the earth plz

  259. israel says:

    Jesus, pls help me!!!1

  260. Agbebi Samuel
    Father give me grace to please you in all my remaining days before you come and to do all you commanded me to do by preaching to those who are yet to be save in Jesus name. Amen

  261. adesanya tobi says:

    A Must Read! God pls have mercy on us in Jesus Unfailing name, Amen!

  262. Victor agbai says:

    This testimony shows the importance of living a holy life, living right and just.

  263. Ann says:

    May d lord help me nd my entire family,nd also churches nd open d eyes of those that r been mislead by wrong teachings.Heaven is neva a place2miss.

  264. dave d says:

    I liked it thx u 2 the sender

  265. GODWIN SAMUEL says:


  266. oluwatosin says:

    Lord help out,to be able to rein wit u in ur kingdom.was an. Eye opener for mi .lord help mi

  267. I belive and I know that these revelations are of THE LORD JESUS THE CHRIST and we do well to heed the warning. JESUS is LORD. Amen.

  268. Amasan says:

    Holy Spirit have mercy upon me and grant me the spirit to worship You more.

  269. samade says:

    Soul touching testimony GOD hav mercy on me and my family and establish us in ur holiness.

  270. Ikpearu Racheal says:

    Pray for me, I don’t want to go to hell. Please pray for me. I need God’s grace and mercy upon my life.

  271. Edwards says:

    Testimonies that instantaneously catapults You to life reflections..Oh God as we come to repentance, forgive Us of Our trespasses done out of Ignorance, Deliver Us from further attacks of the Enemy And Grant Us restoration to live in righteousness and Holiness..

  272. michael olufunke says:

    I really want to live right and serve jesus.GOD shld pls have mercy on us.

  273. Agboke olugbenga peter says:

    Thjete is joy in serving jesus

  274. Philips says:

    I thank the lord for showing all this to you. That is exactly what is happening to todays churches. We all need to reflection and see where each one is not measuring upto God’s expectation and ask for his grace to stand firm.

  275. Akinola says:

    Heaven is real no doubt

  276. Dienye says:

    it waz really touching. i really appreciate this publication

  277. Busola says:

    Thank u very much Evangelist.I only pray that anyone who see’s this will be touched and transformed.His grave and mercy is all we need nw.I am a candidate of heaven,i’m sure we all are.

  278. olusola L oyesola says:

    Pls pastor is wearing jewlery and using of artificial hair by women a sin?

    • I can only point you back to scripture such as Luke 15,22. The Bible also teaches about modesty “in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing, 10 but, which is proper for women professing godliness, with good works” (1Tim2,9). Regarding the fake hair, why not be content with the way God has made your real hair. Is it the world that makes you feel you need to change your look and then sells you all these fake hair. God gave you your hair, its a womens glory. dont feed on womens fashion shows, music and magazines, but feed on the Bible. by ChristisComing777 (Not Rodolfo)

      • Anthony says:

        Lord jesus I know am a sinner..Forgive for my sins and strenghten me from Glory to Glory not to live a sinful life anymore..I want to make Heaven at the last day.Amen

  279. Pastor ologundu peters olumide says:

    What a wonderful message



  281. uche ananyi benedicta says:

    I thank God for His Manifold mercies wherewith He has revealed these..therefore, let him that nameth the name of the Lord depart from iniquity and God will receive him. Thanks bro rodolfo.

  282. Michaela Maistry says:

    I am only 14 years old and this has made me re-think the way act and think!
    i want to go to heaven.
    May the lord bless and protect you brother.

  283. robynne says:

    The truth shall set you free…so many are following false prophets like sheep to the slaughter!sadly so…if its not in and of the living word then run…and pray about all understanding that the holy spirit may lead you and guide you on the straight and narrow cause broad is the road of destruction…it is a matter of choice and not blaming…eve made me eat the forbidden fruit!wear your armour day and night for we fight principalities of unseen evil…be awake to the snares set before you…do not sleep..and except the triune …you can have the one and not the other…may the father sun and holy ghost be well within your heart always in faith and believing the word breathed by the father who loves us all..us mere sinners born of flesh…to die to sin and be resserected to a new body sanctified and living rightiously until the. God of all creation returns for his bride…what a day of rejoicing that will be rather than gnashing of teeth in doom forever…re a simple thing called choice…by making the right decision…God bless you all and may the Almighty lord jesus christ be with yo now and forever…amen!please pray for health matters thank you.

    • robynne says:

      Re the triune you can’t have one and not the others ….spelling eRror in msg…thankyou…belive in father son and holy ghost and of the written word God breathed…repent of old as in baptism and live rightously in every thing you do..away with the old and put on the new with commandments lived and in your heart love one another and you will enter the promised land rather than being lost in the desert…be blessed and a blessing to all whom you meet..God bless.

  284. LATIFAH JIMOH says:

    May Almighty God help us all redirect our parts and steps be ordered by the Holy Spirit. May God lead us to the right church and holiness. Amen.

  285. temitop abigeal says:

    Dis has really touch my life the more. thank you

  286. sandile shoba says:

    On my side there are many ppl falling into Hell. My family my friends. I understand that when 1000 enter hell 1 enter heaven but how can we help bring them to Glory Living. This is disturbing me. Because its hard to practice and adapt the Godly life because they’re around to distract what Jesus is Constructing. In the Name of the King of Kings let their eyes be opened so we’ll all live the Godly way with not fearing or failing or hiding.

    • Sandie, yes it is a difficult road in reaching the lost, but we have the power of the Holy Spirit. The harder it is the deeper we must go in prayer. The basic gospel message and your testimony are very powerful, take out that sword and use it! The seed will produce fruit in some soils 30, 60, 100 fold, in other is wont, but share it anyway – Matt 13

  287. George O'ben-Etchi says:

    I’m grateful to God for the rare priviledge to read this testimony,I ask you to please pray for the churches of God in Nigeria against the satanic attacks it’s going through&please pray for my family &i for God to increase his grace upon us to serve him diligently all the days of our lives.

  288. iwoh prince says:

    Glory to the Lord, this message has been a source of encouragement. There is only one true living God. The creator of the heavens and the earth. I will serve him till death. I pray for the grace to serve him in spirit and in truth. AMEN

  289. chuks says:

    Have taken your forgiveness of sins for granted severally and you never cease to bring me closer to you oh, Have marcy father, grant me the strength to live rightously before thee and your people on earth..Help me and other souls that needs to be saved, because you alone is God.I live for you Lord, Save me, Save Us.

  290. Mitaire Success Igugu says:

    I thank God for this exposition. Lord, help us to stand up right.

  291. Iniobong Archibong says:

    Time for critical self evaluation. We should mind all we do. Not even a dot out of them shall be over looked. May we be rapturable.

  292. chinelo Raphael says:

    I am blessed through this powerful message,pls I will love this message to be produced in tapes and CD tapes, this message has inspired me in a great way, and I want God to guide me in his ways and I’m also praying for his grace upon my life always.

  293. Abimbola says:

    I need God forgiveness nd strenght to see me tru

  294. Natasha Ruth Pillay says:

    The earth and man was created by God so was heaven and hell! As much as there’s good, there’s also evil! We’ve become so caught up with the pressures and hecticness of everyday life that we’ve become blinded to the spiritual world of things going on around us! We wager not against flesh but against principalities of darkness… Therefore we should put on the full armour of God and equipt ourselves with the word of God and stand ready for battle with the evil one!!! In boldness because we have a KING who’s backing us up!! The end times are now.. We should be prepared as children of God..

  295. Carmen Ramona Singh says:

    Please send me more information regarding this.

  296. christiana john says:

    Lord help me to make Heaven in Jesus Name.

  297. henriett says:

    i knw am not so worthy cos i’v done somethings am not proud of but i’v got to carry on in ur grace Lord Jesus so that i dont fall again.. Help me My Father in Heaven and thank you for this revelation through ur son cos i know dis is due to the unending love u have for us…

  298. chichi says:

    God bless you evangelist, i was touched by this message.Pray for me to make heaven.May God empower us to live holy lives in Jesus Name .Amen.

  299. Godwin says:

    God will save us

  300. Levi says:

    WOW,just got a new take on life,its even driven me 2 start fasting as of 2m,praise be 2 God.

  301. brown ikon affah says:

    I just wanna be saved, GOD pls help me, may almighty GOD deliver us from our sins and make us not go back 2 dem anymore. GOD bless u Evang Rodolfo

  302. Thank you pastor and may God bless you With His Kingdom in Jesus’ name…
    My advice goes to all the Jehovah’s witnesses that tried all they could to make me believe otherwise that they should believe the Bible because an UNBELIEVING SOUL will not make Heaven ( Rev. 21 vs 8).
    Once again I’ll say God bless you pastor.

  303. Nwogu nwa Gloria says:

    Oh God;have mercy on us and deliver us from any stronghold dat makes us to sin agaist U,in Jesus name,amen!

  304. Nice one we just need to continue to love him,trust him believe him. And be good to one another etc

  305. Smug Khriss Emmanuel says:

    He made mention about reggaeton. Does that mean playing and listening †̥o reggea is a sin? He made mention of some people that he saw hell…but he did not see bob marley, peter tosh, culture in hell. Maybe they aяε in heaven. Their songs is a blessing †̥o ♍y soul…looking at †ђξ way pastors enrich themselves. They have jets, ships, luxury cars and †ђξ members aяε still in abject poverty. They build missionary schools and university and yet †ђξ poor members can’t have access †̥o good education. Hypocrites,tribalism and politics aяε being played in †ђξ church today. Wђǝrǝ aяε †ђξ good samaritans? They make †ђξ poor give †ђξ little they have as offering and tithe but I call it daily or weekly contribution. JAH help us all. We have one life †̥o live and after death comes judgement. Lord have mercy on ♍ƺ and you that is reading this too. It is well with us and I pray Almighty †̥o help us make heaven. Amen.

    • Reggaeton is worldly music as stated in the testimony, best listen to worship music and praise God, its time to depart from all worldliness. The testimony also dealt with what will happen to corrupt Pastors who dont repent. All Christians need to give tithes and offerings regardless of if poor or rich, 10% tithe is what God commands, just be lead to the right churches and away from the fakes. God bless

  306. Chuks Elvis says:

    Testimony of evng Rodolfo in heaven and hell is a touching one,what shall it profit a man 2 gain d whole world and lose his soul….my fellow christians look at all the tribulations in hell nd look at the enjoyment in heaven and tel me where u want to spend your enternity..

  307. Aloh Eniola Temitope says:

    I thank you Lord for given me this opportunity.Pls pray for me cos I really wish to be a born-again christian.May God help me.Thank you pastor.

  308. chioma says:

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  309. Ade says:

    This is really shocking, i guess am disappointed in my self in some areas of my life

  310. Seun says:

    Our Lord is great God, no one like Him. Am really touch with this testimony and he have make me to love him more and willing to be among the people that will be in heaven with him.

  311. Nolthando Ntuli says:

    Thank you Lord for entering into this person,it’s touching pls God help me I also want to live a holy life,Bless all those reading reading this massage

  312. Sunday makinde says:

    I thank you for the testimony you share with us,GOD bless you

  313. Owen Ehima says:

    Thank you Jesus for this revelation, this revelation is to re-straighten us to the right part and to expose the tricky ways the devil and is agent is using to decieve us to sin. I pray we endure and make it to the end. Evangelist Rodolfo thanks for getting this here. God bless you.

  314. sallyomorogie says:

    I want.the lord to open my eyes to see the mystery of heaven

  315. Santos says:

    What an eye opener! It just reveals what is going on in the Church and world today, where pastors yearn for worldly things. Materialistic people are frowned upon by God. Rich people must not snub the needy, but greed has overtaken the world and the church; pastors don’t even preach about being holy and repentance, but prosperity and the methods of attaining worldly objectives. This article has given me a revelation about the Jehovah’s Witness guys. I used to hear a lot of controversy about their beliefs. That’s noted!

  316. grace says:

    Tank GOD 4 dis testimony,tank u O LORD 4 givin me JESUS AMEN

  317. Taiwo says:

    I praise the Lord for this glorious revelation. I pray we all make heaven. Release yourselves for God to help.

  318. meshack mabhengeta says:

    great thanks to this testimony, may the Almighty God give you more power to share His word. Pray for also to live purely and tel people about God !

  319. Father pls hav mercy on me for am a sinner not even worthy to mention ur name. Sanctify me wit ur blood & help me to live a holy life.

  320. Red says:

    Am realy touched. And am scared of doomsday because the signs I see lately shows it close..

  321. bose ajayi says:

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  322. Ogunleye Idowu says:

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  323. Jinan Rimdan. says:

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  324. Ndianabasi Awak says:

    Is it Good for a christain to wear trouser? Pls reply

  325. Gilbert Wayne says:

    Its awesome, and great…am touched with this message and I know, God have touched my heart.
    More grease to your elbow, Evang. Rodolfo
    Thank you God

  326. Bakare Olaniyi says:

    God i know i am a sinner, please forgive me oh Lord in every area of my life that i have sinned against you
    and grant me your grace to make heaven with my family in Jesus Name Amen.

  327. felly c.n says:

    Lord help me to make heaven and to take as many people as I can with me, that is all I ask. Whatever it will cost me Lord, I need your help, in Jesus name. Amen!

  328. lihle kraai says:

    Glory b 2 God,in al we do brethrens let us mke sure dat we glorify God,bcz he alone deservs da best. Let thoz wu worship hm worshp in truth n in spirit,4 God z a spirit, he z pure n righteous @ all tyms. Glory 2 our mst high God wu z faithful n true.. Wow brother R ur expirence z soooooooo amazn ts sumthng 2 sit n fasinate bwt,wow t mst hv tke a real special reletionshp wit God,u r a blessed man, God has shown u gr8 grace n favour.thank u 4 being obedient enuf 2 share wit us… Let us be holy n stand firm in da Lord. Praise God hallelujah

  329. ike chisom Bruno says:

    Does it mean dat we can’t make a gospel rock music.? Or gospel hip-hop..? And also what is bad about jehova’s witness..?

    • Ike, yes that is what its saying. Those are worldly music styles and mixing it with Christian words doesnt make it acceptable. Better to seek God and get music and songs from Heaven, spiritual songs of worship & praise. Why copy the world, when we can draw from Heaven.
      Jehova’s Witnesses are a heretical cult. They have false teachings (started by CTRussell – the guy in Hell) such as there is no eternal Hell, they teach Jesus is not divine, they teach the Holy Spirit is not divine, and they have changed parts of God’s word to make their own false translation, and other false teachings. Gal 5,17 says Heretics wont inherit the Kingdom of God, and Gal 1,7-9 says “there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.”

  330. mike winning says:

    Tell me what to do to make heaven

    • Mike, you must surrender your life to Jesus Christ, believing and confessing him as Lord. Here is a teaching on How to Become a Christian – http://www.divineliterature.org/How-to-Become-a-Christian.html .
      If your asking this as a Christian already, ensure to follow Jesus in obedience, devotion, holiness, & truth. Basically we must believe & do what the Bible says. Read it, especially the words of Jesus, start with the Sermon on the Mount, Matt 5-7

    • nike says:

      To make Heaven,follow Τ̲̅ђe following steps;1,Acknowledge that Ɣ☺ΰ are a sinner. 2,confess ALL Ɣ☺ΰr sins to God in prayer. 3,Ask HIM to forgive you and wash you with HIS blood. 4,Tell HIM to reign in Ɣ☺ΰr life and ask HIM to to give you the spirit that hates sin. Confess HIM as Ɣ☺ΰr LORD and SAVIOUR. Start to live life free of sin. It IS̶̲̥̅ well with you.

  331. Deji says:

    God bless u for this awesome revelation of God’s mind. God bless u

  332. sydney says:

    Thank you for d revelation there’s a part I need to cut off if I’ll have a chance 2 see my maker

  333. Amaka david says:

    May anointing of God never depart from your life, holy spirit of God direct me to a save part so that I wil depart from your word and make not to live a sinful life

  334. Olatunbosun says:

    O Lord; take me back home to your kingdom in heaven.

  335. chigozi orluwehuje says:

    May God bless U for this wonderful message. I want to give and live my life for JESUS CHRIST alone. I need help and guidance.

  336. The bible says , all have sin and come short of the glory of God. May God have mercy upon us.
    Brother R. Your experience is so wonderful. Heaven Awaits me cos for hell no no no , i refused to be there. Am in Jesus and He in me. So Heaven is mine in Jesus name Amen.

  337. I agree with Evang.RODOLFO’s Testimony.It’s in line with other similar Testimonys of Heaven and Hell by few Others.It’s quite credible and impacting!All Glory Be Unto God Almighty!

  338. helen says:

    Thank u 4 creating this awareness, sometimes we 4get about d reason we were placed here on earth… 2 praise n worship d king of kings and 2 live a holy life

  339. coker ayodele .o says:

    wow, thank GOD i read this, i must change

  340. Ifedolapo gbadamosi says:

    This sHOULD noT BE taken wiTH lEVity!*AND YE shall know the truth and the TrutH SHALL SET you free*free from destruction(hell)

  341. adaobi says:

    Heavenly father pls come to my rescue and forgive me A̶̲̥̅̊ℓℓ my sins.am not worthy to be called your daughter.pls forgive me

  342. eno says:

    Am nt convinced wiv d whole tin especially with the Jehovah witness issue.why was it only Russel dat ws found there?and where in d bible is hell mentioned as a fiery torment or everlasting torture for sinners?tanx

    • Eno, Jehova’s Witnesses are a heretical cult. They have false teachings (started by CTRussell – the guy in Hell) such as there is no eternal Hell, they teach Jesus is not divine, they teach the Holy Spirit is not divine, and they have changed parts of God’s word to make their own false translation, and other false teachings. Gal 5,17 says Heretics wont inherit the Kingdom of God, and Gal 1,7-9 says “there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.” Dont stick up for cults, lead them to the truth that sets them free.
      HELL in scripture (just a few of the many):
      — Matthew 10:28 … And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
      — 2 Peter 2:4 … For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment
      — Mark 9:45 … And if thy foot offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter halt into life, than having two feet to be cast into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched
      — Matthew 23:33 … Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?
      — Matthew 25, 30… And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
      — Matthew 25, 41 …Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels

  343. Arike says:

    Hmmnn. This is very serious. I thank God for yet another reminder(cos I have read quite a number of articles like this). Still on these issues of females wearing trousers, using jewelries and fixing artificial hair, I saw a video in which the pastor( whom God also gave this kind of visions to) explained that Satan cut a portion of an underwater serpent to make all these hair extensions women use!!!! So the automatic destination for all such users is hell!!!! This is so scary. Without make up(at least minimal make up), jewelry, use of hair extensions, most of us would look drab and masculine. Is it SINFUL to look good? I dare not question God, I desire to obey Him, even where grooming is concerned, but this is really disheartening. I work in a corporate organisation that would send me home if I decide to go to work with my natural hair( not relaxed, no weave on…) Pls advise.

    • My opinion regarding those hair attachments, why not be content with the way God has made your hair. It is the world that makes you feel you need to change your look and then sells you all these fake products. The above scripture say “the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls ”. God given hair is a womens glory.

  344. nelly says:

    I want to be saved.I have committed lots of sins and I feel God may not want me anymore.I want to make Heaven,God pls come to my rescue.

    • Dear Nelly, it is good as the road to salvation starts with humbling ourselves and saying I have sinned against Heaven and am not worthy but I want to be saved. It is this heart that God is looking for, contrite & broken heart he will not despise. If you now want to surrender your life fully to Jesus and become a Christian, He is ready to receive you with open arms. Please read this link for – How to become a Christian – http://www.divineliterature.org/How-to-Become-a-Christian.html . God bless, and read your bible lots , and then also the rest of this website bit by bit.

  345. Indeed God’s grace is being abused. Ds message is once a. Golden opportunity to repent. I shivered as I’m sending ds comment.I thot I’m born again and a sure candidate of heaven, but now realised I needa thorough reappraisal of both my spiritual.moral and social life.Lord Jesus help me

    • You have said it well. He is seeking a holy bride and now is the time for us to prepare ourselves through repentance and cleansing of His blood to remove any spots, stains and blemishes on that glorious garment of salvation and holiness He has graciously given us. Let us present it back to him in the holy state that He gave it that we be not ashamed on that great day

  346. tess says:

    Wow… I m so touched by dis testimony. God bé thou exalted. I seek for ur forgiveness in any area of my life. Forgive me and accept me as ur own again.

  347. Am a christian who doesnt want to miss heaven for any reason at all jesus is my help

  348. zulu Nwobodo says:


  349. okorie blessing says:

    My Lord God Almighty only by ur grace will I mk heaven.pls help me to mk heaven.tank u Jesus for dis wonderful reveletion.

  350. Agada George says:


  351. Akinbola Folashade says:

    Father Lord Please help me to make heaven, i come as a sinner please forgive me all my sin and make me to walk in your path cleanse me with your blood open my ears so that i can hear your voice only not of the satan LORD HELP ME……………………

  352. Christy shona says:

    No body can bear the pain nd torments of hell, not even me, so pls seek the kingdom of God now that u can

  353. steven says:


  354. gozie says:

    Am glad dat I am a partaker in dis testimony,I pray for d Lord to rescue my soul from everlasting Hell

  355. Ayeni Samuel says:

    Lord forgive me, i have been sinking inside the pit of sin, all sought of sin. i need your favour Father in heave, i don’t want to perish with sin. Forgive me all my trespassing Father Lord In Jesus name i pray.

  356. Doris says:

    Thank God for that revelation,may God help us to live a sin free life and may he give us the grace to run this race and to end it at his feet. Christians,preach the goodnews and win souls for Christ cos that’s his heartbeat,God bless u all.

  357. Festus Osagie says:

    Please, I will like to publish this testimony and more like this. I will appreciate getting testimonies like this on my Email.

  358. okpalogu chioma chidiebube says:

    I was really touched while I read this publication, I really want to find my way back to God Almighty but I keep getting distracted n confused…. Pls pray with me 4 my redemption, deliverance and salvation. Thank you 4 making this known n God bless you.

    • Ian McDonald says:

      Dear friend, press into God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. Distractions will come. Doubts will come. Fears will come. Temptations will come. But those who seek the Lord with all their heart will find Him to be greater than everything that can be thrown against us us or rise up from within us. For be of good cheer – JESUS CHRIST has overcome the world, the flesh and the devil. Everything is under the feet of Jesus. And you are in Him. Abide in Him and in His word. Call upon His name often and cry out to Him to cleanse you from all filthiness of flesh and spirit (2 Cor.7:1) and work with Him (Rom. 8:13) to do that. He will – and you will. Do not fear for He – Jesus Christ the risen and ascended Lord is with you to the end of days. You are a temple of the Holy Spirit – so glorify God in your body which is His (read what Josiah did about God’s temple, in 2 kings 23). Amen.

  359. 'Otsuko Alakpa says:

    This revelation is consistent with the Holy writ.I pray that God in His mercy ‘ll give me the grace to fulfill purpose,see and be with Him in Heaven on completion of my assignment on earth.Dear brethren I need your prayers!

  360. Ayuba Chris says:

    Shalom sir,more grace on our lives. And to keep us holy&righteous till He comes. Thank u sir for sharing this.

  361. nnancy ngozi woluchem says:

    Of a truth heaven is real and hell is also real, I pray dat God will help us to live a holy life because holiness is the key to enternl life

  362. wale adekoya says:

    I have been seperated for 7 years and my wife left me and she has told me she wants to remarry in may to a singer I have a child 8 years old I have been trying to reconcile and she is saying I should move on and remarry I can’t because I still love her but she has no feelings anymore what do I do I know that God hates divorce how can I get her back and stop her from remarring wale adekoya Nigeria

  363. Ruth E. Akpan says:

    My prayer everyday is that God should help us to live a holy life right here on earth.

  364. Elizabeth says:

    Lord Jesus !pls forgive me all my sins ,help me to live a sinfree life,draw me nearer and closer to u my lord and saviour and let me live for u lord.I am very soRry for all my sinful ways create in me a new spirit and clean heart and take me away frOm sin IJN! AMEN

  365. chika geraldine ikeadighim says:

    Really inspiring…..

  366. romary chukwu says:

    Thank God for dis revelation. Always remember me in ur prayers nd remain blessed

  367. vivian .e. says:

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  368. uyoata lawrence says:

    Why should a man of God teach that masturbation is not a sin leading many to hell that is christ embassy

  369. H A AKINTOMIDE says:

    Its a true revelation of thr coming of our Lord jesus Christ. Thank God we are all in the race of making Heaven.the spirit of the living God will help us stand firm till the end in Jesus Name. Amen

  370. Chuks Elvis says:

    Plz palz try as much as possible 2 visit dz site testimony of rodolfo of heaven nd hell nd c 4 urself….our lord Jesus Christ z cuming soon plz amend ur wayz nd make heaven becos heaven z dia 4 whom help themselve….oh wot shall it profit a man 2 gain d whole world nd lose hz precious soul..

  371. Deborah says:

    Pls i wnt to know more about dressing

  372. Felix Matsitsiro says:

    Truly his people perish due to lack of knowledge, i pray God may help us to share this with our brothers and sisters, praise Jesus for his love and what he has told us, let us fight evil

  373. Benedict says:

    I am happy to have read this testimony of this man of God…..it has lifted my spirit up,Glory To Our Creator….Thank You Jesus

  374. Aisha says:

    Thank you for sharing your testiminy. I see the error of my ways. I pray GOD to see me through as I decide to walk in his ways

  375. Thank God for lord jesus now I known that jesus liveth and I now known that heave and hell is real and I pray that God Will forever all my sin’s in jeuse name amen !!!!!!!!!!I hate you deveil

  376. I felt like abounding everything wife ooh children ooh mother ooh brother ooh sister ooh work ooh everything and start this heavenly race . Jesus please show me the way tonight , i want to follow you with all my heart till the end so that at last i’ll see you face to face .help me Lord Jesus ,Ameen!

  377. tayo oladele says:

    ¡’m sõ̸̳͡ ђƌƥƥy †̥o read †ђis,ђσω ¡ wish єvєrybody even churches čaη view †ђis site αη∂ read †ђis †̥o their congregations.I†̥ takes only †ђє grace ♌ God †̥o scale thru †ђis lifes horror αη∂ ∂aђ’s all ¡’m asking for…LORD give me grace †̥o follow u †̥o †ђє end.AMEN!!

    • Amen Tayo. Actually in the last 2 months it has had over 290,000 views, I was quite shocked really, but the Lord wants the message heard. Please keep sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, email, and wherever. God bless

  378. I pray for God to give us d grace to live a holiness life.and God should touch many life that has been lost.GOD BLESS YOU FOR D MESSAGE

  379. Damilola Joseph Ogunremi says:

    To be loyal to any instituted authority, Citizens of Heaven..

    • ogechukwu ilodigwe says:

      lord thank you for showing your self to me and giving me a chance to repent,dear jesus help me to live a holy live and also to spread the goodnews .am so sorry for all my sins wash me with your blood and make me whole again.

  380. Ann says:

    God ve mercy on me & save me. God is wonderful. Tanks 4 dis testimony, u ve touched d lives of so many. May God bless & uphold u

  381. Zinny says:

    I had a dream about the rapture,it was very disturbing because few people made it.may God give us the strength and might to live in holiness as we await the coming of our lord Jesus Christ which is very very very very near.Amen

  382. Sunday Mary says:

    Lord only you can help us live a sin-free life, pls Lord give me the grace to conquer the flesh and worldly things.



  384. Bongiwe Qwebani says:

    A must see for everyone and the church at large. Thanx for sharing this with us..the Body of Christ.

  385. evwibovwe lucky says:

    I am happy to receive this glorious and wonderful message. you are a proud to d world.

  386. Chindo blessing says:

    So much tears in my eyes now.. Oh lord am sorry plz come into my life and live till eternity,,use me oh lord to win souls for u and to work in ur vineyard.

  387. oge says:

    Praise be to the God of our salvation who has not left his children in the dark.We must be vigilant and watchful in times like this, guarding our faith deligently.We should confess our sins and wash in the blood constantly everyday. Denying our self and flesh daily and making JESUS the centre of our entire life.Loving absolutely nothing more than God.Spending quality time daily with the Holyspirit in worship,thanksgiving,prayer and The Word.Finally let us be doers of the word and not hearers only.We All shall touch the finish line by His grace. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  388. Irvin says:

    Inspiring and worth sharing this with friends at work and family/ blessings Irv Thysse

  389. Ehimen ifijeh says:

    This is so great and i won’t keep it to myself.. The world needs Christ

  390. victoria says:

    God should plss av mesi on me

  391. Tosin says:

    God will continue 2 strengthen u.I was particularly caught up in a sin mentioned.God bless u.Thanks 4 redirecting me back 2 d good life.

  392. John Raphael says:

    What a true testimony is this, it has tourches life of many waaaa i hate demon jesus christ is in me

  393. akpan philip says:

    May God help us make it and God bless you

  394. Polycarp agube says:

    the lord Jesus is king and he alone is to be worshiped forever amen. may he grant us the strength to run the race to the end faithfully.

  395. Paul Ilobah says:

    im greatly touched by this testmony…….God help me to live for u in holiness and righteousness

  396. avuramvie samuel okuwa. says:

    This message is so touching, I pray that God will give us the strenght to worship him in holiness. Because the sin in this world is too much. I love jesus so much and I want to give my life to him.

  397. paschal Ogwu says:

    Praise the almighty God.all glory be to His name.pray for mee plz I want to make heaven.

  398. thabih says:

    Pastor does dis mean I won’t see d kingdom of god because I had an abortion a few years ago? Bt I’m now a born again I only live 4 christ ed bringing him more souls

    • Dear sister, Hell is for the unrepentant. If you have confessed and repented of that sin, its gone! As the Bibles Teaches “If we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1John 1, 6-9). Your baby is growing in Heaven, God never loses a child. If you live righteously in Christ, you will see your child in Heaven, praise God!

  399. chioma blessing nwawi says:

    I want go give my life totally to God but I need his power so I can overcome all. God is able.

    • Indeed He is. Start every day with prayer and gain His grace and power to live righteously. Read and mediate in His word and remove all defiling influences such as sinful friend and secular TV and movies form your life. His grace is sufficient, amen!

  400. debbie ayobami onyema says:

    God will by his grace and mercy help us live d kind of life dat is pleasing to God in Jesus name.

  401. Oh lord pls help me to act according to ur will…the race is not easy..pls continue to pray 4 us and pls God shuld help cos d evil in dis world is too much. I dont wana see anyone go to hell,it will b so painful

  402. onyi says:

    Dear lord pls have mercy on our souls,pls guard our thoughts nd lead us in d path of righteousness!!!!…..Jesus is lord!

  403. phil says:

    Its is my prayer that God leads the way in every aspect of our live

  404. Palesa Abegail Msimang says:

    It is very touching I don’t know what to say I’m speechless but I thank God that I did received this testimony,I believe in God,the Son and Holy Spirit,He is my saviour nothing will seperate me with Him,HE is a living God.

  405. Daniel Mangai says:

    Lord have mercy on us

  406. Andrew says:

    Lord have mercy on the church, lead us to the only right ways of yours forever and ever……..Amen!
    Matthew 7:7

  407. peni says:

    Is true I believe you. in Isaiah 66:24- 23 And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD. 24 And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh.
    Isaiah 66:23-24 (KJV) Amen

  408. Rita says:

    Praise be 2 Almighty God d Alpha and Omega. May God bless His words in our hearts and make us hearers and doers of His words evryday of our lives. May He give us d grace 2 live here faithfuly and in holliness. God bless us all

  409. onuegbu amarachi esther says:

    Some churches making ur hair is a sin dat a woman nid to her hair natural but combing d hair u feelin is it wrong to soften d hair and make it luk gud again in d aspect of dressing must u wear a bogos before u can be identify as a christian? Cos ma dad neva believe am born again he always Want me to wear a bogos cloth proving ma born again to him but i lyk dressing simple and casual and also i lyk worshipin in LIViNG FAITH CHURCH aka(winners chapel) founded by Bishop David oyedepo. Wen i go to his church and comes back ma spirit gets alive 4 d rest of dat week unlike oda church av attended but ma family dont lyk d church cos dey permit wearing of trouser inside the church and dey call it a social gathering but ma going there has revived ma spirit and made me No d mistery of God can you pls enlighen me more on these things tank u

    • Im not from Nigeria so never been to those churches and dont know what a bogos is – seek God seriously about it. But go to a church that is actively preparing you in Holiness for the soon coming of the Lord, that is key , and best to always wear in holy dressings that would not cause a man to lust. Any seductive tight cloths must go

  410. Obinna says:

    Iam a sinner and reading this it has touched me. Please I don’t want to masturbate in my life again. I need prayers and help. Please help me I don’t want to go to HELL. Please pray for me. LORD JESUS should please Forgive me. I want you to take me as your child.

    • Friend , that is a prayer he will answer. Please also watch the video link in the testimony to help overcome that sin. His grace is sufficient to empower you. Cut off everything that feeds it, guard the eyes, meditate on His word, pray lots, & set your focus on pursuing Holiness

  411. gift says:

    what will you say on marriages today, the attitudes of men is so appoling.

  412. ugwu kenechukwu nnamani says:

    Praise God Ȋ̝̊̅ was touched by dis testimony, Ȋ̝̊̅ pray dat  Good lord will use dis †☺ transform м̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ life †☺ good cos м̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ life I§ sharterd please pray 4 me……..

  413. Timipre Edwards says:

    OM……I tnk God 4 viz golden opportunity nd I bless God 4 d lyf of d man of God….I will follow God till I die nd I’ll kip spreading His word….TNK U JESUS

  414. OSCAR WILSONI says:

    My dear friend the time has come now for every one to turn back to God. This testimony has come for us and we have to know that the bible tell us that all these has written for us as we should not leave according to the flesh but instead we have to follow the will of the holly spirit.

  415. ty says:

    Wow so touching ,thanks soooooooo much for sharing this I ve adjusted my ways ever since I read this but ,I’m a bit confused, can I get more explanations as regards “catholic n idle worshiping” and how that the pastor’s grand mum worshiped idle , was it intentional Or out of ignorant , why would someone be punished for what he leart(with biblical backings) from a preacher of the word ? …..

    • Ty, He doesnt go into detail on that point although we may assume she used pictures of the sacred heart of jesus in her worship and prayer. The 2nd commandment forbids such, and to follow any preacher who teaches otherwise is to give oneself over to deception and disobedience – and didnt our Lord warn ‘if the blind lead the blind they both fall into the pit’. All idolatry is misplaced worship and forms its own image of a god who is not the real God. This also leads to behaviour not in line with the righteousness of God and blinds one to the true reality of Jesus. We each have God’s word and His Spirit to convict us and lead us into all truth – let us take heed and not be ignorant.
      1John 5, 20-21 “And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us an understanding, that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life. Little children, keep yourselves from idols.”

  416. kelechi says:

    I thank God for this message it has really put in shape and allowing me know things I never would strongly taken seriously. May his name and name alone be highly glorified and praised .halleleujah !!!

  417. vivian says:

    God helped me oooo and my family oooo…we shall make heaven

  418. Chigozie says:

    I work in a supermarket store where different kind of things are sold including wines and dry gins, schnapps,creams etc.
    Though, I don’t drink but i sell. Is it right for a christian?

  419. Grace says:

    I had totally forgotten that Jesus will return to earth one day to take his bride away. I am a member of a Bible believing church so its surprising to me that I could forget that time is running out on us. It was a divine revelation like this-prepare to meet thy God by Angelica Zambrano- that l read that brought me back memory lane and l began to re-examine my spiritual life. I thank God for that book. I have been born again since 1996 but no sanctification since then. I feel tormented within my soul because I wasn’t serious with my Christian life. Now all sorts of sins have crept in – anger, bitterness, suspicion, careless talks etc. I have been praying to God and hoping that a transformation will come on me but I have not seen any change yet. Moreover, I feel I was never born again in the first place because there was no experience of overflowing joy coming into the heart as people usually say. I am very confused pls help me Lord. Each time I read a testimony like this, I get scared all the more.

  420. Zolile says:

    I’m so encouraged by this testimony, really Jesus Christ is coming back.


  422. Ndifreke Etim says:

    I really thanx God 4d revelation he has given and 4 ur testimony,but i want u 2 help me pray 2 God to 4give all my sins,repentance and holiness is mine.

  423. prophetess Margaret Kurudu says:

    Oh God Help Us, nd see Us Through

  424. iz says:

    Thank you for sharing! God bless you! My deepest n heartfelt prayer is dat dis message wouldn’t stand against any of us on the last day! May we not share the word n eventually end in hell God forbid in Jesus Name

  425. I really thank God ur life and this revelation. The devil wanted 2 destroy you but the Almighty who said in His words “touch not my anointed” destroyed dem. I pray dat God will 4give mi my sins, create in me a clean heart and purify me so dat I may worship Him 4 ever

  426. Francis Mafiana says:

    The word of God is always true. Christians on earth today have become prodigal sons/daughters and have gone into a far country (worldliness), joined up ourselves with the world, and have fallen in a contemptuous level. We must now ask God to help us ‘COME TO OURSELVES’ (i.e. to realize our true individual situation) like the prodigal son’s case in Luke 15:17. This will help us to truly return in repentance and humility to our Father who will restore us to the path of holiness and true righteousness before He comes, since no defiled thing will enter heaven. I give the glory to our Saviour who by this, is keeping in touch to enable His Church to be prepared for His coming.

  427. Hauwa says:

    Thank you Jesus for this beautiful revelation!….indeed, preachers on the pulpits today need to change their sermons to holiness, righteousness and earnestly prepare their congregation for the coming of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST the son of the Living God.

  428. Oluka Emmanuel (+256774114110) says:

    Holy God you desire Holiness from us help me to be Holy for you are Holy 1st Peter 1:13-16.

  429. casey says:

    their is so much of evil happening in the world right now and people research about things like new world order and stuff ,should we stay away from researching those things? which i feel are pointless and time consuming .rather read the bible i would say…

    • Its good to know basically whats going on with NWO build up so we are not ignorant BUT only enough for that, then keep full attention on the Kingdom of God. The NWO has been building up for many years, so imagine if we spend all those many years focused on watching it rather than focusing on the Kingdom and our true calling. Yes be consumed in God

  430. Jimi says:

    This message left me with a joy in my heart. May God continue to enrich you sir and renew ours minds to get us ready for our heavenly home in Jesus name, Amen.

  431. gabriel says:

    God please have mercy on me, count me worthy and give me grace to reign with you in your Kingdom

  432. Afolabi Adeyemi says:


  433. Balogun Taiwo says:

    Holiness must be preached no matter what

  434. Ndyebo says:

    Mr Rudolfo,please advise me on how to spot a holy church because,they are really hard to find,especially where i am in south africa.

    • Ndyebo, (This is Christiscoming777, not Rudolfo) It is the same in all the world. There are many churches with compromises also like what we see in Rev2&3. Good church characteristics include an atmosphere of love, service, and worship, one that is more a house of prayer rather than a place of church business, one that preaches you into getting ready for Rapture & Jesus coming, with repentance, holiness, evangelism, fruits of the Spirit, teaching the meat of the word without compromise, warning of end times etc. They are also open and welcoming to the Holy Spirit submitting to His lead.
      It may be very hard to find one, if none, look for one that at least has most of these points in place. Pray and seek God for the right one. Also if God leads, have private gatherings with friends to share the word, pray and encourage each other.

  435. Olamilekan says:

    Be prepared!

  436. Nikki Williams says:

    Thank God for this revealation pls help me pray to God to forgive my sins because hv wronged him dearly

  437. This revelation has touched me a lot,thanks 4 it.

  438. Sunday Owolabi says:

    Coming of our Lord is always close .this is telling us(christians)and everybody to get ready for his coming.It is not a joke but REAL with evidence.may God help us all that we should not misused this grace that we have and make us stand and rooted in him in Jesus name.Amen.

  439. Ode Enenche says:

    God is love, may the death of Jesus Christ not be in vain my life. Lord Jesus help me home. With God I will make Heaven in Jesus name!!!

  440. Nicodemus says:

    please pray for me. truly speaking i need Jesus in my entire life

  441. Petra Servin says:

    reading this has brought me back to the truth. of Gods word. Gods word is Holy!! I must repent and get back to the truth of his word. thank you Jesus., God for revealing this to your son.

    • ode.enenche@yahoo.com says:

      The Lord Jesus will preserve you in Holiness and in righteousness. May we never be separated from God’s love. Persecution, famine, and any other trouble of life shall not separate us from the love of Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus preserve us to the very end. Lord have mercy on me now that I live. Keep me to the very end in your love. Lord Jesus help me home, for you alone knows my end from the day I was born. Keep me in your loving hands, more grace to pray and watch. For He is with us to the very of the age.

  442. Ezra Chipatiso says:

    Was really touched, may God bless you

    • ode.enenche@yahoo.com says:

      The Lord will preserve you as yield your life completely for Lord Jesus Christ. Make Jesus your Lord and He is Lord indeed
      Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  443. bids says:

    this has ignited in me passion/burden for the lost (unsaved). i would like to ask permission to use this testimony of hell as a tool for evangelism. can i?

    • Yes please do. Copy, print, post, whatever. It is a message from the Lord that He has given to impact many people throughout the world. Be blessed in winning souls

      • ode.enenche@yahoo.com says:

        This I do, sending the message to my BB contact, face book friend. As we prayer fully do this soul will be won to Christ. Brother, let tell the world, knowing the terror of God we persuade men. God wIll preserve us and we shall meet in Heaven. Pray earnestly for God’s mercy and grace for the journey. For me also, I’m a Naval Officer face with diverse trials, my heart is fixed trusting the Lord. He will see me through. God bless you sir
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

      • Amen Ode, be blessed in seeking and serving the Lord

  444. Newskool says:

    Lord God,, I come b4 with an open heart to ask for the forgiveness of my sin and thank you for the things that you have done in my live.. Please pray for me my brothers and sisters Christ, to forgive my sin ask in the our lord Jesus Christ. Amen!. God bless to all my brothers and sister.

  445. victor says:

    The presence of the almighty God will continually be with you. Amen , God Bless you sir.

  446. jenny says:

    Hello I have read the testimony of heaven & hell,and it brought fear 2me I have sinned in so many different ways,I want to give my life to god please help so I have the strenght to over come everything that’s not of god. So I can bring my children in the ways of god,thank you so much for bringing the message to us god bless you

    • Hi Jenny, the fear of the Lord is the begining of wisdom, the wisdom that sees the eternal. Know that He gives grace to those who will humble themselves before Him confessing sins and surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ, confessing Him as Lord and Savior. That is the starting point. Forgive all others, repent & turn away from all sins, pray and worship God everyday, read his Bible lots believing His word and obeying His commandments.
      You will find prayers in the Bible that can help you grow and stand such as in Philippians 1,9-11, Ephesians 1,15-19, Ephesians 3,14-19, Colossians 1,9-14 and Luke 11. Just personalise those prayers & grow in relationship with God.
      Read all the articles on this website and please join our Facebook page to stay in touch. God bless & all the best as you start the journey – He is with you!

    • ode.enenche@yahoo.com says:

      Thank you Jesus Christ, for out of your love, you reveal this mystery to men. Lord Jesus put you word in my mouth to tell the world of the coming of Jesus Christ the son of God. Lord Jesus help me to make it to the very end in Jesus name!!! I will make Heaven in Jesus name!!! Lord help me

  447. abimbola adeniran says:

    The testimony is an eye opener, to prepare us ready for the coming of the Lord,, wake up many children of God that. are living a careless life. and to tell the unbelievers that everything does not end here on earth,another life begins after death. My brother remain blessed in Jesus name.

  448. ikechukwu Oleh says:

    I do not know what to say but I pray for God’s mercy upon the church that He give us the grace to live a holy life till He comes to take us home.God bless you sir

  449. Jumoke majekodunmi says:

    By God’s grace, i believe all dt Evan. Rodolfo testified. Just like d testimonies of those seven columbian youths. Even here in Nigeria, God has given some people these testimonies 2 share 2 d world.
    By God’s grace, we shall make our ways right n d unbelievin out there will all recieve d grace 2 believe n mercy b4 it’ll be 2 late.

  450. kola adesina says:

    believe me or not, God is coming,

  451. Joseph Yeenu says:

    This last days sin has being polished by the devil and as such it is now difficult to decern between good and evil and as such there is a need for us to have the spirit of christ living in us and also we have to cultivate the habbit of reading the bible regularly to determine the tricks of the devil since Jesus is coming soon to take away his faithful saints without blemish and remember it is only the blameless who will inherit heaven as it is written in Genesis 17:1 and 1 thessalonians 5:23 thank you and stay bless.


    I’m so encouraged, God all mighty will continue to strengthen you, empower & engrace you to continue sharing this message in Jesus mighty name.
    Please i will appreciate to always be updated with every information at your disposal with my email address ugosimobi@yahoo.com.
    Thank you.

  453. Ibrahim reuben says:


  454. Mapula Sepahane. says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus for the Revelation, I will praise you for the rest of my life. AMEN.

  455. lucky says:

    Thank God for this REVELATION,God please I don’t want to go to hell help me live a holy life so that on great day I will be on your right hand side in JESUS name: Amen

  456. I bless the name of the lord for this wonderful revelation

  457. kehinde agboke. says:

    I thank God for these revelation.i pray that God will continue to help me and see him through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  458. mwaaba mugala says:

    I want to believe but I find it hard.. Sometimes I feel like its too late because I’ve sinned way too much from lyring to stealing to disrespecting God and Jesus to cheating on my wife, I drink alcohol and just recently I stared abusing cough syrup (because my wife and children left) I just don’t know where to start.. I wanna go to heaven not hell but I don’t think I know how.. Please pray for me. I can’t go elsewhere because I’m embarassed I tried to use witchcraft traditional healer to better my relationship with my wife and I feel I may have sold my soul and its too late.. I can’t think of any good thing I do in life. I’m contemplating overdosing off syrup and just dying because I can’t that this life anymore. I’m useless without my wife. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I just wanna stay intoxicated but I’m scared to die and go to hell

    • Mwaaba, please consider that although a big sinner you are not the worst. The chief of sinners died 1930 years ago and went to Heaven, we know him as the Apostle Paul.
      Read this scripture – “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry, 13 although I was formerly a blasphemer, a persecutor, and an insolent man; but I obtained mercy because I did it ignorantly in unbelief. 14 And the grace of our Lord was exceedingly abundant, with faith and love which are in Christ Jesus. 15 This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief. 16 However, for this reason I obtained mercy, that in me first Jesus Christ might show all longsuffering, as a pattern to those who are going to believe on Him for everlasting life.”(1Tim1,12-16) And he can also have mercy on you!!

      Where should you start? You have already started by reading this and asking for help. Understand that eternal life or death is set before you, fall on your knees before Almighty God and confess your sins & forsake them, consider what Jesus did on the Cross suffering for you, call on His name and surrender all of your life to Him, not half hearted, but all of it. Let go of your old stinking life and in deep repentance & total surrender make Jesus Lord and start born again a new creation yes!! Then read your Bible lots every day, pray lots, worship , go to church, find good fellowship & get discipled. Also read all the articles on this website & join the Facebook page to stay in touch & be challenged and encouraged. blessing.

      Please – all who read this join in prayer for this soul to help him on the way. amen

  459. eche chris says:

    I love Jesus plsssss i dnt wnt 2 go 2 hell

  460. Emmy says:

    Evrybdy pz read dis…..

  461. freedom says:

    Thank u Lord 4 making me be a part of dis message. Help me and others 2go back 2 dt true holiness and faith in Ur word. Amen! Thanks pastor. Pls I need prayers!!!

  462. nomfundo says:

    i need help i once had an abortion, at that moment i was confussed i didnt know what i wanted am still very young and that i understand that what i did was wrong i just want GOD TO FORGIVE ME will he forgive me or is it too late for me i would do anything rightouse for the lord to forgive me

    • YES there is hope for you in Jesus. Give Him your life in deep repentance & total surrender, and confess your sins to him & forsake them.
      Here is the good news –> 1John 1, 5-10 … “This is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. 6 If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth. 7 But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us.”.
      Once you have given Him your life & done this, then go and sin no more, but rather follow the Lamb where ever He goes. Read the Bible, pray and worship lots, go to a good church. Read all the articles on this website and join the facebook page to stay in touch. God bless

      • Nomfundo says:

        Oh my , Greatings in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ this is a divine month for me. i want to thank the lord for his faithfull loving wonderful blessing and grace that flow at this day in the year 2014. I thank the Lord for remebering me on this day, i totally feel new and separated from my sins as far as the EAST is from the WEST. i must admit that this is not an easy journey including the state of our world today doesnt make it easy, but i find straight hope and faith walking with him. And not forgetting the Beautiful children in the house of the Lord. Thank you for your spiritual advise which has helped me through my narrow road. Glory be to Jesus.

      • Nomfundo, it is so good to hear your continuing testimony. Yes it is true – He who begun a good work in you will bring it to completion! The road is challenging for all, but in His grace and Spirit we can overcome. Praise be to God!!

  463. Dominic Isaiah Chinonso says:

    I’m happy to get in contact with this testimony,infact i’m so lucky to come across it. Please i’m one of the youths in this earth that engage in unholy acts like masturbation,fornicating with my body.I have tried to stop them but each time i’m alone and get sighted through my mind to any part of the private parts of a woman,i’ll masturbate. Please i need both a Heavenly and Godly help,i don’n want to live this type of life because of so many reasons which include guilty of sin,impotency and more over ending up in Hell. I don’t want to miss heaven. Please help me. I’m from Nigeria thank you.

    • Ok you must be born again, reading the Bible, praying, worshiping, church going, seeking to live holy, yes, if not those need to be seriously happening. But beyond those, the problem is likely that you need to come to a place of deep repentance and total surrender. Mostly committed isnt going to keep you on track as the small compromise soon opens to much bigger ones & bondage. Often a sinful habit is actually a idol at heart. These must be forsaken as He wont share his temple with idols. Confess your acts of sin and the root of the sin which is idol worship of sex & lust, and renounce it. Ask, cry out, for His grace & power to overcome & live holy, and cast out the demon that is attached to this sin. Get rid of everything feeding the sin: magazines, internet sites, photos, TV shows etc they must die. Understand the power of his grace to overcome sin – read Romans 6.

      Read & listen to these they will help greatly.

      1) – Christians unknowingly worshiping idols – http://www.charismanews.com/culture/38310-megachurch-pastor-many-christians-unknowingly-worshipping-idols
      2) – Face to face encounter with Jesus Christ – listen to this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7HYLLhSr24
      3) – Learn why Jesus banned a Pastor from Heaven – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2YUaeyditU

      Come join the facebook page to stay in touch

  464. dors says:

    I’ve repented frm all my sin, this message I’ve really toched me , and I pray for the grace of God upon my life, bcos without God I can do nothing. Help me lord jesus for I surrender my live to u, give me the strength to worship u more and more till judgement day. Help me lord for this I pray AMEN!!!

  465. doriseru says:

    Pls I need ur advice, how do I convince my husband to leave the catholic church because he’s a stunnd catholic. But I want to leave the chuch to where they preach holliness, salvation and repentace at the same time I don’t want any problem in trying to walk out cos I luv my family. We need salvation pls advice me on how to go about this sir

    • Pray & fast for him, the Lord said ask you will receive. Pray Ephesians 1,16-18 over him.
      Ensure to live correctly towards him as this scripture says:
      “Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands, that even if some do not obey the word, they, without a word, may be won by the conduct of their wives, 2 when they observe your chaste conduct accompanied by fear. 3 Do not let your adornment be merely outward—arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel— 4 rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God. 5 For in this manner, in former times, the holy women who trusted in God also adorned themselves, being submissive to their own husbands” (1Pet3, 1-5)

      When he opens up share the truth & the Bible facts with him such as: After the birth of Jesus , his earthly mother Mary had SIX more children to husband Joseph, so she was no longer a virgin. This is Bible fact. It is not the will of God for anyone to worship or pray to Mary, or say Ava Maria and title her holy mother of God, to do so is idolatry (sin). Look instead unto Jesus the Christ. — Matthew 13:55-56 … “Is this not the carpenter’s son? Is not His mother called Mary? And His brothers James, Joses, Simon, and Judas? And His sisters, are they not all with us? Where then did this Man get all these things?”. And that there is 1 Mediator not 2 —> For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time, (1Tim2,5-6).
      But is all things keep the focus on Jesus and what the Bible says it truly means to follow him.
      Seek God’s leading about going to another church, seek His plan, it may take time for your husband. Be patient and work with the Holy Spirit.
      Get good spiritual food on this website, plus http://www.spiritlessons.com and our Facebook page

  466. O lord, forgive me all my sins and lead me on the path to ritheousness, that i may have eternal life. (Amen)

  467. Vick Olony says:

    I thank God for this testimony, for it will change lives. Pls i need more clarification about worshiping God in reggea tune, cos am a gospel musician. Can we say that songs like “i ve got my mind made up” by donie mcclurkin is not acceptable unto God? Kindly reply me. Thanks in anticipation of your reply

    • Hi Vick, as a musician it is best you learn hear from God regarding each song as many will no doubt come up that are a mix of gospel and worldly style, some more so and some less so, but He can lead you. I searched that song on You Tube and what is revealing is that at the start Donnie asks people to get up and dance to it as they sing, so we see it is not moving in the direction of true worship in the Spirit that God is seeking (John 4), but rather celebration in the flesh/body. And was it the lyrics that make it go that way, no its the worldly music style – the groovy Reggea. Thats my thoughts

  468. Eddy, E says:

    Amen, this message had really made an inpact in my life, any one who read this testimony and still go back to do the things of the world ve he or she life to be blame. As for me, i throw all the things i use to do before now, furnication, masturbation i repent today from all this things i use to do, Lord Jesus pls forgive me for all this sinful act, help me to overcome sin from my life so that i can leave a holy and sinless life, i accept You as Lord and my savour, help me oh Lord through the Name Jesus Christ. Amen

  469. Nora Pinones says:

    Hello my Brother in Christ, Evangelist Rodolfo Acevedo Hernandez. GOD Bless You! I wanted to share that in the year of 1991-92 I had a special dream that was similar to yours but I didn’t take that special trip that you did with the Lord Jesus! To give you a short history, I was going thru a difficult time in my life where I allowed a bad spirit to enter into my life and it was hard to get it out! My Father was an Evangelist & my Mom also an Evangelist (for women’s ministry) “THANK GOD” for GOD Fearing parents who Prayed for my soul! My physical body was fighting with my spirit that I actually had bruises on my body. I finally surrendered all to a church where no one new my name but I knew that the Lord’s Sanctuary was there and so I went to the Alter and with all of my heart I begged the Lord to save me and told him that I belonged to him and him only! The Pastor anointed me with oil & prayed for me and when I did that I fainted and after that slept for about a week! I also became a believer that I did have an actual demonic spirit in which was rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ! I never actually believed in this until it happened to me! Right after that I had a special dream in which the streets turn to GOLD and I saw a waterfall and there was a big clock up high that was on the number 12. There was a women who first ran in front of me saying “The time has come, the time has come” and I said what time? Then my heart knew that I had made it into heaven but I then had that feeling that like a child has when they know they are going to get spanked so I knew I was going to get punished and go before GOD BUT I then felt happy because I at least KNEW that I had made it to heaven! I then was in a line with over a hundred people in front of me I was in the middle and a man with a purple robe with a wooden rod put his hand on my shoulder and said to me, as I was going to turn back to see if my other family members were behind me, “DON’T LOOK BACK”.
    I have one SON whom the Lord Blessed me with whom I LOVE very much! I “Thank GOD” Every day for blessing me with him. Well he was right next to me and I had my arm around him and I was so happy with Joy. So then at the very front of the line I saw what looked like a huge castle and I then saw the door open for the next person when the door opened a GREAT big sunlight beamed through. I said to myself I made it, I made it! I then immediately went into a scene where I was in a small home with wooden floors (which I Love these type of houses) I then was jumping up & down saying no more pain, no more sorrow no more bills this is ours baby God gave it to us ( as I was looking at my baby boy, he was about 4 yet he was older when I had the actual dream) I had a huge window with green beautiful grass WOW like a picture! Then the most WONDERFUL thing happened a GENTLE male voice said to me “Everything is going to be OK” this is yours as he put his arm around me yet he had no face. It’s as if tho my heart was speaking with his.. I WILL NEVER FORGET MY DREAM as long as I live and it gives me hope. There is so much more to share but I didn’t want to leave you a book! 🙂 GOD BLESS YOU & THANK YOU, THANK YOU for posting your special dream with us! I truly believe you! Your dream is a confirmation to me that GOD the Father, his SON Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and HEAVEN are all REAL! Joel 2:28 “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions”.
    Since the dream the Lord has Blessed me with the gift of dreams. I feel honored!
    Tonight I needed confirmation and even though my special dream was a few years ago my spirit guided me to look for someone that perhaps had may have had a dream similar to mine. I needed a recharge sort of speak. I don’t think for one minute that it was coincidence that led me to read your testimony but the Holy Spirit that hungers me to start getting ready because the time is surely coming sooner that we all think and we need to all be ready and spread the GOSPEL to all living creatures everywhere! GOD BLESS YOU and Keep You!
    Sister Nora

  470. Ene says:

    Glory be to God

  471. Praise the Lord jesus christ he is worthy .ALL CHRISTIANS to heed to Lord’s warning through his servant.
    Pslams 1:1 one who waits upon the Lord.must know his coming.

  472. Mirjam Weyulu says:

    Thank you for sharing this testimony with us. Iam touched by this. God bless you…….

  473. ebvirus.pro says:

    Hello! I simply would like to give you a big thumbs up for your
    great information you’ve got here on this post. I am coming back to your website for more soon.

  474. pst Joyce Ataya says:

    Am pastor Joyce l read through your message and it blesses my soul . I pray that the glory of God will be reveal in the church in our time.

  475. pst Joyce Ataya says:

    The Lord bless you. I am pastor Joyce from Nigeria . Pls there is this controvasy of so many people that visited heaven and hell , that any woman using earring wil not enter heaven . Sir, what has that to do with born of the spirit?

  476. Leanne says:

    I have read testimonies from others who say Jesus showed them hell and why some Christians were there. They say Jesus said that they are there because of make up, earings, wearing jewlery, etc. I brought this up with my mother today on the phone and she told me you do not go to hell for wearing make up, although I cannot be bothered with it anymore, but she did bring up an interesting passage in the bible that did not say it was a sin. She brought up Esther who married the king who was beautiful and wore make up and lovely Jewels as God blessed her.



  478. David Anoah says:

    God richly bless you for this inspiring message,indeed this is what the church needs,pls is bible school biblical before one become a pastor since the early apostles and prothets had their training straight from the Lord Jesus

  479. mbuso moloi says:

    Please pray for me

  480. dominic says:

    pls God count me worthy………….because by strenght shall no man prevail.

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  482. eric Khotle says:

    I thank Jesus for the testemony u have shared for us. I will take it farther.

  483. Felix says:

    I am greating you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; this testmony has really changed my life I have been living a backsliding life for more than 10 years; now I felt so touched by this message and terrified by the life after death for sinners who once knew the truth and had grace to be called sons of God. I m now deciding for a new life pls Pastor play for so that the Lord may save my soul again, and give me strength to no longer fall; may the Lord also give a strong spiritual life and be able to fast as many days as I can;Amen

    • That’s super to hear Felix, may the Lord bless and strengthen you to run the race, to put your hand to the plow and not look back. Have a read of all the articles on the website and join us on Facebook to stay in touch. May you seek Him daily in word and prayer

  484. Many people today are of the world. they do not expect and think that THE LORD JESUS IS COMING BACK!!!!!!!!! But only for the holy and righteous in him.
    we all need to pray and engage war as the body and bride of Christ for all the lost souls

  485. jeremiah benjamin says:

    How can one stop masturbation and lust for sex with an ex-lover

    • Deep repentance & total surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ – listen to this to know what that really means – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7HYLLhSr24
      Repent & cast out that controling spirit of lust. Build a deep prayer life, worship and word study. His grace is sufficient to overcome all sins (Rom 6) & He will help all who are willing and asking to be free

      • chigwims says:

        Thank you for sharing this great revelation. It would go along way to turn people away from error to truth and awaken sleeping Christians. Let He/She who has an ear hear and repent. Amen

  486. sivuyile toto says:

    Hi Brothers in Christ. I’m confused when it comes to music and dancing for the Lord. I am leading the worship at chur