Angelica Zambrano 4th Testimony of Heaven and Hell

This is the 4th Testimony experience Angelica Zambrano 4th experience
of Heaven and Hell that the Lord gave
to Angelica Zambrano. She was shown
the state of the church, Heavenly
creatures, the spiritual warfare against believers, the importance of testifying, God’s saving love and that the Lord is coming very soon for a prepared church. 
This English version has been translated from her Spanish video which is linked at the end of this page.


Angelica: … God bless you all my brothers and sisters. It is a huge blessing to be here, to greet you and to bless your lives through this testimony, which God has used to speak to me. He didn’t make it just for me but he made it to bless your life as well so we will be able to persevere in God’s will together.


First of all I want to tell you where I come from. I currently live in Chimborazo province in Ecuador. I am here in Cumanda and I can tell you all that it’s been a blessing to be working for the Lord with my husband and my daughter. We are pastors who belong to the MDI Council. We are also here now with our brother Gabriel who helps us editing and producing the ministry called God’s Dream (Sueno de Dios) and also representing the Ministry Word of Prophetic Revelation (Ministerio Palabra de Revelacion Profetica), which God has allowed me to minister in during these years.

It has been a blessing and a big privilege for me to serve the Lord and I want to say that God loves us so much and His love is so big that every day we can see that love in the air that we breath, also in our lives, because one more day of life is one more day of hope. One more chance that God gives to us in order to be able to seek his presence because the scripture says that apart from Him we can do nothing.


I will tell you part of the fourth experience that the Lord let me have. It was something very significant which has impacted my life as the other three previous experiences. This one has been the last one that the Lord has given to me. I am very happy and grateful to God because of this revelation. I also know that it is a huge responsibility that God has given to me because one day I will give account to him and my desire is that this message reaches your heart so you will be able to draw near with Him every day. Do not faint, do not look back either because God has called us to be saved but not to be condemned.

When God let me have the fourth experience it was something tremendous because I never thought that I was going to have a fourth experience. A sister in the Lord was praying with me when suddenly God asked her to pray for me because He was going to show me something. It was supernatural because the presence of God descended in that place and when we were praying the Holy Spirit manifested himself in a very special way so that I could see God’s presence moving into that place. His shinning light descended. When I was praying God filled me so much that I heard His voice saying that He was going to give me one more experience, in which He was going to show me something special that God’s people had to know, and immediately He took me out of my body. My spirit came out and when it happened He took me to a place.


I found that place so beautiful and it had thousands of jars but it also had one thing that was difficult for me to understand, and I said: Lord, “Why do these jars look like that”? As some were upright and the others were upside down.

I noticed that some had very little oil and they were getting old. The other jars, the upright ones were very pretty and the oil that those jars had was overflowing and they were shinning like gold. I asked Him: Lord, why are these jars different? And He said to me:“Daughter, this is the state of my people”. 

I looked up and there was a note that said  “The State of My Church” written on it; and I realised that those jars all belonged to brothers and sisters in the Lord because we all are part of the Christ’s body, we are a family in the Lord and that’s why I want to tell you from God’s side, that you must be concerned about taking care of your jar because we have to look after our spiritual life.

We can dress well, we can speak well, we might have a well known ministry or not; we can have God’s calling and He is able to use us because the gifts are irrevocable, but we have to understand something and to have it very clear, it’s that the soul is something very valuable and salvation is individual. We must fight for our salvation. (Phil 2,12-16)

There are many jars, which are very old because people have forgotten to renew that oil. People are not concerned about seeking the presence of God anymore. They think that fasting is just about spending time but the real fasting is to look for God’s presence, and to subdue the flesh because Jesus said that “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” (Matt 26,41)

The flesh doesn’t like to keep vigilant. Flesh doesn’t like praying nor fasting, but get up in the name of Jesus and this is the time for you to start to seek the presence of the Lord so that your jar will be restored because if it’s not restored, nor renewed or without new oil you will be condemned.

Let’s remember that the Bible talks about five foolish virgins (Matt 25,1-13). They did not take care of their lamps, nor were they concerned about having their lamps filled. When the bridegroom took the five wise virgins with him, the foolish virgins realized that it was too late for them.

Brethren, do not wait until the same situation happens to you. Do not wait because God is giving us an opportunity and I believe that you have to get up through these words. This is not with the purpose of bringing you down or for you to say, “It’s all over for me”. No brethren, this message is for you to get up in the name of Jesus and persevere because God has even more gifts for you!

Matt 25,1-13: “Then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom.  Now five of them were wise, and five were foolish. Those who were foolish took their lamps and took no oil with them,but the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. But while the bridegroom was delayed, they all slumbered and slept. And at midnight a cry was heard: ‘Behold, the bridegroom is coming; go out to meet him!’ Then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps. And the foolish said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil, for our lamps are going out.’ But the wise answered, saying, ‘No, lest there should not be enough for us and you; but go rather to those who sell, and buy for yourselves.’

And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came, and those who were ready went in with him to the wedding; and the door was shut. Afterward the other virgins came also, saying, ‘Lord, Lord, open to us!’  But he answered and said, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, I do not know you.’ “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming.”


Then, the Lord moved me out from that place to another one and I was very content, I was feeling happy while I was walking with the Lord, because He was showing me lots of things about the current state of His Church.

Then, He said to me: “Daughter, now look at this”. I saw marvellous horses and every horse was so attractive, big and white, with long tails. What can I say, every horse had a golden plaque on them and they looked lovely. I was truly amazed. I have never seen horses like them. They were many of them and the Lord told me that every horse has an owner and they belong to us, to His Church. It impacted me, and I can say that we all have a horse up there because the word of God talks about white horses.


After that, the Lord took me to another place. He did not show me as much as the previous experiences but one of the things that he reminded me was to talk to His Church about His coming. To announce that He will come soon and I want to remind you one more time that Christ comes soon for a prepared Church. This is one of the messages that nowadays are difficult to hear in many places, because people call that “legalism”; but I really want to tell you that Christ will come back soon! So let’s prepare ourselves because the Word of the Lord says that no one knows the day or hour when He will come, not even the angels, only our Heavenly Father. Let’s get ready because one day He will come for you and for me and we will enjoy ourselves up there in the presence of the Lord, forever and ever. (Note: Angelica was shown in her 3rd experience that only 20% of the evangelical church was ready for the Lord’s coming).

1John2,28-29: And now, little children, abide in Him, that when He appears, we may have confidence and not be ashamed before Him at His coming. If you know that He is righteous, you know that everyone who practices righteousness is born of Him.


The enemy has come only to steal and kill and destroy. The enemy has destroyed many people and for that reason the Lord showed me part of Hell. He took me to a place where I saw many demons together but I saw a special place there; a high place with kind of ladders for the demons to walk up. I did not know what was happening but I saw that the demons were walking up and they opened a big book. They were talking one to each other but I couldn’t understand; they were pushing each other and it seemed to me that they were arguing. I asked the Lord: What are these demons doing here? And what is the meaning of that book? The Lord showed me names of His servants in that book. As there is a book of Life in the Kingdom of Heaven, there is also a book in Hell, and I don’t know the name of that book because the Lord did not show me a name. I can only tell you what I saw, as the Bible says that nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it.

I could see many servants of God who I know and others that I don’t know and the demons were planning to destroy those ministries, to destroy those servants of God and their names in Hell are very important because I can say that the cost of each head of each servant written in that demon’s book is very high for them.

The devil has many things to destroy ministries but listen carefully to me! In the name of Jesus all plans from the devil against your ministry is rebuked and also against all purposes that God has for you. If the devil hit you in the head in order to finish the plan that God has for you, he won’t achieve that! That is what he wants to do but the Bible says that the one who is in us is greater than the one who is in the world.

There is no weapon forged against us that will prosper. The devil can do lots of things but while you and I persevere in the gap, he won’t destroy you, you won’t fall, you won’t faint and you will see a major victory from God. You might have done a lot of deliberations, or you might have fought with the devil and you have battled every day with what God has given to you. Keep it doing like that because this is a daily battle. The spiritual battle is not just for a day but 24 hours a day, if I can say it like that.

While I was watching, the demons were down there lining up and each one was in charge to destroy one of the servants. I mean, they basically had a task. If they have tasks to do in hell to present them to devil, we even have many more tasks, as we are Jesus Christ’s church that has a major responsibility. The Bible says “Go and Preach the Gospel to all creation”, and this is the time for us to take up that responsibility; this is the time for us to say Lord, It’s true that one day I will give an account to you. Because do you know what? The Bible says, “Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire”. Do not let yourself to be cut down but start to bear good fruit. Because of that good fruit you will have great reward in the Kingdom of Heaven.

After that, the Lord took me to another place where I saw many jails like I had seen in the previous experiences. All of them had names and numbers, so we went into one of those jails and I saw weird things. I saw demons; many of them and I could see that those demons were coming to confuse people. I could see that the demons task was to confuse many servants but as they couldn’t achieve their goal, they ended up there, in jail, tied and tormented by other demons. In other words I would like you to understand that when they came to earth to confuse God’s servants with false words, with false messages, the servants discovered the demons purposes and they rebuked them, they sent them out in Jesus Name so the demons fell to that tormented place and when they fell they were tormented by other demons. Those Demons are currently being tormented and the Bible talks about that.

I want to keep encouraging you now. I keep saying to you that is time for you to open your eyes and wake up and don’t let the devil come to give you a spiritual dream but do the opposite instead! Fight my brother! Fight my sister! Because we are living in the final days and many things are coming up. The Bible says, “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of many will grow cold”. (Matt 24,12)

Eph 6,10-13: My brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Angelica Zambrano 4th experience with God


After that, the Lord took me to another place and He was talking to me saying that I had to do the job on earth. He said that I had to fulfil it without being quiet; and I said, Lord, That’s true. I have to do it because one day I will give an account to you for everything. He said “Daughter, don’t stop preaching my Word, and don’t stop announcing what I have shown you!”

Several times the devil has risen against me. Many people might not believe it; many people do; but nevertheless, one of the things that God reminded me was that He is my faithful witness and if He is so, I must keep going because one day I will give an account to Him.

My brother, I want to tell you that the Lord said to me: “I have revealed things like these to many of my servants; and I have revealed many things in words. I have revealed about Heaven and Hell but they have been afraid and they have been silent without saying anything. Go and tell them to do it, because if they don’t do it, I will demand of them”.

Brethren, if God has revealed something to you, then speak out! Don’t keep it to yourself! Don’t be quiet! You will go to Hell if you remain in silence. You will go to hell because God will ask you and account for that.

The Lord told me that when we keep quiet many souls are lost and besides that, that their blood will be demanded on our head. I encourage you in the name of Jesus, because the Lord asked me to tell you so. I don’t know where you are, I don’t know who you are, but if you are one of the ones who have heard the voice of God and also have seen what God has shown you, Don’t be quiet! Don’t be quiet because if you remain silent, you will have a horrible consequence.

 Ezekiel 33,7-9: “So you, son of man: I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore you shall hear a word from My mouth and warn them for Me. When I say to the wicked, ‘O wicked man, you shall surely die!’ and you do not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand. Nevertheless if you warn the wicked to turn from his way, and he does not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul.”

After that, the Lord moved me out from those jails and I was crying, asking Him to take me out from that place (Hell). I didn’t want to be there anymore. I was saying: “Lord! I don’t want to be here anymore; I want to keep working for you! Please take me out from here and bring my life back.” I asked things like that to the Lord. I said, “Please bring me my life back because you have the power to do it.” And while I was asking Him those things, how can I say it, He spoke to me about His love and He said: “Go and say to the humanity that I love them; go and tell people that I gave my life because of them, to give them eternal life.

I was just listening to all that the Lord was saying to me, and I was crying and crying, because I truly can say that in the first experience the Lord Gave me, He said three things to me before He brought me back into life:

  1. I will take you to many places and you will go with me.
  2. You will see my Glory but never boast yourself about anything; and also,
  3. Tell the humanity that I love them.


I remembered those things and that’s why I cried a lot because He was talking about His love. I remembered many things of the previous experiences and God shook my heart; it was so special because what Christ did for us was something unique that was significant in the history of the nations. I can say that nobody gives her/his life for other person, but Christ did it! He did it all due to His love, because the Bible says “God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5, 9)

He didn’t mind His pain, He didn’t mind about the pain that He had in His body; He didn’t mind! Although He already knew what was going to happen, He didn’t mind anything because He cares about us: the Humanity. The last drop of His body was spilt when He gave His life in order to die for us; and He died to be resurrected because He is alive and He resurrected to come to tell us that He is the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him.

So that I now can tell you that the love of God is so big and, many people say that they don’t believe in God, that God doesn’t exist. They are truly wrong. If you don’t believe in God, Repent! You might say: `I don’t see God`, but you breathe even if you don’t see the air, you are breathing. God is like that! You feel the air that runs through your cheeks and your body and you can breathe but you can see that air. God is that real. God gives us the air and He exists. He is real and eternal and because of that reason, He is the only one who gives us eternal life and nobody else does. We find salvation in Him. Because His love covers a multitude of sins, no matter the life that you have or who you are! If you repent He will forgive you.

Something that I remember from a long time ago, this is a testimony. I was preaching in a place and a man came in there; and the man crying asked me: “Do you think that God loves me?” And I answered: “Yes, God loves you.” But he also asked, “Why do you believe that He loves me?” And I replied, “Because He loves the humanity. The Bible says that He loves the sinner but He hates sin.” Then the man asked, “Do you think that God will forgive my sin?” And I said, “Yes! God will forgive your sins because the Bible says Ïf we confess our sins, The Lord is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins.”

1John 1,9: “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

I remember that the man fell on his knees and crying he said: “I don’t believe that God forgives me because I have caused a lot of damage. I have caused a lot of damage to people and you say that God loves me and forgives me? I don’t believe that.” I said to him: “The man thinks one thing but God thinks another thing and God’s thoughts are not as men’s. Because men’s thoughts are limited, but God’s thoughts, the one who is all powerful, the one who is alive, real and eternal has unlimited and the best thoughts ever.”

The Man kept crying and said, “I don’t know; I don’t know if God forgives that I’ve killed many people and that I have done a lot of damage.” I said to him, “Perhaps many people may not forgive you but God does!” So the man ended up receiving Jesus into his heart and when this happened he was not crying of pain or sadness anymore. He was crying as a child, saying, “I’ve never felt so much joy, so much joy! What I’m feeling now in my heart is something unique and special! I feel that something fills me. I feel something empty that is being filled by something that I can’t understand!” I said to him, “That is God’s love! Because Christ died for us to give us salvation and eternal life, and to give us peace and joy. Because the Bible says: `Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives.`”. When the man heard that, he said: “That true, that’s true!” This man got up and started to honour, to glory and worship God. I bless that man’s life because I know that God has big plans for him. The truth is that this is a very beautiful testimony because that man could see God’s power, God’s love and God’s restoration in his life.

I am thankful with God because He lets us see His love in all of us and even more , you may seek love’s God but you don’t find it, but you don’t find it yet because you haven’t opened the door of your heart. Open it! So Jesus will enter to live in you and once it happens all in your life will change and I assure that to you, because the Bible says that we have everything with Christ. Although the devil comes against us, Christ will give us the victory.

It is wonderful to have Christ living in us. I feel very happy serving God and that’s why I encourage you to seek the love of God, to seek the way of eternal life, to seek salvation and to keep going in Christ; because the Bible says that away from him we can do nothing, We can’t do anything nor save ourselves. We can enter to the third Heaven just with Him; only Him. Because it is him who will come one day for us in the clouds and He will take us to the third Heaven. I believe that it will be a great blessing for your life.


I will pray for you now. I don’t know the situation of your life, I don’t know what you are living now. Perhaps you are lost; perhaps you don’t know Christ yet and you are living a difficult situation, an intense moment in your life without exit, without solution; but I introduce you to the exit now. I’ll introduce you the solution that is Jesus Christ. You will find the victory in your life with Him. I invite you to close your eyes wherever you are and repeat after me this prayer. Ask the Lord to restore your vessel. Ask the Lord to fill you with new oil so; He will be able to restore you in the name of Jesus. Close your eyes and say:

Heavenly Father, I approach to you to ask you to forgive me, to ask you to restore me, to ask you to fill me with your holy presence and to do your perfect and holy will with me. I reconcile myself to your presence and ask you to rewrite my name on the book of life. I give you my life in this moment because it belongs to you today. I also give you my burdens today for you to absolutely control my life. Lord, I need you, I need you to be the King of my life, the King of my salvation. Father of Glory, help me to persevere in your way. Do not let me despair; do not let me be diverted; do not let me go back away from your path. Help me to persevere on a firm and constant way until you come for me.

Father, thank you for the life; thanks for the salvation. Thank you because you are good and your mercy is forever. Glory, Honour and praise to you Holy Spirit, you are real and precious and you are here. I pray you Lord bless everyone who is watching this video (or reading this testimony), whoever who has seen these words. Lord I pray that every word will be restoration and reformation and every plan that the devil had against each life, against ministries, against your purpose is rebuked by the power of your Word and they are broken in the name of Jesus. Disable! In the name of Jesus Christ we declare that the devil and his demons are confused. We declare the victory of Christ in every life. I declare that every lamp is restored and renewed.

Holy Spirit, fill each jar with new oil in the name of Jesus. Lift up the ministries that have fallen; Father, restore them in the name of Jesus. Holy Spirit of God, father I pray you bless every purpose of every person who is here, lovely Lord; your purifier presence overflows. Holy Spirit of God, we can feel your presence because it is real. Because you are omnipotent, you are omniscient. In the Name of Jesus I declare that its time of restoration for your life I declare that it’s revival time, time of purification in the name of Jesus; a new rebirth in the name of Jesus. Holy Spirit of God, what has been seed, will be harvested today. I pray that this word won’t stay in the air or in the empty space but it will restore in the name of Jesus. Father of Glory, yours are the praise and the honour, only yours! The homage, the majesty and the Glory are only yours. You are Holy. You are precious and wonderful. We say thank you my God; in the name of Jesus. Amen and Amen. Glory to God!

God bless all my brothers and friends in a special way. What could I say, let’s keep going because Christ comes for a prepared church. Do not be dismayed, because our reward is up there. God Bless you.

~ By Angelica Zambrano

Note: Angelica is not personally connected to this website. We have aimed to help spread the message God gave her with an English translation from her 4th Experience video – watch it here in Spanish:


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297 Responses to Angelica Zambrano 4th Testimony of Heaven and Hell

  1. Dayo Termas says:

    God bless you guys. Really. Taking time out to interpret all Angelica’s messages to us. Believe me, you have saved lives! God bless your ministry in Jesus name. Amen

    • Thanks for sharing Dayo, we just thank God for giving his messages for his glory

    • OSEGO MORAPEDI says:

      Thank you for this message ,as a pastor s wife i read this message at a point i was really weak but as soon as i read the message i had revival in my spirit and felt more energy to press on and fight for our ministry which like in Zambrano s testimony it was facing persecution and confusion. I am happy to confess that as long as the cross lives and with encouraging items like these messages from the lord i will forever dwell in the house of the lord .

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  3. Tobenna says:

    Dear Angelica
    Wow! This message really encouraged me in a special way. They is a part in this your message where you said “don’t let the devil come to give you a spiritual dream.” If I understood what you said, could you mean that “spiritual dreams being refered to in the quote” are bad dreams which humans dream of which are actually from the devil? I am asking this because I have really had bad dreams even when I have received the HOLY SPIRIT. I want to share these dreams with you personally so I can know where to start from to fight or rebuke the devil. Meanwhile I have an important question: I think I have not felt God’s perfect love… How do I open the door of my heart so that my Lord can live in it? I mean what steps do I take to open the door of my heart for the Lord so that I will enable his perfect love in my life?

    • Vernon Jet J. De Vera says:

      Hi Tobenna
      There was once a story in our country about the barber and a boy.
      Barber: You know kid i dont believe in God.
      Boy:Why? Mr. barber
      Barber: Look everywhere there are so many problems and violence out there.If God is real he wouldn’t let those things happen.
      The boy replied.
      Boy: You know Mr. I dont believe in Barber.
      Barber: why? I am right here cutting your hair.
      Boy:Because if theres a barber why are there many people who have long hair.
      Barber: well i couldn’t cut their hair if i they dont come to me.
      The Boy smiled and said:
      Boy: God is also like that if we dont come to him and allow him to fix our lives he wouldnt also fix our lives.
      You will only feel the Perfect Love of God if you really hungers for it. Like God said: “Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened.” You can do this step by step by having a devotion everyday.Read the bible give tithes and win souls for Christ. Although it isnt easy to win souls but atleast u tried to share the word of God and God will blessed you all for this. Also one thing i forgot to say. “Pray” always pray it is our best weapon. Pray for everyone. The world and also before you sleep :-)) Well i hope this helps you 😉

    • George says:

      Thank you so much Sister for passing that message to us, it’s so touching, may God greatly continue to give you more revelations.

    • Jackie Tenhwa says:

      You open your heart by the word of repentance which is in the word of God 1 John 1:9. Then leave all the bad habits and bare the fruits of the Holy-Spirit in Galatians 5:22

  4. Emmanuel says:

    Thanks to the Lord for His precious love towards us, May His will be done!

  5. Mncedisi Njodo says:

    God bless you and your ministry I believe all the words, testimonies, revelations,visions and visitation to heaven and the experiences that the Lord has gave you I’m blessed and really our Lord Jesus Christ is not just loving but is Love

  6. GLORY TO GOD. Share with others

  7. True testimony. So amazed at the depth of God’s love and His forgiveness to all sinners who repent no matter the sin(s). Thank you Jesus!

  8. jogie ann says:

    Wow amen ! Thank you Lord 🙂

  9. Kent says:

    Thanks. God bless us all

  10. Ian says:

    I can’t wait to go home up there, I was crying when I read the man who killed plenty of people and he was indeed very broken. Please pray for me as well to heal on my sickness.

  11. john kingori says:


  12. Janet Koech says:

    I am very blessed and encouraged by the testimony of your 4th experience in heaven. I have had an inner struggle pertaining hair additions like wigs,braids,weaves and makeups . Will they prevent me from entering the kingdom of God?Please pray for my salvation and deliverance.I don’t want to miss heaven.I feel I need God more and more.

    • As you will have read, those issues have not come up in Angelica’s encounters with the Lord. Many things are not a sin in themselves but if people idolise them it can be, check your heart. Modesty is key in adornments. If you are unsure then take your clothes before the Lord and learn to be led by the Spirit in how you dress – He can lead you.

    • Judith uba3 says:

      If u allow those tins to take d place of God in ur heart den its a sin,bcos our God is a jealous God,let God b first and other tins second,remember seek first d kingdom of God nd his righteousness nd all other tins shall b added unto u.

  13. Victor Antak says:

    I love and embrace the word of God. Jesus is Lord. Lord give me the grace to follow you.

  14. Angela God bless you Pls say a prayer for me my name is malcolm

  15. Nezbert Mulinza says:

    Thanks Angelica i am touched a lot, may God help me to change because i really want Jesus Christ in my life, may you keep on sending me emails. I BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD I NEED HIM IN MY LIFE. thank you a lot. Go bless you.

  16. Lipson Thomas says:

    Wonderful inspiring

  17. pastor David Atamba says:

    I thank the lord because this tastmoney of angelica from now although am a pastor but I receive Jesus as my savior because I have seen that I have been not yet save having sex with girls in the church fonicating much but I ask the lord to for give me and ask her also to pray for me thank her for that messege

  18. Kassahun Chanie says:


  19. Mandela says:

    God stil love us despite the crook &perverse generation where into now.God bless u my sister

  20. Very blessed. Am warned

  21. Kassahun Chanie says:


  22. Yomi Stevens says:

    God bless you abundantly for this post! I hope to receive the subsequent ones.

  23. sandy says:

    God bless you Sister. l was battling with My past thinking God will never forgive me for My mistakes But U have Really turned My life around. Thank you and pray thatGod continue to use you to bless the world.

  24. ABONGA says:


  25. Sarah says:

    Glory be to God

  26. osede joseph says:

    thank u jesus for giving me such an opportunity to read this

  27. Len says:

    Dear brethren, thank you for translating this and posting it. I would like to request permission from sister Angelica to re-post this on my blog, I also would like to check with her to ensure that there is no problem with the previous posts I have done of her experiences, which were not transcripts but articles with links to her full testimony. I want to ensure that she it is fine with her that a brief article was done as long as it referenced the full testimony. The Lord bless you!

  28. Joseph says:

    Thank you Lord for an opportunity to read this because of your great love towards us.

  29. KennedyMwangi says:

    Thankyou Angelica Zambrano for that insight of the need of preparedness at this hour that message of the 10 VIRGINS 5 were wise and 5 were foolish that exert message is the one we have been going through and even the Prophet of the LORD Dr Owuor if you go to the web on youtube to the Repentance and Holiness channel you will get the message fully well explained i dont know whether it has been translated to spanish but you can listen May the LORD GOD OF ISRAEL BLESS YOU SOO MUCH And continue with the work of the LORD.

    • Javan Mwanyota says:


  30. Taiye says:

    Thanks for the eye opener,may we be ever ready(amen)

  31. Binay says:

    sister please pray for me i am in trouble with my life

  32. Nana Obeng-Mbra Doffour says:

    Oh Lord, may your will be done on earth amen.

  33. I’m so bless to hear mighty work of God reveal to his people, and I believe everything you explain its because all confirm on the bible. Thank you so much for that I m so bless ,and it make me fill want to stay in God present every time of my life ,because that is were we belong.

  34. I believe your messages from God. Thankyou for everything, engouragements i see how demons are fighting me all the time blocking my financing and my husband ‘s health.

  35. Gideon says:

    Firstly i would like to praise and thank the Almighty God for calling and using you for spiritual update about Heaven and Hell as well as the planet we are living in. We are indeed my God sister Angelica Zambrano living in the last days of the physical life and thanks again for sharing heavenly news. I am also praying for a God fearing partner because im always connected with partners who arent pretty much into God but into world activities. however, i believe and have faith that God is in complete control of my life, thanks again for sharing a life changing experience, stay blessed.

  36. george says:

    thanks so much for the powerful testimony. surely Jesus Christ is coming back soon for a prepared church in holiness and of Christ let us prepare

  37. liua says:

    Hi Angelica I believe this is a true testimony.but I have a question. why does the name of this page has ‘777’ in it?some one once said this number has to do with God. so it would be nice if u answer.

    • Hi Liua, Angelica is not personally connect to the website. Some people have asked what does the 777 in the name mean but its nothing special. The extra numbers were needed to obtain a unique website url. The 7s were used as its a commom number used the in the Bible. But Christ is Coming is the message.

  38. MULONDO DANIEL says:

    Thanks be to God our father who has loved us so much that He has made every thing to wait until we have changed! Lord,who is man that your so mindful of him? Thank you for Angelica your servant whom you have shown such great favour.i was blessed since the first experience.let us all wake up as church and take our position because Gods’ grace is still surficient for us.

    • Johnny says:

      Praise God,cos our lord is mercy will help me to stand for christ jesus.i have sin,terable,nd i need the grace of our lord jesus christ.testimony of heaven and hell,is the lord yeshua,son of the most high God abba father .glory to him yeshua jesus mercy is for ever.

  39. celyn says:

    thank you so much for this wonderful and encouraging message from God.. He is coming soon so we must be prepared. In heaven i will so you brothers and sisters personally and i’m excited for that glorious day to be with our Loving Father.

  40. May God bless you sister, Hallelujah praise the Lord Amen

  41. Eleonor Yu says:

    I thank you LORD JESUS for Your great love on us! Glory to GOD!

    The testimony awakes me. Thank you, may your ministry bless by the LORD!

  42. Eleonor Yu says:

    I’m having a hard time on sharing this testimony even for Angelica’s last testimonies because of shame. What could be the first step must I take? I am also thinking for the rejection, I know it will be hard for me because thats one of my weaknesses.

    • Hi Eleonor, start with reading Psalm 51. When you sin do not run from God, run to Him. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. He does not despise repentant and contrite in heart. Confess your sins and be cleansed in the blood of Jesus. Ask for His grace to empower you to go and sin no more. And seek His face everyday

  43. Hello…Angelica I’ve read n watch all your testimony n it bring me lots of joy about knowing God’s love for us please pray for me so that every day I’ll feel God presence and help me to do his will.Someday I had a hard time n the evil spirit confused me please pray for me so that my faith will be strong i him..Amen

  44. faith rehema says:

    thnx for the testimony

  45. Nwachukwu Ngozi says:

    Pls share this testimony to the public

  46. Kinful says:

    What can i say, glory be to GOD. He is so loing and wonderful. Just no i was worried and depress about my current state. The testemony seemed like angeica was talking personally to me. Thank u father. Ureally have a perpose for my life. Brethren i want to make mure freinds in the lord.

  47. Omantam Philemon Agyei says:

    I pray that every Soul that hears or read this Revelations be rescued
    for the Glory of God.

  48. christian says:

    God loves us soo soo much

  49. christian says:

    May His Perfect Will Be Done…..satan is defeated

  50. kathleen abid says:

    I have manny experience about hallucination one of my hallucination is all about You Heaven, Hell, and Earth. And I dont understand my near Death experience Im so afraid because I feel I fall down in a big dark hole while i saw all my mistake from my past.
    I have manny experience about Heaven and hell that i can’t understand, after I watch and Share your first Testimony.
    Can I ask you. Do you have any idea what is the meaning of my experience and what do you mean in your last testimony??
    Im a servant of Jesus..
    Thanks Sis Angelica

  51. nick says:

    to God be the Glory.worship his Holy name lets be Holy for that he’s Jesus name Amen!

  52. Paul says:

    Am blessed wish i can join your ministry

  53. jazz says:

    After reading this, everything make sense.A little after a year ago ,I was approach by a young women who told me the guy your with is no good,I’m in trouble and that Jesus love me.She handed me a bible ,she told me the Lord told her to buy 5 bibles and hand them out.we prayed together. Months later,I had a horrible dream.I saw demons and when I shouted God, the demon said there was no dream ended after that ,so I’m going to assume I was in hell.months later,I had another one where I was in the city (which I live) ,my brother was saving all these animals and I couldn’t understand why and then I look up and saw animals coming down from sky and I turn my head and a young girl was climbing a building and I was asking her why ,child. After being directed her a few times,it all make sense.So thank you for sharing your experience and preaching God name.I recently receive Jesus into my life .thank you

  54. collins says:

    God bless so much.

  55. I believe in Angelica’s testimonies.I Wish that I can one day have the privallege to meet ou r God .

  56. i believe in Angelica’s testimonies too, Thank you Angelica, it is so wonderful, to know the truth, to live in the truth and through the truth, so let us work for God and Jesus, let us show the truth to the world,

  57. Grace Patience says:

    i bless the name of the Most High God

  58. samuvel says:

    thank u angelica . is very usefull of my life.u lucky girl. im belivable. u story prefect truth story.
    please pray me. u work continue ministires. jesus bless you. byeee. [joshua:1.5] [joshua:1.9]

  59. Thank you very much for sharing with us this testimony. I am encouraged every time I read it. May the will of Godbe done in my life as it was revealed to you. Again thank you.

  60. Helena says:

    Sister, I am setting up a website too to show the people what Jesus has shown me. Let us pray for one another that when we give an account to God that He will be pleased with us. In Jesus, name, Amen! xXx

  61. jaed garciano says:

    Hi angelica… ive been praying that our Lord will also take me to heaven. I want to see that place. I want to hug Him and tell my Lord Jesus everything in my heart.. but i felt i am not competent like you. Even from ur 1st up to this 4th experience really gives me courage to renew my commitment to the Lord. I always pray to Him to change me. I am christian for 14years yet my spiritual life is consistent. Pls help me to pray i need His eternal guidance. My greatest fear is that i wasnt able to bear fruit since of my existence. Im afraid i will be thrown to fire. I want heaven not hell. Pls help me.. and to my husband that he will give his life to Jesus Christ so that my whole family will serve Him until His coming. I long to see my Lord coming down to meet us… pls help mem im confuse

    • Focus on Jesus, seek His face. If you abide in Him and His word you will bear much fruit. Be in prayer, worship in His word, grace and baptised in His Spirit, cut off all worldliness and sin. Live in his glory

  62. Juma clinton omondi says:

    THANKS so much for your testimony.i pray for healing that i may also have a testimony to present. pls pray for me.

  63. kagoya Afuwa says:

    praise God brethren…..this is so touching…. I feel my life has already been impacted….so far I have only read two of the the 3rd and 4th testimony….I now feel the too much love and presence of God…. ooh how I thank Jesus for setting us free…. for saving our lives….Lord all the honour and the glory are yours….blessed be the willing hearts to serve God…. God bless you so much for the love and kindness you show to people….

  64. Weller Leapo says:

    Thank God, ChristIsComing, for posting 4th Testimony of Angelica Zambrano. God bless you. I’m blessed, Amen & challenged to go extra mile for Jesus. Amen

  65. Jude says:

    This is very nice…I am very happy that God has sent someone to spread the good news of his coming so that we will all be ready…..

  66. James mshimba says:

    Thank you for translating the testimony to english,God bless you for the gud work you are doing for the purpose of God’s great kingdom.Am so much touched and challenged me to change and be the best of what Jesus want me to be.God bless Angelica for the work of God she is doing to save souls and you too for being part in the ministry ofevangilise.

  67. ronald homena says:

    Praise the Lord/God JESUS Christ, The only living and merciful, loving God, Dear Sis. Angelica, your so blessed to have that messaged from Our Savior Lord JESUS Christ, it’s all biblical facts, It’s true God coming soon, It’s true that the devils are trying to confuse and discourage ministers nowadays, but God/Holy Spirit is faithful and all knowing God, He will not allowed hard things/trials to overcome us, every difficulties, trouble of a minister encountered, Dearest Lord JESUS prepared a way for us to exit, for God’s glory, honor and victory toward in His kingdom. Let us pray each one another, God is love, He is a real friend to trust, He is a loving Father, Alleluia, only Him can give us real peace in the heart, mind. God is at hand. farewell in God’s perfect love and sweet Holy presence, God bless us all.

  68. Esther Addy says:

    God bless you so much Angelica.I want to speak these words to others too.God be my strength

  69. Toneriueta says:

    Life has been so hard lately. There are lots of difficulties that my family is facing now. And it really drew me away from the right path. However I glorify the beautiful of Jesus Christ for directing me to read this message. It actually reminds that I need to look at my jar. THANK YOU SO MUCH…

  70. enos says:

    we Thank G o d f o r this work .please pr ay s. f o r. me.

  71. Simidi Ganstan says:

    Amen Mighty servant of GOD Zambrano. Bible being fulfilled that “in endtimes you son and doughters shall see visions…….” That can only come from the throne of GOD.I choose to repent from my iniquity and back to LORD JESUS. Shalom

  72. Ebuka George says:

    God bless Angelica for helping my life spiritually

  73. sharon Leach says:

    Thank you for this testimony. I felt in my spirit that something was missing. but didn’t know what it was. I love you JESUS CHRIST. Lord fill up my Jar afresh with Your Holy OIL So I will be prepared for your soon return. Amen. Shalom.

  74. Pauline Otieno says:

    Amen, this is serious, lets obey the Lord!

  75. Themba says:

    We all have to pray to GoD to have mercy on us because surely we have sinned against Him

  76. musi says:

    hi’ my question is, what is JESUS saying about the covering of the head. and what is HE saying about women wearing trousers, make-ups and weavons ?

  77. Mélina says:

    Good bless you angelica, but i want the french version. i’m speak french only..

  78. Marvin griddle says:

    Angelica Thank you for show every one u have prove it with God did show u something I am really believe in God and your story too. I have a question for you one thing I am very deaf and how I speak to lord God can understand my sign language ? I can’t speak or hear so that big problem. I want heaven father forgive me I need find other to way made it name under Jesus name

  79. Kirunda Jordan Tadeo says:

    Thank You So Much Angelica Because Sameone Eless Would Kept Quiet Knowing That For Him Or Her Would Be Fine.

  80. Cristina says:

    Thank you dear Lord Jesus Christ for your great love sending Angelica to spread Thy righteousness and Holiness and everything that You have shown to her for us to continue our journey on earth until the day of Your coming. Thank you so much!

  81. REHOBOTH says:

    Thank God for this testimony, may the Good Lord bless you And contineu to use you mightly. I am an Evangelist in my area, but I can feel that am not the same anymore, its like I’ve backslided yet not completely, I want to get back to my old Spiritual life. Please Help! What pains me a lot is that if Our Lord Can Come and finds me in this state…. Eishh! I dont think I can make it.

  82. Glory ,honour and power belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  83. Jonathan Nkhata says:

    May the good Lord continue using you to inspire and help us to see his glory and receive salvation at the end of this life. Am so blessed.

  84. Pius Mikah says:

    this great tesmonies revive,encourage & remind us of christ love & his second coming.we should keep preaching and praying 4 d lost souls,4 repentance so that d will of Jesus wil b done amen.

  85. Rebecca says:

    thanks Angelica for sharing these important testimony with the world, truly God loves us, He is still reminding us and want us to inherit in His Glory I can imagine how far He has protected us. Angelica you have raised the important thing in your 3rd trip about us Christians not to being Holy I think that what we must concentrate much on because nowadays its hardly to tell if this person is a believer or not accept in words only but not in deeds. I pray that God in his mercy will give us the Grace to adhere to His Words so that we do the right thing. I love God the way He loves us (in all things we do good He does not benefit but it is us who benefit from it more and more. I really think keep on telling us what God has told you, its actually good to be aware and reminded of things like these then to live in blindness. May God bless you and everyone of us as we are listening and reading your testimony.

  86. Nirmal Ashish Barla says:

    I thank god for giving such a beautiful & amazing testimony.and i thank god for saving me when i was falling apart .thank you Lord!!

  87. prosper says:

    thank so much for sharing all this ,it has realy changed my life, may God continue to bless you, in jesus name,

  88. Emmanuel Toteh says:

    Let God bless us and I will be blessed one day to see you

  89. Dominic Magwegwe(Matanha) says:

    Thank you Angelica.we thank God for giving us u.wish our lives will accept God and his son Jesus soon.Hope I will also be one of the saved ones.God bless.

  90. JOSEPH says:

    All honour and glory belongs unto Him

  91. guido says:

    be blessed!

  92. Yunel Cabusas says:

    Thank you lord for the beautiful message of yours it the best help to those people who still seek the true happiness that can be found only in your kingdom. Thank you for giving me this chance… Godbless to all brothers and sisters who to continued to preached your holy and your heavenly kingdom.

  93. McNeal says:

    I have had a direct revelation from Christ. Since a year and have not been bold in telling people. I guess some of that message is mine. Thank God I have the courage to share my revelation, yet people may think me crazy.

  94. Bienvenido Sabio says:

    Praise the Lord Lord sis. Angelica i believe your message its true it is beblical but i want to know what is the plan of salvation or doctrine that you teach or what is the way of baptizem are you following the book of Acts? acts 2: 38 formula of baptsm?

  95. bonny says:

    angelica, what of football?

  96. Marvin Terence Heroda says:

    Lord your Amazing to lovr of all

  97. Regis Takudzwa Tandi says:

    Glory and honour to Jesus Christ the Lord. I Praise you Lord for such a testimony through sister Angelica Zambrano.
    Thank you holy Jesus Christ the Lord.
    Thank Holy Spirit.
    Thank you God the Father of glory.

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

  98. Ronald Wanyonyi says:


  99. Knox says:

    God have mercy on us please..

  100. Gillian says:

    i thank God for sister anjelica,may God continue using u in mighty ways.

  101. Thank you so so much, I want to live, even if I die, I want to be with Jesus, I thank you Angelica Zambrano, through you we may know more of the truth, to serve the Lord, to love him and honor, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, thank you Jesus, Amen

  102. vijay says:

    Give us a power to walk in ur way lord cuz u r the only lord who can show us right path

  103. Mathew Njuguna says:

    the message is wonderful and I believe God has a purpose for everyone and It will be fulfilled and pray for me and fellow Christians all over the world. here in Kenya we pray that God will be our God and yo give us insight and wisdom to walk in his commands. God Bless. Shalom.

  104. kyakuwa richard says:

    thank u so much for obeying

  105. daniel says:

    thank yuo angelica for sharing this wonderful experince,it is touching & reviving indeed.I believe every word spoken in this site about heaven & hell & hope that the world receives & be saved
    I also have the visions from God about end time-the great tribulatioms-the coming of Jesus.I even had a visitation of angle Gabriel in a physical/beutific vision/daylight vision,that is my reason of believing everything you share with us.May our Lord Jesus keep you & bless you.Amen

    • patricia says:

      Am really uplifted spiritually. To God be the glory! We thank him 4 using sister angelica 2 spread e news about heaven nd hell thr such amazing revelations. I repent also. Its my prayer that God gives me grace 2 stay true 2 his purpose, nd 2 run this race victoriously 2geth w my family. Surely Christ is coming soon 4 a prepared church. I personally had revelations about His second coming. God blss u sis angelica

  106. sabrina says:

    Thank you for posting these amazing testimonies. I thought I was a Christian but I lived in sin and didn’t realise how grave that was until I saw her testimonies, and other testimonies you post about rapture too! I’m trying to convince my family using these testimonies that Heaven and Hell is real and Christ’s Rapture of The Church is imminent. GBU all brothers and sisters in Christ. May we hasten our steps to tell the Good News that is Jesus Christ in these last days!

  107. Recovery jitem says:

    Hi,Angelica please pray for me because I nead the present of the LORD JESUS CHRIST in my heart I want to go to heaven to meet my LORD.may GOD blessed you.

  108. Milka A. Otieno says:

    Truely Jesus Christ is coming back for all humanity we need to prepare our hearts by being holy this world has nothing good to offer

    Milka Otieno

  109. Milka A. Otieno says:

    Am concerned about heaven and hell

    Milka Otieno

  110. Esther gabriel says:

    Thanks you for testimony it hv add knowledge to me

  111. Lamaro Lindah Angel says:

    Thank you Angelica I have watched all your testimonies please pray for my soul and for those living wrongly to be saved God bless you.You are a good person.

  112. Fancis psalm 23 says:


  113. soulsforgod says:

    Evermore great is our Lord, for His mercies endureth forever. Our God is so good and merciful, His Wonderful deeds encompasses the whole universe.
    Thank you sister Angelica Zambrano, may God continue to bless you and your ministry. after reading this your testimony and praying the prayer, something changed in me. I have a feeling that I had the Calling of God. please pray for me that Gods plan for my life can come to manifestation. Last night I had a dream, I saw blood, but I was lazy to wake and pray; now this money my father had a serious wound in his right hand. I have asked the Lord to forgive me, and I believe He has forgiven me. Please let’s continue pray for each other. Thanks be to God Most High

  114. OPIO JIMMY says:

    I thank GOD for revealing those testimonies to my sister,it touched my heart so much, GOD bless her.

  115. James waigwa says:

    I want to change for good…God help me

  116. Ivy Makena says:

    Iam really blessed and touched by the experiences. I thank God for His love and mercies, you have saved my life. May God bless and prosper your ministry. Jesus Christ is forgiving and I pray He guides me and may His will be done.

  117. Elijah hassan kuto says:

    I’m born again and I love Jesus,what I need is books that will help me grow in Christ, can you please sent it to me, my address is Nigeria west africa taraba state wukari CRCN church gindin dorowa.

  118. for sure let God help us from the life of pretending sin is sin unless we repent or else we shall perish like sodom and gomora.God have mercy on me i dont want to die in sin.amen sister angelica GOD bless you stand up to the end.

  119. David sumi says:

    Is a great message and also to hear how God love us so much and He is ready to give us another chance to be called His children. Thank God for this wonderful love unto His children. Please, I need your prayers so that God can help me understand my purpose in this life and life after. When I read the message, I come to realize that I am a complete Sinner. Please pray for me

  120. Samuel Kipgen says:

    please notify me your every vision.

  121. Anderson Dzimba says:

    I’ve been following through the testimonies & each time l read them l feel refreshed,rejuvinated & revived.God bless you,l pray that we who have heard the testimony may spread the Love of God to other_Amen.

  122. Chosen Reuben says:

    Am Reuben, from uganda & am a university student here in kampala international university (KIU), i first came across the first testimony when i was joining secondary school in 2010 & it inspiried and fired me up infact it spied my preaching, the 3th and 4th this september 2015. thank u Jesus 4 using sis Angelica. But b4 joining compus, GOD told me in a prayer meeting 2 work 4 him yet satan is fighting me with bad harbits that i had even overcomed, i want a brack through so that GOD use me 2 save souls 4 Jesus

  123. Bernard Majanga Jiseve says:

    Angelica’s 4 testimonies of hell and heaven have really transformed my life and the lives of many. I have the testimonies on my computer which I share with every person I come across with. I have been distributing the divine messages to many people in this country Kenya. Surely the Messiah must be coming. Let’s prepare in righteousness, holiness and repentance and strive to be the wise virgins at this mid-night hour zero count down towards the coming of the Messiah. All the signs for His coming have been fulfilled. It’s time to seek the Lord like never before. We need to run away from sexual sins, ungodly dressing, modern gospel of sow a seed and get a miracle called prosperity gospel, tight trousers for women that show anatomy, tumbo-cuts, fake hair from Indian gods, reggae and rap music at the altar, sexual lust among the youth in the church and so on.

  124. Edmund Bogcal says:

    thank God for his love ..were all his children,we should obey his commandments for he is our father

  125. vero says:

    God is great am very blessed.
    These testimonies are real hell is there and Heaven is real i believe that.
    Lets change our ways otherwise the demons will torment us in hell forever.
    We rebuke u satan in the name of Jesus.

  126. Richard Gasore Agakpe says:

    Sister Angelica in Christ Jesus may the keep you in reminding us to repent from our sins. Please pray for me to be holy always, thanks God bless you.

  127. Joshua Ude says:

    Act 2:17 and it shall come to past on the last days says God that i will pour out my Spirit opon all flesh. And your sons and doughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see vissions and your old men shall dream dreams, thank God for fulfilling His promises in these end time

  128. Anaswa patrick says:

    Am realy blessed with these great testimony,I have realised the mistakes I have been making and I will correct because I want to go to heaven not hell,God bless you Ev Angelica for these powerful testimony.

  129. Ajayi Samuel says:

    Heaven and Hell are real.
    One needs to be asking for God’s mercy everyday.
    But, there are probability of one dying before the trumpet sound in general. Whoever dies, his Jesus has simply come.
    It’s advisable to pray concerning the kingdom of God, asking for forgiveness of sins before sleeping at night and while sick and in time of calamity.
    Kudos to you people. May we not labour in vain and may Heaven be our reward. Amen!

  130. Andiswa says:

    God bless you. Amen

  131. May God bless you ma, your message from our Father Jesus Christ, have been a lot of help to mankind, Please if you have the chance to so my Jesus, Please help me tell him to pray for my soul, i don’t want go to hell please ma..

  132. Today we were taught about the ten virgins in Mathew 25.And God has blessed me to read about this testimony and I have been receiving dreams from God about end times but I have not taken them as serious. Now am ready to follow the one who called me.I repent all my sins today. Let the lord bless and use this website,Amen.

  133. Mrs Rebecca Mathe says:

    I thank God of mercy for opening our eyes through Angelicas testimony. God is faithful he has reminded us that His word is a reality that has revived my faith .May God almighty protect her through all her life .God bless you for being His verses

  134. Ayanda Goba says:

    To God be all the Glory. I also want to see the holy spirit and thanks Angelica for shearing this message with all of us GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  135. the testmony of sister angelica has made me to be a true christian i use to live in pretance after hearing to her testimony and the book of papa oyedepo dynamic of holiness. i am no longer a pretander but living a life of holiness and i can see God is now using mightly because i am a freind of God i return the glory.i am a zambian ,southern africa.

  136. mbabazi Joseph says:


  137. ssendaula alex says:


  138. ssendaula alex says:

    my lovely sister Angelica, God bless you

  139. Isaac Asamoah says:

    Can you please send me the audio translation on the 4th testimony to share in my country too please, thank you

  140. Minerva Lasam says:

    thanks for making every effort to give Glory to GOD, this group and Angelica’s. God works within you more & more and that you will not miss your reward in heaven when the appointed time comes.
    many Christians are being reminded and renewing their love to GOD as they read this. I am blessed reading all the testimonies here and it keeps me back to my focus to heaven… being GOD/Jesus my very great reward! i have a question though, do you believe in the practice of the gift of healing?… i am desperate to seek God’s divine healing as I cannot sleep well at night & often times hanging on a dream and then awaken… as a matter of fact, I experienced the worse, for more or less 30 days i was not able to sleep but amazingly GOD sustained me, from that time my faith has increased even more… i am praying to GOD to completely heal me and when I am fully healed, I want to receive the gift of healing to dispense to others & at the same time proclaiming the good news about Jesus & his offer of love and salvation. how could i receive such healing?
    thanks again for your love to serve God’s people.

    • HI Minerva, yes of course the gift of healing is for today, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Healing is part of the great commission and part of the atonement of the cross, read Isaiah 53. It is a gift it is received by faith. Study the word of God regarding healing, type healing into an online bible and read all the scriptures related to it. Then ask and receive, believing you have received thank Him until you see the full manifestation – Mark 11. Also ensure to confess any sins and forgive all others. Then also ask for the gift and go step out in faith and lay hands on a sick person following His leading.

      • Minerva Lasam says:

        thanks for confirming & for the word of inspiration… yes, i was & still am meditating the Word – Isaiah 53, 1 Peter 2:24, Isaiah 38, Psalm 103:1-5, John 6:53-57, and taking communion every night and pray for the sick people as i remember them. good news and praise GOD & Jesus our ultimate healer, i had a deep sleep last night. i hope & pray that this is the beginning of my complete healing, i believe Jesus’ divine healing is working on me. thanks for sharing Mark 11 too. i pray that GOD use my life for His glory alone taking away all my fears & weaknesses. i really want to be in Heaven someday. GOD bless you more & more for His glory.

  141. Irene says:

    God bles you all,this is much love from God,lets keep on sharing this love with all people that no one will be locked out.

  142. Paul says:

    am really helped may God through the Holy spirit help me help others…

  143. gerardo says:

    can i translate this testimony in our common language and dialect? the philippines is my homeland

  144. Badu Kwadwo says:

    Glory to God

  145. ADONG GORRET says:

    It inspires my soul, the witness of God’s word; cuts through the body and the soul and separates the body from the spirit

  146. Lerato Leonard says:

    Angelica my beloved sister,you are a true inspiration to our lifes,most of the time when people will wanna talk negetively about Heaven and Hell i’ll allways share with them your experience of Heaven and Hell,may our Lord Jesus Christ use you mightily to save many souls as possible and all of us who came to read your experience to spread it all over the world(blessed are those who beleave even if they did not see) so as to empty Hell and fill up Heaven (Dear Lord,i give myself as a living sacrifice to serve you to fullfil my purpose in this life,provide me with wisdom,boldness and power in Jesus mighty name)

  147. Caroline Welket says:

    I hear the truth in these words. Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes ears. I had no idea that I was deceived by satan all the while praying to Mary to interseed on my behalf,

  148. Mwandembo Ngondo says:

    Wow! A ‘hot cake’ piece of testimony that should be told around the world for many to be saved. I am inspired, encouraged & fired to live for Jesus alone. May the Lord walk with you Angelica as you deliver this message & many others the Lord shall continue to give you in future. God bless you mightly.


    God bless you people So much for the interpretation
    Am renew once again

  150. shadrack says:

    Am blessed with all your testimonies and this one too, very body pray for me, and I will keep on the journey on high in the name of Jesus christ, to the Glory of God

  151. murungi ian mugisha says:

    God bless you for sharing such awornderful testimony. i have read your testimonies from the first experience

  152. JACOB says:

    Hi is good to know what God plan for all human beings. what I know is God is good & he love us & JESUS he is son of living God but what I dont know is were iam with God an what God is saying about me am i living to bless hi with the way am living I belive that God he can tell u about me ?

  153. This will open minds of plenty unbelievers. There is no much time left…..REPENT NOW!!!!!!! JESUS IS COMING! He is the ONLY WAY to SALVATION. Think now or it will be too late. Let’s go for it.

  154. Tafara Tinarwo says:

    nice work

  155. Jeffrey says:

    Pray for me Angelican.want go to preaching the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ

  156. Tami says:

    Thank you sister Angelica for responding to the calling of God and for speaking out ,indeed many souls have been save from the torment of Hell .Praise God . Thank you.

  157. chemonges jacob says:

    its a blessing although i m not through reading

  158. simon says:

    I believe the testimony and am a believer
    but I was living a cold life am now restored
    and spreading the word.Thanks , praise and honor be to God

  159. Adebare Omolara says:

    God bless you

    • Zanies Shabalala says:

      Dear Angelica
      Yo! I believe the testimony,may God use you more.You are a young brave woman.I’m a young sister who love God. Thanks God bless amen

    • Richard Gasore Agakpe says:

      May the Lord ‘s spirit be pour on us that we may avoid unexpected certain sins which can lead many to miss Lord promises.

  160. ellah says:

    praise be to Jesus! for I was lost in the world but now I’m found…my heart is full of joy and light ever since I welcomed Jesus into my life! I pray he will keep Us firm until the very last day! I also pray for my exam success in Jesus Name Amen

  161. Jackie halm says:

    Erm angelica thank you very much
    please tell Jesus that I love him with all my heart and soul
    please tell him to change my dad ,enzo and my love ones
    pls tell him he should help me pass my bece
    I love you holy spirit
    I lo’ve you father
    I lo’ve you son

  162. dav Merlington says:

    I am secured with the Holy Spirit…………..Lord Christ Jesus please guide my ways….Evangelist Angelica…….God richly bless you….Amen and Amen

  163. kmonare says:

    I truly believe that Jesus Christ is alive. this testimony blessed me so greatly!

  164. hello greets Pastor brothers, Jaime Heredia frias, we receive materials in Spanish, cds etc Send a treaty, Ignacio Escudero san martin 112 Sullana Peru

  165. Betty says:

    it was wonderful to read your testimony Angelica indeed it an eye opener and a call for all that are have Christ Jesus in their lives to take it seriously. Am blessed and encouraged that our God is still merciful but i have also to work my salvation with fear and trembling. May God continue to bless you and the ministry He has entrusted you and thank you for obeying the Lord its a lesson am learning too. From Tonga.

  166. JEFFREY OKINE says:

    Thank you for the prayer Angelica , May God continue to use you mighty for his work..
    I believe every word and I feel revived and restored again for his work.

  167. Jeffrey Saved OKINE says:

    Thanks for prayer Angelica…God bless you mighty..
    The testimonies are making us wiser.
    I believe every word..
    MAY God help all us (saints) to do his biding…”Evangelism ” #His heartbeat. .

  168. sophie says:

    Thank you very much,I don’t have to say anything more but to praise and worship my God for giving us a chance to repent from all our sins. Angelica…you are a blessing,don’t stop preaching the word of God. I often hear people around me say “oh we’ve had enough let the Lord come back and take what’s his”then I ask myself when they say that,are they really ready or they just see sighs that he is coming soon. Please help and tell me that,if I gave myself to the Lord let’s say 7years ago and went on again did what is not right before my Lord,do I have to take the Lord as saviour again or what I have to do is repent? Please help I need an understanding.

  169. precious lawal says:

    God please help me to overcome. I need that anointing that breaks the yokes something is fighting me to hinder me heaven. I don’t know how to go about it god should assist me I cannot help. I heard he help people God help me I trust in thee

  170. Thank you Angelica,for the word from our Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for the words of encouragement ,I myself did speak up for the Lord,and they baker acted me for three days,but the christian page has been encouraging me to speak up!As I do now,and the Holy Spirit told me to write our Lord’s Words!Standing strong in the Lord!

  171. Motlalepula Maribola says:




  173. Sharanya says:

    Thank you very much for posting this. It has truely helped me in this point of time. I never really took certain things serious though I knew it was wrong. This has opened my eyes . Please do pray for me . Thank you. God bless you guys !

  174. Chris bwalya says:

    I am so blessed with your testimony,i need your prayers that i can make it to the end through my spiritual life,God continue to bless you zambrano.

  175. C.P says:

    Please help me I keep listening to Rap Music, a lot of young people listen to it around me

  176. bright says:

    I thank God who has not let us to continue in the way we think and feel is right but has send us watchman. Jesus help us because we want to be where you are.

  177. HENRY ADEMBA says:


  178. Wantson says:

    Thanks alot and God bless you. On my side i always blessed with God’s revelations through his servant Angelica and really i believe that are coming God almight

  179. Amos says:

    few questions sir!
    is it a sin listening to music to music which talks about nature,love ..d likes of enya,yanni,Kenny rogers,Kenny g,dolly parton,don Williams?
    fixing of nails, human hair(attachments) ,make ups…is been condemned by some who these experience.. is it a sin
    my wife putting on my shirt,since we are one…is it a sin

    • If the Bible says so specifically then we know, but if its not an issue raised in the Bible learn to pray and hear from God about it. Some basic guidelines though, avoid worldly music that promotes sin and doesn’t glorify God, test all claimed experiences as the Bible commands us to do, in outward adornments ensure Biblical modesty but also to avoid legalism that bans everything trying to be holy, and dont worry about the shirt.

  180. Viznett says:

    I really thank God for this testimony. I feel like my life is about to change right now. I love God and am moredan prepared to obey his commandments..

  181. Raymond Dean says:

    Please pray for me that God will use me and my wife in revival which I am asking Him for. I want to reach the unsaved people for the salvation of Christ.

  182. hermela yewulsew says:

    im really glad to have heard this testimony is changed my whole life God bless u

  183. joel says:

    Can I share this testimony with my pastor

  184. Doreen mgeni kumdana says:

    I thank and praise God for this wonderful massage may God continue using you in jesus name Amen

  185. Emmanuel says:

    thank u jesus for cumin into ma lyf

  186. Megan says:

    When I heard her testimony I was so shocked and sad and scared, but I knew that this is a true report. I believe that we are in the last days/ revelations, the first testimony really opened my eyes to alot of things

  187. Cine says:

    Praise is all to our Heavenly Father for he have given me the answer for my seeking through Sister. Angelica. Thank you Angelica,I really wanted to see you so I can talk to you about more and that you can help me,but other than that I know “Christ” is the answer and I thank you for reminding me that. Please pray for me ,for i want to open that door for God but I get defeated a lot,please pray for me. My name is Francine and I am living on an island in the Pacific area. . I am really looking forward to feel the Love of God.Amen!

  188. opio Julius says:

    God bless you sister

  189. Taressa Gadissa says:

    God really loves us all since He likes to remind what we have to do in daily activities at His presence to fit and able to join His marvelous and beautiful Kingdom. God bless you all and make part and parcel of His Kingdom through the absolute love of Jesus Christ!

  190. SHANKAR says:

    Hi sister ANGELICA ZAMBRANO and the website blog I am very much thankful to GOD who spoke to me through these testimonies. GOD chosen you guys to spread his gospel and show his love for the humanity. I praise GOD who has the ultimate power and authority on us. My name is SHANKAR. I am from INDIA.

  191. Mandela Nelson says:

    We thank and honor our God Almighty for choosing to use you because your words of testimony from our Lord Jesus Christ , have been always a blessing to my life…Uganda- E. Africa.

  192. Emmanuel Kyeremeh says:

    May The Lord God Most High bless you all for helping us get access to such a powerful testimony of Heaven and hell and what Jesus really disire from us. Keep on with the void work and I pray that The Holy Spirit of God would Forever guide you all till till the end of time in Jesus Mighty Name . AMEN

  193. Emmanuel Kyeremeh says:

    May The Lord God Most High bless you all for helping us get access to such a powerful testimony of Heaven and hell and what Jesus really disire from us. Keep on with the good work and I pray that The Holy Spirit of God would Forever guide you all till the end of time in Jesus Mighty Name . AMEN

  194. Jonathan Rohrlach says:

    Thankyou Lord God our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ our ever loving and merciful Saviour, Holy Spirit our perfect Heavenly Spiritual Guide, for all the revelations in your Word The Bible, your servants, and here now through Angelica Zambrano. I am amazed, astounded and strongly encouraged in my Christian faith and beliefs. My faith / trust journey with God is growing with thirst. I dearly pray for all the people I love, family, friends/acquaintances, and all who Jesus loves, to quickly and completely learn God’s Truth of Heaven, Hell and the coming end of time, and for them all to truly take God seriously, fully open their own hearts to Jesus our Saviour, repent of all sins, ask for forgiveness and change their / our/ my priorities to that of God’s Kingdom. For our eternal future is about to begin.our only hope is in Jesus. I do love The Lord deeply, and praise, thank and pray to Him, through the power of the Holy Spirit and in the all powerful name of Jesus Christ, to help and save us, to use me also,as He can, to help others. Praise The Lord, Almighty God, forever….

  195. MWANGI JOEL says:


  196. Luis says:

    God bless this . Man it’s sad to see what happened to this world , but thank the Lord that he gives us strength may the Lord be with us all and his love pour out on us . May he watch over us until the day he comes and may he give us more strength and wisdom to overcome Satan’s ways everyday till the day he comes . I tell you I’m afraid of losing the lord ! But I don’t want that is not my intention , I don’t know what will happen but I will pray and ask the lord to lead the way for me to enter his kingdom ! Glory To GOD !! In the name OF JESUS! GOD BLESS EVERYONE

  197. Thank u to restrerd my life.thank you jesus

  198. George Phiri says:

    Thank You Pastor, Yes We Believe

  199. evangelist angelica, I thank the lord for you, when I saw you, I listened , I told people, and asked them to watch. i thank our lord and savior Jesus Christ for you, HE is so powerful in your life. AGAIN THANK YOU FOR BEING A VESSEL FOR THE LORD. AMEN I love Jesus, amen.


    I love the testimony of angelinca

  201. Joseph Awuah says:

    God bless you Angelica for revealing these secrets about the end time to us. Infact many of us are spiritually cold but this living testimony has brought up on our toes and we will start evangelising to others about God’s Love through our Lord and saviour JESUS CHRIST. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  202. Wesley says:

    very touchin

  203. Joshua Udeji says:

    God showed me somthing that trembled me in my dream, in that dream, i look up to heaven and saw a window opened in the sky, inside the window i saw an angeal with a trumpet fixed in his mouth ready to sound, then i had a voice that spake to me saying : A chosen should be holy accoding as he has chosen us in him before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and without blame before him in love he quoted Eph 1:4, the voice told me that many pastors are into this that i have to go for medical treatment, that time i was into a terrible sin of lust and masturbation, imidiatly i wake up, i remember the quotation he gave me and i opend my bible Eph 1:4 and it was saying thesame thing, then i know that the revelation is real, then i discover that what the engel mean by medical treatment is deliverance, i started going for deliverance, after deliverance it will become worst, at a time i stop going to deliverance, and went into seriouse fasting 21 days 6-6, 1day dry fasting, 2days dry, 2days plus dry fasting and prayin, this is how by the grace of God i overcome my flesh and now i am free from lust and masturbation, listen to me, if you are into masturbation, and you find it dificult to overcom, go into dry fasting, 2days dry, 3days dry not once, you may do it more than 5 times, it will help to motify your flesh, God is trying to tell me that there is no more time by showing me an angel with trumpet, the devil aflicted me with this sin even as a pastor and a born again but thank God who deliverd me

  204. Thea May says:

    God bless all the servants of God, I am really blessed with the testimonies and revelations.

  205. KIM REALUBIT says:

    Can you differentiate the first, second and third heaven? If the third heaven is the throne of God, who are welcome there? And if there is going to be “a new heaven and a new earth” does it mean the saints will rule both spheres? And why is there “A NEW JERUSALEM?”.

    • The 1st heavens is the sky above us, the 2nd heavens is space , and the 3rd is the Kingdom of God. The new heavens and new earth is most likely referring to the 1st and 2nd heavens which have been corrupted by the fall. Yes we will inhabit both. That is the name of the new eternal city of God

  206. Opio Julius says:

    Thank-you Jesus for loving me and giving me this Life information and warnings.
    I give you praise. I continue pray that Lord Jesus continue to use my sister to give us this divine information.
    Thank you Lord

  207. catherine deodaty says:

    thanks tom the Lord Jesus Christ for his love and mercy on us.

  208. Theresa says:

    God bless you Angelica…. I have always prayed to God to help me live a life that is acceptable to him alone… hell isn’t a pretty for even ur worse enemy… All I ask God for is to save us all from eternal condemnation…. amend your ways children of God and be save

    • Michael Tibane says:

      We really thank God for such a wonderful opportunity he has given to us to remind once again that He is coming very soon.

  209. Lesson Jabessi says:

    I need the PDF of all your testimonies.

  210. ugo says:


  211. jabulani says:

    thank you God for your love and mercy

  212. Wilbert Big says:

    Well…I’m highly blessed by a such impressive testimony, thank you as I have renewed my soul….

    • Angelica Zambrano’s testimony of Heaven and Hell is so inspiring. We who have been privileged to hear it should share it with everyone. Not only our friends and relatives. It is very challenging even to myself but I will try my best because in this world of today when u talk to people of God’s word. They either call u crazy or boring and that u shouldn’t lecture them about it. Jesus Christ is alive and he is coming soon for only the righteous and holy ones. But the question is SHALL WE BE PREPARED FOR HIM???
      Let’s all ask our selves that fundamental question. Be blessed brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ’s name our Lord

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  214. rammy says:

    keep it up.may God use u more.

  215. abenezer acalu says:


  216. angelica i feel blessed for this beautiful testimony may God continue to use you for us.and may God continue to enlarge ur coast in jesus name.u can call this number 09066024282

  217. Mary says:

    hello… umm firstly I want to thank you for sharing your testimony with us. I am from India my name is Mary. I just want to ask for a prayer for me.. and so many who are still lost.. help me so that I can have a “ALWAYS ” conversation with God.. for he is my only one friend I ever have. I’m really in need of your heartily prayer.

    • rammy runganga says:

      its true, i believe in every vision that angelica saw.indeed its prophetic! If u pray sincerely and believe that God has answered you, u wil have it.

  218. Mary says:

    I’m going through a situation were it’s hard for me to stand alone.. I feel things other can’t sometimes something evil (wearing black dress with scary voice) that almost makes me hard to breath a suffocating feeling.. and whenever I feel them I see people crying or someone is dead and sometimes something heavenly something so much peaceful and pleasant … I really I need of a miracle I really want to talk to Angelica..
    she can help me and I do believe in God that he’ll help me in any way
    ~Christ believer

  219. Blessed says:

    Amen thank you Jesus for this blessing and grace, may one qstn is that Is it true the rapture is in 2018 March as predicted, n then how can I share my testimony. God bless you,

  220. Debby U.McAbel says:

    God bless you all! I’m waiting for that day, when we’ll all meet at Jesus feet…We’ll not miss out in Jesus Name!

  221. Megan says:

    I really believe all every last one of her testimonies that’s why I started paying more attention to real life and I do mean Real like / the spiritual battle that some of us don’t realize 😈😈😈. But now I have a clear understanding to what’s really going on in this generation and I know it’s a falling one 😞

  222. Gracious says:

    I have always read Angelica’s experiences. For some reasons, which is a backslide of course, I have taken long before visiting this page again. But this testimony is something else. Not much sights but so informational. I really thank God for this testimony. This woman has always changed my life.

    I really am not ready for hell, and will never be. Its my prayer that when the Lord returns He finds me ready. Thank you so much to those of you who took your time to interpret the testimony for those of us who don’t understand Espanol. God bless you abundantly. Thank you!!

  223. Rebira Getachew says:

    My God bless you.I belief to the coming of Jesus christ and the precence of heaven and hell.from Ethiopia.

  224. Esther says:

    Glory to God the Father, the Son and Holy spirit. I have been encourage and i desire with my heart to follow God and do his will. I renounce sin and the devil will have No place in my heart OR in my husband or my Children. We are for God and going to heaven. The battle is for God and He who is on our side is bigger than the one who is in the World Halleluyah. Thank you for this Testimony Angelica; God bless everyone and His will be done.

  225. Henry Linje says:

    Am highly blessed. We pray God will speak even more for I have become even more hungry than before. Alelluah

  226. Laimi Haungeda says:

    It was by God’s grace that I read messages from our Lord Jesus through sister Angelica at the beginning of my Christianity in 2010. The messages has transformed my life as they reveal the love of our God for us and how much God yearns for our salvation. I thank our Lord Jesus for Angelica and I would like to encourage my sister Angelica to continue obeyinng our Lord and not to listen to the critics. I will continue spreading the same message by God’s grace.

  227. Arthur Mmayi says:

    The testimony is so touching Let the whole world repent

  228. Agartha Akurugu says:

    Thanks be to God. He is using every means to get us prepared before he comes. May all those his father gave him not miss heaven. Oh God help me, I know you have called me, but I have not done anything meaningful yet for you.

  229. Ruben Courage says:

    Thank God for your life sister Angelica, I always think about the quote: Ezekiel 33:7-9 .
    Are we all to be required blood at hand about the warning of sinners?

  230. Philip mulegwe says:

    This is very touching and to God be the glory forever

  231. LOSERIAN DANIEL says:

    I am LOSERIAN DANIEL from Tanzania. Thank you JESUS i heard your message through your servant Madam Anjelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora. May LORD JESUS BLESS HER EVERY SECONDS

  232. Keyarius Banks says:

    This is a good testimony and message.

  233. Rehoboth Dlamini says:

    I’d love to thank God very much for letting us know the things we never knew, and also thank you Sister for being a good vessel to be used by the Almighty God, really I now understand things that are taking place in the spirit world.

    May the Good Lord Bless you abundantly in the Mighty name of Our Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth,

    Amen and amen

  234. ithungu fabis says:

    Angelica please kam to uganda.And give this glorious testomony

  235. Karen says:

    God bless you Thank you I needed to read this

  236. God bless you Angelica for blessing and inspiring my life with your touching yet deep revelations from the first one to the final(fourth) one .I pray may God raise up an army just like you who have the zeal to share God’s word as it is and are never ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and whose lives are exemplary of the words they profess.

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