TAKEN TO HEAVEN & HELL – Testimony of Abraham George

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In 2005, Abraham “Iply” George, a Yup’ik Eskimo, of Manokotak, Alaska, was mortally injured in a terrible snowmobile accident and died on a life flight while enroute to an Anchorage hospital. Paramedics revived him, but Iplii had already left his … Continue reading

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HE SAW HELL, JESUS & HEAVEN – Testimony of Theo Nez

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My name is Theo Nez and I live in Farmington New Mexico. Today I like to share with you my testimony, about how God did a wonderful miraculous thing, for me and my family. He brought His precious salvation into … Continue reading

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Testimony: He Saw GEHENNA – THE LAKE OF FIRE, by Roger Mills

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This testimony is in the Book – “While  out of the body I saw God, Hell, and the Living Dead” by Dr Roger Mills, in which he was taken in an out of body experience (2Cor12,2) and shown the Outer Darkness … Continue reading

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Hell, what leads to Hell, sins, torment, Hell-fire, Lake of Fire, repentance, holiness, vision testimony Continue reading

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8 HOURS IN HEAVEN – Testimony of Ricardo Cid

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IMPORTANT END TIME MESSAGE:  Please, church listen to what has happened to my life. In a dream, the Lord started dealing with me. I remember in that dream, I walked out of my house. I walked on the streets in … Continue reading

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DO YOU NEED TO BE SAVED? Where will you spend Eternity – Heaven or Hell?

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WHERE WILL YOU SPEND ETERNITY, HEAVEN OR HELL?  It’s the most important question of your life – will you go to Heaven or Hell when you die? Here’s a quick test: Have you ever told a lie, stolen anything or used … Continue reading

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VISION OF HEAVEN – Testimony of Freddy Hayler

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One late evening while deep in worship,  in a vision I saw an enormous angel, ten times larger that the most physical and muscular man I had ever seen on this earth. He had golden curly hair, with eyes like liquid … Continue reading

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