Angelica Zambrano 2nd Testimony of Heaven and Hell

On her second experience, Angelica Zambrano Angelica 2nd
from Equador was shown by the Lord, the Lambs book of life, heavenly crowns and rewards, the judgment against idolatry, Christians in Hell that rob from God in tithes and offerings, the judgment
against idolatrous nuns and rebellious children, the false hope of Purgatory, and tells of seeing Michael Jackson tormented in Hell, and much more. Take heed: “Tell My people that My coming  is near, I come for My holy people, tell My people that only the saints (set apart ones), that only the saints
(sanctified ones) will see Me.”

ANGELICA …. At 12:00 midnight, some brother’s from church arrived at my house, then the media arrived, and everything was recorded. As I was on the bed, suddenly, I saw two angels. Like before, they took my hands and said, “Get up, because the King of kings and Lord of lords is waiting for you.” As I got up, I saw my body lying there, and the other people that were in the room. I began walking. I stretched my hands out to the angels and we started heading upwards. We were going up very quickly, and in just a matter of seconds we arrived before the Lord. I heard the Angels worshiping, “Hallelujah…Holy, Holy.” I was so happy.


In the Kingdom of God was the most beautiful garden. I saw the Lord approaching me. He said,”Daughter, I have been waiting for you, because I have many things to tell you”, “Lord, here I am, I want to stay with You. I don’t want to return to Earth, please let me stay with You.” The Lord replied, “My child, you have many things to do. You have to work, you have to carry out My work. I will show you something for your life, something for My people, and something special for mankind, because I want to save humanity and do not want anyone to perish.”

Then, I saw two angels, Michael and Gabriel holding huge scrolls; these scrolls were very beautiful and glittering. As I was looking at those scrolls, I asked, “What is this?” and Jesus said, “Do you want to know what is in the scrolls?” I replied, “Yes Lord.” He said, “Michael, open it.” As the Angel Michael began to open the scroll, I could see gold lettering, like numbers, but I didn’t understand it. I thought, “what’s is this?”, and the Angel Michael replied, “All these letters and numbers you see written here are those people on Earth that have accepted our Lord as their only Saviour, through the experience that you have had with Him.” I was so excited and asked him, “How many are there?” He gave me the total number of souls in the thousands.

I was heart broken and began to cry, saying, “Lord those are many souls that have converted”, He responded, “You see, this angel, Angel Gabriel has the total number of those people who were alienated from My ways and have now come to Me, they have come to Me My child.” I glanced at the number and noticed it was a great amount. I said, “Lord that means my crown is full of pearls and that you are going to leave me here in Your Kingdom?” The Lord responded, “No My child, your time is not yet, you have to return to Earth. Would you like to see your crown?”

Very excited I replied, “Oh yes Lord, I would like to see my crown,” He said, “Angel Gabriel, bring her crown.” I saw Gabriel carrying a very large tray, with a beautiful crown, but with few pearls on it. I asked, “Lord, whose crown is this? He replied, “That is your crown My child.” I asked, “But Lord, why is my crown not full of pearls, if many souls have come to You Lord?” He replied, “Daughter, yet a long path awaits for you, only 3,500 souls have come to My presence, but you have to go and preach My Word because there are still many souls that have to come to Me.” But Lord, why can’t I stay? He told me, “Daughter, because the Crown of Life has to be full of pearls. I said, “Fine Lord, I will carry out your work.” Then He said, “I have something to show you My child.”


The Lord took me, and we rapidly descended from heaven into a tunnel of hell, just like the first time when I experienced Hell. I said, “Oh! Lord, what is happening?” Jesus said, “I have something to show you in hell,” “But Lord I don’t want to be here. Lord, remember our first experience, you already showed me many things”, He said, “Yes My child, but now different things I will show you.”

We went down among flames once more, and I started to cry. It was not easy to be there. I said, “Lord, I want to get out of here, please help me, help me”. I heard millions of people, some were saying, “Oh Lord, have mercy on me, help me please, Lord, give me another chance.”

Among all those people, I heard someone saying, “I ask for your forgiveness now Lord, because I have stolen from you, forgive me for stealing, I stole from You Lord and I do not want to do it again.” I asked, “Lord, who is he and why does he say he stole from You?” “My child I will show you who he is.” We entered his cell and I saw a disfigured man. The flames opened up and I could see that he was being tormented.


All those people who are in hell have a plaque on their chest, and 666 on their forehead. This man extended his hand and said, “Lord forgive me.” I asked, “Why are you here, why are you asking for forgiveness from the Lord, why? You say you have stolen from God, but nobody can steal from God? This is impossible, why do you say you have stolen from Him?” He replied, “I’ll tell you my story…I was a Christian leader, for 20 years I had known Christ, but during the 20 years I said: all that money from my tithing and offerings were just to sustain the pastors, but I regret it because I now know that it wasn’t for them, it was for the Lord, and that is why I say I have stolen from God … At this very moment there are many people on Earth that are robbing the Lord like I did. When you return to Earth, tell all those people who don’t want to give their tithes and offerings, not to steal from the Lord, otherwise, they’ll wind up in Hell, and no thief will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I knew the Holy Word, now I regret it and realize I robbed the Lord.”(Malachi 3:8) “Tell the people when they give to God, give the Lord with true love.” (2 Cor 9:7) This man kept pleading, “Lord forgive me”, and the Lord replied, “It is too late, there is no opportunity for you.”

I asked the man, “But why did you rob God, why? You knew very well we cannot steal God’s tithes and offerings.” He answered, “Yes, I knew very well, but never did follow it, I never did because I was a very proud man.”

Don’t ever steal from the Lord, give your tithes and offerings to God because what we give the Lord on Earth it is not for men. When we give to God with all our heart, it is for the King of kings and Lord of lords.

The Bible says that the Lord tests us, it is clearly written in Malachi 3:8-10 You are cursed with the curse, for you are robbing Me, even this whole nation. Bring all the tithes (the whole tenth of your income) into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and prove Me now by it, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. If you want God to greatly bless your life and your family, then don’t ever steal from God. It’s time to bless God, so He can bless our lives.

The Lord said, “I will now show you something different.” After leaving that place, the Lord reminded me of something that He showed me before my second experience, around November. At that time, I was shown Cells in Hell, and a specific Word.
The word ‘ARVIERD’ was shown to Angelica. Research shows it to be old Italian, or Latin. In research we found a 400 page ancient manuscript regarding this word, that spoke of a real Hell. I didn’t know the meaning of it, but I understood that it meant something of religiosity.


Jesus took me back to that same place, to see those cells again. When we entered in, I saw thousands of people. There were two women dressed in black. I asked Jesus “Who are they?” I was shocked to see a nun, and in her hands were huge snakes, that were forming something like a crucifix and a rosary.

I said, “what is this, why are they here?” One of them spoke in a sad voice saying, “I was a nun on Earth, but now I’m in this place.” I saw how she began to pray and a snake was squeezing her hands. From her hands there were thousands of worms. The Lord said,”Look and listen to these words.” She began weeping, “Oh Lord! I can’t take it any longer, I want to get out of this place, I don’t want to be here, please Lord Help me, help me!”

Then I saw the other woman; and portions of their lives were revealed to me on some type of screen. I saw who the nuns really were, and their secret lives. I saw how these nuns had sexual relationships with priests, and how some of these nuns were also lesbians. I saw much more, and now they were so repentant. But unfortunately, there was no longer any opportunity for them to repent; it was too late. Those nuns said, “Go and tell all those on Earth, not to come to this place, please go and tell them not to come here.”


Sometimes nuns and priest say that they will pray to have God release souls from Purgatory. But I tell you the truth, whether you believe me or not. There is NO such place as Purgatory. Purgatory was invented by men, it was invented by the Popes. The Bible clearly says that there is a Heaven and a real Hell. Jesus took me to both places, but never purgatory. He clearly told me, “Purgatory does not exist, go and tell people to make their decision while on Earth, because while there is life, there is opportunity to repent.”
Many people say, “let’s pray, so our relatives may leave purgatory.” Stop it! Because if they are without Christ in Hell, they will NEVER get out. It’s unfortunate but true, they are in Hell.

But if they died with Christ in their heart, then they are in the presence of our Heavenly Father. My heart aches knowing how many souls are deceived by the devil into believing in purgatory.

My friend it’s time for you to know the truth, purgatory does NOT exist, it just does NOT exist. You have to make a decision now, where and with who do you want to spend eternity? You make your own decision, whether it’s the Kingdom of Heaven with Jesus Christ or Hell with satan. The Lord commanded me to be very direct when I tell you this, whether you believe it or not. I am obeying the Lord command because one day you and I will stand before God, and testify for all the good and bad we did on Earth. If you do not repent of your sinning and your worshiping idols, you will end up in Hell. Turn to Christ; He will give you eternal life.

I don’t want to frighten you, but it’s the truth. The Lord’s Word is very clear and it says that NO thief will enter Heaven.


The Lord showed me that within each image/statue there is a demon. That is why people come to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Virgin of the Cinema, the Virgin Mary statues and so many other virgins 1 2 3 4. Even statues with the ‘Divine Child’ (the jesus baby). Please believe me, all these statues have demons behind them. Many people claim that they went to the Virgin of Guadalupe or Divine Child and received a healing. But among each of these images is a demon. The devil listens and with his false power, he sometimes makes it look like a miracle has happened, so you will keep believing and continue worshiping him. Listen to me, the devil is going to repay you badly and he will give you eternal death. So stop worshiping images and seek Christ, because He will give you eternal life and life in abundance. (John 10:10)

The Lord showed me those nuns, and they were crying, “I want to get out of here, I regret worshipped idols, and sinning on Earth, now I cannot leave this place.” I asked one of them, “But you knew the truth? You knew God’s Holy Word?” She replied, “Yes, I knew the Holy Word, but I never repented, I never searched for Christ. There are many nuns in convents for many reasons. I was in the convent because I suffered a painful disappointment in a love relationship. There are many nuns in convents because they have suffered disappointments in love. In many cases, their fiancé’s left them at the wedding altar, or their boyfriends have betrayed them, many nuns are unfortunately in convents because their lives are full of problems and the convent is an excuse. The only truth is they are serving satan.”

The Lord’s Holy Word says in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 “do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men, nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

His Holy Word is clear, Revelation 21:8 “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulphur. This is the second death.”
All the people in Hell have no way to get out, it is too late for them. But you who are on still alive on Earth, you can still be reconciled to God. Don’t miss this chance, perhaps now you are watching this, and it might be your last opportunity that God is giving you to repent. Escape from Hell, because Christ is extending His hand of mercy towards you.


When we left the cell I began weeping and said, “Lord take me out of here, Lord, I don’t want to be here.” He took me out and said, “I want to show you more…” As we were walking away, I heard the screams of a young girl, “Help! Help!” “Who are you? Why are you here?” I asked.

The girl responded, “I’m a teenager, I was only 15 when I died, and came to this place.” “But why are you here? What brought you here?” I asked. She said, “I thought I had a lifetime ahead of me, because I was very young. People always talked to me about Christ and salvation, but I always said that Evangelical Christians were crazy, I always rejected the Holy Word. I did not want to accept the Lord. Every time they spoke to me, I just laughed and mocked them. Now I see that I made the worst mistake of my life. Look at me, I’m here burning in flames. I died in a car accident and now I regret it so much. I’ve taken so many paths through this place searching for a way out, and when I find it, I cannot leave because the demons that torment me approach me saying, ‘You cannot leave this place, you’re here for eternity.’ I don’t want to be here, oh please help me, help me!” I said, “I can’t do anything for you, I wish I could help all these people.”

The Lord said, “There is no opportunity for those who are here, but only for those on Earth.” The girl said, “Oh please go tell people, and even my family not to come to this place. Go talk to the youth who still have an opportunity to seek for Christ, tell them to turn away from sin. Back on Earth, I was living a dreadful life, a life full of sin, I was very proud, I enjoyed going to party after party, I never obeyed my parents, I had always been rebellious. Now I regret it so much, and want them to forgive me, I want to get out of here, tell everyone on Earth not to come here, not to come, please. Tell them to obey their parents, to accept Christ, because He truly saves, He truly saves, the devil deceived me, now I know I can’t ever leave this place, how I regret it.”

She cried and extended out her hands, I wanted to help her but when I reached out my hand, she began to shout and was pulled back into the flames. I cried out, “Lord, how terrible is to be in this place” He responded, “Yes Daughter, remember this, go back to Earth and obey My order, so mankind can believe that Hell is real and eternal, because there are still many who do not believe in Hell yet, there are many who scoff and say that Hell is a fable.”


Days before my first experience in Hell the Lord gave me a vision and said, “Look, this person went to hell.” I am talking of the famous man known as MJ, Michael Jackson, he’s also know for white glove. He was in Hell for the reason I stated on my previous video. While I was recording that video, the Lord told me, “Talk about him.” That’s why I am telling you about him being in Hell’s flames.

While approaching that place of flames, I noticed many demons in a circle, and within that circle there was somebody being tormented. He extended his burning hands and was yelling, “Help! Help!” I could understand the language he was speaking.
I wanted to help him so badly, and I could see how the demons would raise him up and force him to dance and sing as he did on Earth. The demons mocked him and threw him into the flames. They would pick him up and whip him. He screamed in terrible pain. Oh, how horribly he was being tormented.

It broke my heart to see this and I said, “Lord, please do something, oh! Lord help him.” As I extended my hand to help him, my hand suddenly burst into flames, and filled with worms. I said, “Lord Look! What’s happening?” Then demons began to laugh and mock me, saying “You’re going to stay in this place.”


I then noticed I could not see or feel the Lord next to me, it seemed I was alone. I cried, “Lord, You left, why am I still here?” The demons said, “We are going to torment you, you are staying here.” Then I heard a terrifying laugh, it was so horrible, “Ha ha ha, you are going to stay here. I finally trapped you, right where I want you. I wanted you here because you have stolen many souls from me and I will destroy you, here is where you belong.” He gave orders to the demons, “Take her away, take her where she belongs.”

I responded, “No, no, I am not staying here because the Lord is with me. He said He would not leave me here.” Then I heard satan’s voice “You are staying here, you are staying here because the Lord is not with you. Look around, He is not with you.” I looked, but could not see the Lord. I felt so lonely, and I began to doubt. I began weeping and cried out, “Lord, why did you leave me? Why Lord, why?”

Instantly the Lord said, “Daughter, I am here.” I heard His voice in my ear. Looking straight at satan, I replied, “The Lord is here with me.” But he responded, “No He’s not, take a look.” I couldn’t see Jesus, but I could hear his voice. I began to doubt again because the demons were getting so close to me. I felt a rope tied around my waist that kept pulling me towards that freaky voice. It said, “You damn fool, that’s what you are, a damn fool. I will destroy you because you have encouraged many souls not to come to hell, many souls are lead out of hell because you are preaching. Don’t do it anymore, keep your mouth shut, just shut your mouth, I will destroy you, I will kill you.”

I kept crying as he accused me. Suddenly I responded, “NO satan, you will not destroy me, because the Lord said He was with me. I cannot see Him, but I truly know He is here.” satan kept laughing at me.

I was being pulled to some place, closer to that evil voice. I shouted, “the Blood of Jesus has Power and I’m cover in His blood, it covers me now and satan will run away because the Blood of Jesus is on me. Greater is He that is with me than you. Greater is He that is with me.” I kept repeating these words. Then I felt something loosen from me; like something came off, it was the rope that was wrapped around my waist.


Finally, I was out of Hell, and back in the presence of God. The Lord said, “I want to give you this message for when you go back to Earth, go and tell My people to seek Me in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24). Go tell My people to live in holiness. Go and tell My people it is the time, it is time to meditate on the Holy Word. I not only want My people to read, but to scrutinize My Holy Word. Because Daughter, this is what is happening on Earth, on Earth day after day apostasy is multiplying, yet there are many of My children, many of My chosen ones that will be deceived. Daughter, tell My people to scrutinize My Holy Word so they cannot be deceived and to seek My presence in spirit and truth.”

I said, “Oh! Yes Lord. I will obey. But Lord, I need your help, please help me Lord.” He responded, “Daughter, when you return, you shall not fear because I will stand by you. I will speak through your mouth what I have to say to My people. I have seen many rise up against you, but remember I will always be with you as I promised, and I am your faithful witness.”


Then I saw angels around me. I recognized the Angel Michael, because I met him before. The Lord said,”Listen, angel Michael is going to show you something”. The angel Gabriel was also at my side. Then the angel Michael took my hand, and the Lord commanded him, “Take her and let her see what you have to show her.”

As we walked, we soon began to climb up the most beautiful staircase. It seemed like a Ball Room. And in a high place in the room there was an altar, with a most beautiful golden pulpit. When we got to the pulpit, I saw a huge book and I asked Michael, “this book, what is it?”

While Michael was on the right side of the pulpit, he put his hand on the book and raised his voice saying,”Angelica, this book you see here is the Book of Life”. I opened it and looked at it, page by page. I said, “What does this book mean, what is written on it?” Michael said, “Open it, upon this book is written all the names of those whom on Earth have repented and turned their lives to our Heavenly Father”.

As I was looking through the book, I asked Michael, “Is my name written here?” “Yes, look it up and you’ll find it.” I looked, but couldn’t find it. A little worried, I asked, “It is not here, my name is not here, I can’t find it, where is it?” He responded, “Look, here is your name.” I was glad to see my name, but I could not understand it because it was written in another language. I noticed that many names were sparkling, so I asked him, “Why are those names bright and tingling?” He responded, “These names you see sparkling in the Book of Life, are those people on Earth, at this very moment are repenting from their sins and seeking for God’s presence. Look, these other names are hardly seen and some are being deleted as many have already been, are those people on Earth that are turning away from God’s ways. You have to do something, do something!”

Once again, he put his hand over the Book of Life and said to me, “Go and tell mankind that if their name is not written in this Book, they cannot enter the Kingdom of My Heavenly Father, they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” I responded, “Alright, I will do so.” It is written in Revelation 20:15 “if anyone’s name was not found recorded in the Book of Life, he was hurled into the lake of fire.” We walked out and went back to Jesus, he said, “It is time for you to return to Earth.”

Do you think your name is written in the Book of Life? If you do not think so, go seek of God. If you’ve turned your back on God, reconcile with Him, because He is willing to forgive you, no matter what you have done. Remember, He came to save sinners; He came to forgive all mankind’s sins on Earth. Just open your heart and ask Him for forgiveness. He is willing to cleanse us from unrighteousness, as it clearly says in 1 John 1:9 ‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.’”

While returning back to Earth, I saw my body lying there. It was early in the morning; around 7:00am. In my house, I could see my family and some members from church. The Lord said,”Daughter, enter your body, enter your body, do it now”, “alright Lord,” I responded.


“Remember this, you will have many experiences with Me, and soon there will be a third one regarding what is happening within My people. Just remember I am with you.” I suddenly saw a light and angels began singing. After many hours, I was finally able to open my eyes. It took me many days to recover.


I want you to know that everything you’ve heard on this testimony is NOT a fairy tale story, the Lord allowed me to experience this. I want you to know that if you need God to forgive you, then close your eyes and put your right hand over your heart and pray, say to Him:

“Lord Jesus, I repent of all my sins, I repent because I have sinned against you; I ask You Lord to forgive my sins and cleanse me with Your Precious Blood, I ask that You to write my name in the Book of Life. Seal me with Your Holy Spirit, enter and dwell in my life and free me of all wickedness. I renounce the desires of my flesh; I renounce my former life, and all that is unpleasing to you, I declare today, that all chains that bind me be released, I am free, because You have freed me. In the name of Jesus, Amen”

May God’s peace be within our hearts, and remember that it’s the Holy Spirit, and only the Holy Spirit whom convicts us of our sins. May God bless you.

– Testimony of Angelica Zambrano Mora


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    christiscoming777 posted: “On her second experience, Angelica Zambrano from Equador was shown by the Lord, the Lambs book of life, heavenly crowns and rewards, the judgment against idolatry, Christians in Hell that rob from God in tithes and offerings, the judgment against idola”

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  3. Mrs Rebecca Mathe says:

    this testimony has changed my life and I so wish many people can get it in different languages in Africa thanx a lot God bless you

  4. Moses Tony Habimana says:

    Thank you Jesus Christ for opening my eyes of faith to know the truth and your truth has set me free from sin and sorrow,i thank you Woman of God for this Testimony of Heaven and Hell,it has real changed my life and encourages me to seek the kingdom of Heaven and its righteousness,may Almighty God bless you mightily

  5. Pem says:

    I am really grateful to hear such powerful testimonies from Angelica. I am in Zimbabwe and I always seek to understand and to do the will of God. I have several questions on what is really happening in the Christian world these days as I come from a Pentecostal church which believes in water baptism and the trinity (the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit).

    What is your understanding Angelica about the trinity? Does it exist? And is it correct to be baptized that way)
    What is your understanding about speaking in tongues? Does that make any sense and is it acceptable unto the LORD?

    I pray that you continue to get more and more revelation as the LORD wills.

    Stay blessed.

    • Hi Pem, Angleica isnt connected to the website. On your questions. 1) Yes the trinity, the triune nature of God is correct. Who was Jesus praying to? Whose will did Jesus come to do? Who was God referring to in the first chapter of Genesis when He said `let US make man in OUR image’. We are created in His image, and we are also a 3 part being – body, soul and spirit. We may not fully understand the Triune nature of God, but it is consistent with scripture.
      2.) It is scriptural to be baptised in the name of Jesus, or in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Scripture approves both and its only man will divides them.
      3) Speaking in Tongues is scriptural and a normal part of new testament faith for those baptised in the Holy Spirit. The gift can be tongues in another human language, tongues of angels or unknown tongues spoken only to God inspired by His Spirit which no one understands except God.

  6. charity kanyembo says:

    So scared of hell may God forgive my sins in jesus name!

  7. sandra says:

    Thanks be to God!

  8. marilou santos says:

    thanks jesus christ for all these testimony..holy be your name lord god jesus please forgive me from my sins.

  9. Sapati Vasa says:

    praise His Holly name; thank you my sister in Christ for sharing of all your experiences. Praise the Lord for your life, which fully commit to the Lord. I know all the true followers and believers wishing for that, but thanks the Lord for taking your, so that you come and share all these to your sisters and brothers around the world.
    I love to preach the word of God, but I have weaknesses; i also know the Holy Spirit is with me, but i know i really need your prayer to strengthen me in doing this for the Lord. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME AND MY FAMILY.

  10. hi Angelca i thank God he used you to make us understand hell and heaven am going to change my ways from today stay blessed

  11. AISU ANDREW says:

    I thank God for that testimony for it as given me hope of life and a lesson that we should not steal God from offerrings and tithes

  12. Kevin says:

    This was a powerful vision, How much she was shown about being a true follower of Christ, it brings home the sermon on the mount, “and many shall say at that day Lord, Lord ….. and I will say depart from me ye workers of iniquity”. I do question children being in hell, from the several accounts I have read of other visions and experiences no one else saw children in hell, some accounts had young teenagers but no children, a matter of fact some of the other visions were people were shown hell, they were specifically told that no children are in hell. The reason I bring this up is because Christ said “children are like the Kingdom of God” I suppose the children she had seen had passed the age of accountability and rejected the Lord, and some may have appeared young in the vision but could have been old when they passed from mortality just wanting to have that innocent look to possibly not feel as guilty.

    • Yes it is more a matter of children of what age. No one has seen very young children, but others have also warned of seeing children who had reached accountability. For each child that age may differ depending on their mental maturity. The message is chose to follow Jesus whatever the age

  13. Cecilia says:

    thank you so much Angelica the Lord for using Angelica as an instrument for your glory, may God always bless you

  14. Vilma Gonzlaes says:

    Blessed are the people who believe that Lord Jesus is alive and that when you give your life to Him and turn your back to your sinful ways, no matter what you have done, He will forgive you ….

  15. Reblogged this on pomegranatesandchains and commented:
    So…it is 2:00 a.m. on my 55th birthday. I had pictured myself cozily asleep getting rest for the day ahead. God had other ideas. I sit transfixed reading about stealing by not tithing, teenagers in hell, the Lord not putting up with idolatry…I am convicted. I am like

    Don’t ever steal from the Lord, give your tithes and offerings to God because what we give the Lord on Earth it is not for men. When we give to God with all our heart, it is for the King of kings and Lord of lords.

    The Bible says that the Lord tests us, it is clearly written in Malachi 3:8-10 You are cursed with the curse, for you are robbing Me, even this whole nation. Bring all the tithes (the whole tenth of your income) into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and prove Me now by it, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. If you want God to greatly bless your life and your family, then don’t ever steal from God. It’s time to bless God, so He can bless our lives.

  16. Augustine Balikowa says:

    may GOD have mercy on us


    This testimony helped me to scrutinise myself and i want to worship him in spirit and in truth and to live a holy life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
    God bless Sis. Angelica and these people that translated this testimony to english.
    I pray that this word will not be held against us when we go to finally meet the Lord.

    • Momisola Odeyemi says:

      Amen, the testimony has really blessed my life. I keep asking God to teach me to work in his will. A lot of work needs to done in order to make heaven. God bless Sister Angelica. We will not miss heaven in Jesus name.

  18. Opio Julius says:


  19. noel shaba says:

    Thank you sister Angelica Zambrano for you advice. Indeed i am a sinner but with your testimony has change my life and i will try hard to change my bad ways inorder to follow Jesus Christ..forgive me Lord..Amen.

  20. kefuoe Leketa says:

    i am born again teen my parents are not is it a sin to go to church without my parents approval

  21. James Ter Kuich Uleing Nyuon says:

    oh God Iam bagging u to changes my wrong doing and make me your priest like my sister Angelica to do your works oh lord Jesus helps your people in south sudan they are suffering a lot because they left your way including they others nationwide oh Lord helps me come and dwells inside my heart come be with me all the Times so that Satan Will not manages to leis me when you are with me thanks lord for your loving your children God love us so much even more then so much but we are not loving him please my brother’s and sisters let’s us see how much our God loving please me and you let us repent now to our Lord Jesus Christ . one more i give thanks to my sister Angelica for telling this message to all family of God in worldwide my God bless those who want to come to him and those who obeys his commended . Thanks all Iam James Ter Kuich Uleing from South Sudan

    • john says:

      This is 100% real Testimony. I Know Christ loves humanity and his doing all His best to save us from Hell.
      The devil is so wicked Knowing that this is the end times that is why his bringing about many worldly music to deceive the world.
      Since I read this testimony In 2011 I wanted to gave my life to Christ but I fall in love with the world
      Has a young man I found it difficult to Stay
      Away from sex
      I ask Of any one who is reading this post to pray for me so that I can keep my faith and practice holliness In the lord Thanks!

  22. fiona auma says:

    thanks be to God

  23. mom of 3 says:

    Everyone, please be strong in God’s Holy Word…Many youth do not believe even when I talk to them. Many are agnostic and say if they do not see it, they do not believe in things about God. They all want a sign or forget it. The youth: pray, pray and pray. It is hard now, since the computer came around. So much easier to be tempted and lead to sin. Put on the ear buds and put the world out through music.. We are so alone yet we have everything! Please, go to church alot and this will help out alot in temptation and keep busy so you do not get weak. Be only with good friends who will reflect good things to you. Bad friends make you look bad. Cry out to Jesus to help you even if you feel nothing or if you feel it is not worth it–this is a bad thought from satan. Do not listen to music that makes you feel sexy or angry or make you better than others (pride or stuck up). Be strong all. I will pray for all of you…

  24. hi i am 14 i love to hear secular music is it a sin

  25. mary says:

    pls I want you to clarify me on something. someone said she had a revelation that the use of jewellery, trousers and hair attachment and make up will take women to hell. pls did you get any revelation on that?

  26. Simon tamane says:

    Iam sure after i heard this my worship was changed to the hiogh level my lord jesus christ be with you.

  27. Angelica’s Testimonies Have Been Life Changing From The First Time I Watched 1-3 In 2014,i Stopped Listening To Worldly Music That Very Year,reading Them This Year In 2017 Have Made Me Analyse The Errors Of My Way And I Now Plan To Live A Life Of Holyness, Paul, Zambia.

  28. Thomas okeri says:

    Thanks to God..

  29. Thomas okeri says:

    Your words makes me feel am called by God… Be blessed my sister

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