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Follower of Jesus Christ, proclaiming his salvation, call to repentance, and soon coming. Warning the world to turn from all sin & idolatry, bearing witness to the judgments of God coming on the earth & end time signs. In order to awaken many souls to prepare for eternity - its Heaven or Hell, you choose!

23 MINUTES IN HELL – Testimony of Bill Wiese

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You’re going to read the experience of Hell, and you’re going to hear a vision of intimacy with Jesus Christ and the love He has for this whole world. Bill was in Hell. He wasn’t a casual observer, as so … Continue reading

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Testimony of Heaven & Hell , by Young Moon Park – Atheist wake up call

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April 3rd, 1986 was a big day that changed my life. In 1985, I drove a motorcycle under the influence and got into a traffic accident. I then went to prison. My wife asked for a divorce when I was … Continue reading

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A TRIP TO HELL, Testimony of Pastor Philip Mantofa

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January 1st, 2000, 5am in the morning, I arrived in what was like a large desert, dry and infertile. The wind was so heavy and the weather was so hot. I saw a lot of weird and disgusting animals that … Continue reading

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The Amazing Testimony of Frank Jenner, the George Street Preacher

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This is the amazing testimony of the simple evangelistic ministry of Frank Jenner, a resident of Sydney, Australia. You will be greatly encouraged and want to share the gospel after reading this.  This all started a number of years ago … Continue reading

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HELL IS REAL, I WENT THERE: Testimony of Jennifer Perez

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At the age of 15, Jennifer Perez experienced an out-of-this world event that changed her life forever—she went to Heaven and Hell. Jennifer was raised in a Christian family, but like most Christian teenagers, she rebelled against her parents and … Continue reading

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TAKEN TO HEAVEN & HELL – Testimony of Abraham George

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In 2005, Abraham “Iply” George, a Yup’ik Eskimo, of Manokotak, Alaska, was mortally injured in a terrible snowmobile accident and died on a life flight while enroute to an Anchorage hospital. Paramedics revived him, but Iplii had already left his … Continue reading

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HE SAW HELL, JESUS & HEAVEN – Testimony of Theo Nez

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My name is Theo Nez and I live in Farmington New Mexico. Today I like to share with you my testimony, about how God did a wonderful miraculous thing, for me and my family. He brought His precious salvation into … Continue reading

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